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  1. Mickel

    Alitalia WIP

    Nose, well, yep. Work to do. Tail stripes are getting close. Decided reg is too big, so will have to shrink. Alitalia is too small on the wing...
  2. Mickel

    Alitalia WIP

    Yeah, the three light blue stripes. Then mirror them for the other side, obviously.
  3. Mickel

    Alitalia WIP

    little apparent progress, but got some housekeeping done (involved a fair bit of reworking - rookie errors) which will make the rest easier. Temporarily killed off the gloss to make checking easier. Blue stripe to the tail section almost works. Need to repeat it three more times though...
  4. Mickel

    Alitalia WIP

    hehe... he already knows he's going to have to suffer my dumb questions when I get stuck... He partly brought it upon himself. 😉
  5. Mickel

    Alitalia WIP

    More WIP. Titles sorted. Getting a feel for the curves. Need to lose the shine next. Then fix the front and back. Left the fuselage grid on to see how it all fits. I appreciate the encouragement. I'm going to need more when I feel like throwing the mouse through the wall trying to get the nose right...
  6. Mickel

    Alitalia WIP

    Folks WIP of an Alitalia livery. 80% done, which means I have 80% of the time to go... Learning a new paint kit and PS at the same time, plus only my second livery, first with bare metal to contend with... A lot still to do and a lot to learn. Hopefully done by Xmas... The variation on this one won't take too long. Mike
  7. Mickel

    Livery Requests

    Tasman Empire. aka TEAL :-)
  8. Mickel

    Lockheed Martin VS Dovetail Games ?

    Mostly of the armchair variety...
  9. Mickel

    pmdg and FSX

    Are you in a big enough parking spot for your plane?
  10. Mickel


    I had the fortune to see one at YSSY, but the crappy cellphone photo through the terminal glass as it went up thru 1,500' isn't quite as good as yours! That last one is great. Been flying the virtual one all weekend thus far, taking the opportunity to do some long haul with the wife & child away. Mike
  11. Mickel

    End of the line for the A380?

    No point making them if no one is going to buy them. ETOPS has largely seen to that. Passengers hating legacy hubs doesn't help. Who'd go to LAX or Heathrow (or Sydney) if they could avoid it?
  12. Mickel

    Really Bad Weather ( Just One Shot )

    As it should be... ; )
  13. Mickel

    Flat or missing airport buildings

    I realised what I did... I ran the FSX and Acceleration repairs. So I suspect that's overwritten something. It's messed up my FT Dubai. Runways are all as per the FT scenery, but there are no buildings. No doubt there are others with problems. Re-running the installers hasn't help. Might have to uninstall the airports and re-install. Need to fix up the AI traffic as well. I've now got a lot of default AI back. It's probably something I shouldn't have done. I had done in the past, but that was before lots of add ons to screw up. Hopefully I won't have to do a full reinstall. Shouldn't think so, but we shall see... Mike
  14. Mickel

    FSX crashes before landing

    Sounds like an out of memory error. You run out of virtual addressable space (or something like that). Search OOMs here and you'll find plenty of people have the same problem. Only way around it is to turn down the settings.
  15. Mickel

    Is the Twotter a TrackIR only airplane?

    While I haven't bothered setting it up to start in anything other than an engines running state (other than maybe once early on), I don't find the yoke position that bad. Not fantastic, but not unflyably bad. Is it just for start up where it's a pain, or everything? If I haven't flown it for a while I use the 2D overhead to remind myself where the switches are, but it soon sinks back in so that it can be done from the VC with the hat for view. Mike