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  1. Just got a new Thrustmaster T.Flight Stick X joystick. It works well with FSX, but I just can't figure out the automatic and manual programming modes. It has a red light to show the automatic (default) mode, but you can change the light to green and set up your own button functions. The manual is not clear at all about how to do this. I also don't understand the mapping button. Can anyone that has this stick tell me how to do the manual programming?
  2. Anyone know of a splash screen randomizer that works with Windows 10?
  3. Trying to install my old MS Sidewinder Precision Pro joystick on my Windows 10 PC. It wouldn't install just by plugging it in, and also when I installed the CD. Anyone know how to get this working? If not, any recommendations for a new similar joystick?
  4. 1920x1080 resolution. Old card was a GTX295. The Alienware PC is about 8 years old. It has an i7-950 CPU at 3.07 GHZ (4 cores). Also running 6 GB of DDR3 RAM (NB Freq of 3210 MHZ and DRAM Freq of 481.5 MHZ - 3 sticks at 960 MHZ each). How does this look for running FSX?
  5. Just installed a new GTX1060 card. Still getting a few stutters. I would think with a card like this I wouldn't have to worry about turning down settings. Anything I can try?
  6. How do you adjust the Spot View to look at the plane from all angles (above, below, side, etc.)? I have one plane that only shows the bottom of the plane in Spot View.
  7. What's the best way to increase the intensity of runway lights so they're easier to see from a distance?
  8. I'm starting to get errors sometimes when changing Display Options from the Menu Bar. The error references kernel32.dll. This requires me to close FSX and restart. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  9. While running FSX, my monitor went black and my PC rebooted with no video. I had to do a hard shutoff of the PC and it came back on OK then. What could cause this?
  10. OK, thanks. Not sure which LED you mean. Seems like it would now be hard to remember which are the real folders and which are the "virtual" ones. Any tips for this?
  11. I tried Linkmagic and am confused by how it works. I set up an empty FSX folder on my C drive and linked it to my true FSX folder on my D Drive. When I went back and looked at my "empty" FSX folder on the C Drive, apparently Linkmagic had filled it with all my FSX files? This seems to defeat the purpose of saving dsisk space, if the empty folder is filled with the FSX files. Now I have complete FSX folders on both drives. I tried this with another small program and the same thing happened.Am I doing something wrong here?
  12. When using Linkmagic, does it save disk space on the C drive with the empty FSX folder, or does the PC still think FSX is installed on the C Drive, thus not saving any disk space?
  13. When will the site be fixed? I can't get in either, even early this morning.
  14. Can someone tell me what's involved in moving FSX from my C Drive to my D Drive? Is it simply a matter of moving the FSX folder to the new drive, or would it require an entire uninstall/reinstall? With FS9, all I did was move the folder, then make a few minor changes to get everything to work.
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