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  1. So close, but... going around in circles on this one... The MS on the nose has to go... too much stretching. The smeared line on the M is only one pixel wide.
  2. Closer... Almost down to pixel chasing now... Needs some more work on the nose and tail. I feel like the end is in sight. Not sure if the Alitalia on the fuselage should be the light blue, rather than the dark. I think the dark was later. But I do prefer it over the light! I'll take any advice on the matter. :-) Mike
  3. Nose, well, yep. Work to do. Tail stripes are getting close. Decided reg is too big, so will have to shrink. Alitalia is too small on the wing...
  4. Yeah, the three light blue stripes. Then mirror them for the other side, obviously.
  5. little apparent progress, but got some housekeeping done (involved a fair bit of reworking - rookie errors) which will make the rest easier. Temporarily killed off the gloss to make checking easier. Blue stripe to the tail section almost works. Need to repeat it three more times though...
  6. hehe... he already knows he's going to have to suffer my dumb questions when I get stuck... He partly brought it upon himself. 😉
  7. More WIP. Titles sorted. Getting a feel for the curves. Need to lose the shine next. Then fix the front and back. Left the fuselage grid on to see how it all fits. I appreciate the encouragement. I'm going to need more when I feel like throwing the mouse through the wall trying to get the nose right...
  8. Folks WIP of an Alitalia livery. 80% done, which means I have 80% of the time to go... Learning a new paint kit and PS at the same time, plus only my second livery, first with bare metal to contend with... A lot still to do and a lot to learn. Hopefully done by Xmas... The variation on this one won't take too long. Mike
  9. Tasman Empire. aka TEAL :-)
  10. I realised what I did... I ran the FSX and Acceleration repairs. So I suspect that's overwritten something. It's messed up my FT Dubai. Runways are all as per the FT scenery, but there are no buildings. No doubt there are others with problems. Re-running the installers hasn't help. Might have to uninstall the airports and re-install. Need to fix up the AI traffic as well. I've now got a lot of default AI back. It's probably something I shouldn't have done. I had done in the past, but that was before lots of add ons to screw up. Hopefully I won't have to do a full reinstall. Shouldn't think so, but we shall see... Mike
  11. Thanks. I've cycled the regions, with no joy. I'll try the roof fix. But with entire buildings AWOL I'm not so sure... Cheers Mike
  12. Folks I've added some scenery (probably Orbx Vector - but don't get me wrong, the issue is mine, not theirs) that appears to have messed up a couple of airports (so far - there might be others). The buildings that were there are now either flat roof images on the ground where the building should be (freeware NZNP), or no terminal at all (payware YPAD). I've done searches through folders and 'bak'd any bgls that might be causing the problem, but that doesn't appear to have helped. I've re-run installers too, but no luck. What else should I be trying to do? Cheers Mike
  13. Enji, what did you play around with? I'm battling a similar problem. Mike
  14. The 'it was shot down by the RAAF' theory might be vaguely plausible if the wreckage was 20 miles from Perth. ~1,500 miles SW? How does an itty bitty F-18 get out that far and back, when the 'liner is by that point moving away at a high subsonic speed? No one would even know it was there.
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