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  1. Thanks for that, finally after 3 hours of searching and following ms steps , you have the right answer . thank you for sharing this
  2. Bert, I am still having an issue as VOR pointer always shows GPS desired track. 

    I am lost in this. You can not just switch to CD to display VOR and then rotate CDI, to locate your self on what radial you are at present, it will always stay centred. to fly VOR approach its impossible at this stage. Any idea, please ? 

    1. Bert Pieke

      Bert Pieke

      Not sure what airplane you are referring to..  Generally speaking:

      If the GTN is active in GPS mode, the VOR radial will be the desired track.

      If the GTN is in VLOC mode, the VOR radial should correspond to the NAV frequency that is dialed in..

      Send me a PM with details if you would like to continue this discussion!

  3. 1. power leaver for start is always in " IDLE " no question about this 2 Condition leavers always in cut off position (no fuel flow should be allowed into combustion chamber unless condition for the start are ideal) that could be - fast spool, enough voltage on battery for start, ITT below max ITT for start, no strange noise, N2 12% or whatever you company SOP says. 3. Fuel flow (pump) should be check before every start that is fuel pump on, fuel pressure verified, but no fuel flow (fuel is in cut off position at all time) if you suspect fuel flow, you should not start as fuel will get into combustion chamber before N2 is at 12% will cause hot start, and you are looking for a new job. If there is fuel flow before 12% N2, abort the start and motor the engine. On Caravan PT6 when you shut down the ITT could be still hotter than ideal for next star. In this cause, we hit the starter let N2 accelerate to 12% and waiting until ITT slowly creeps down as the air is compressed and rushed through the turbine. It only takes few seconds, then introduce fuel (in caravan condition fuel lever to ground idle) same engine. About 50% of fuel. When the speed sensor in the starter- generator senses a speed greater than 46 % NG power is removed from the starter. This ground idle is use for all conditions except when in the air. The ground idles it gives you more ideal conditions for taxiing and taxiing back to parking as you must wait 3 min before shutting down. Less fuel less heat. Hope it helps
  4. Hi , does it actually charging ? I have try that ,but still were loosing power while programing GPS. Thanks Petr
  5. hi, I am new to this forum, but I will try to help to answer your question. on the first photo, you are left side of your track. (CDI is showing fly to the right so my position is to the left. now when you are in GPS/nav mode it doesn't matter what course you select on HSI. The HSI/CDI (course deviation indicator) is only showing you what is your deflection (track error) to you intended track derive from GPS not what you have set on HSI as your course line. When you look close on GPS it does show you fly to the right, same as HSI (same information). If you want to use OBS, VOR, ILS, LOC that is a different game as you are selecting course to be flown on HSI not commanded by GPS, there for you must select correct course to be flown. (actual difference between selected course on HSI (desire track) and your aircraft position represented by CDI- course deviation indicator. Well second photo is correcting as well, you are right on track, there for CDI is centered. If you select different course, CDI would be still centered. For a course selector, I think it comes down to your personal preference if you have it in (Auto sync course or not) for better orientation. I like to select course manually as it helps to remember which way I am turning. That's all to it. Hope that was what you were asking for. Cheers Petr
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