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  1. I must agree, as a 1976 421C owner, I love this plane and it helps me practice and stay sharp. It has some minor issues that are a bit frustrating because the airplane is soooo good. I wish they would take some feedback and issue an update.
  2. I'm excited about the possibility of flying this airplane in X-plane. I have the Alabeo model which is good, but I have to use P3D, which is also a good sim. It would be nice to have the option to fly this in X-plane. I own a 421C and have glass in it. It would be nice to have the G600 and GTN750 as an option in the sim, let me say a dream. I use my sim to maintain proficiency. Check out the photo of my plane. I also have the one aux tank in the nacelle. https://share.icloud.com/photos/0dezvPf972TarUJNfKuHUfacg
  3. Has anyone had anything display on the stormscope? It's not displaying lightning strikes for me with ActiveSky as the weather generator or the native weather. Do you guys know of a good radar add-on for the plane that could work, preferably a panel mounted radar?
  4. Did that work? I'm having an issue where the frame rates do what yours does and also after a brief period, it goes down to 6fps or so, unusable.
  5. This time, changing P3D to "Send GPS Data to Specific IP Address" seemed to work after cycling the WiFi iPad off then back on again.
  6. Well this ugly daemon is back! It seems that the network reset was a temporary fix. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  7. 176 Knots for gear and first notch of flaps. The gear warning horn will sound if the gear is not down and the throttles are reduced to idle.
  8. I think I fixed it, only time will tell if the fix is permanent. After many hours of surfing Google searches and YouTube videos to no avail, I tried resetting the network on the iPAD. Voila! This is IOS 15.2 and a 2nd Gen iPAD. Don't know why the other more modern iPads didn't need this, but I'm glad it worked. GARMIN Pilot asked if I would allow it to use my Local Network, and I was like ELLL Yeah!!! I hope this helps someone!
  9. All is well now, thanks for the reply. FIX: Deleted RXP and Garmin Trainer, and reinstalled. All is fine now! Cheers!
  10. Let’s see… I am getting a real avionics upgrade and had the panel cut for an iPad mount which was installed in my plane. They got the wrong size iPad mount, (bit of a story there) and it only supports 1st and 2nd generation iPads, so I had to find an old iPad or wait for a new panel to be cut and extend my upgrade beyond the already exhaustive five months. Anyhow, this new to me (old 2017) 2nd Generation iPad Pro is not connecting to P3Dv5. I’m getting the “NOT RECEIVING DATA” yellow message when operating GARMIN Pilot in simulator mode. Before I return it, I want to exhaust all possible causes. The other iPads I have all work with it, but they are more recent models, including my iPhone 11. I am running IOS 15.2 on the 2nd Gen iPad Pro. Any ideas? Thanks
  11. I had an issue with getting the second green light to come on in P3Dv5. Like a lot of us, we uninstall P3D or other sims occasionally when we have given up the ghost and use the heavy reinstall hammer for a fresh clean install. I'm sure that's what caused the problem for me at some point. I wanted to share this post from the NaturalPoint support forum in case it helps someone else: Happy Landings! Sal
  12. I just started having the same issue today. I love the RXP GTN750, in has been an indispensable asset in getting familiar with my upcoming aircraft avionics upgrade. I was having problems with the GDU620 in the Garmin Trainer App and decided to reinstall the Garmin Trainer. This caused the problem. I am getting the GDU1060, but wanted to play around with the 620 for fun in the Garmin Trainer App. It was buggy, so I decided to delete the trainer app and reinstall. I believe this is why I am now having issues with the GTN 750 Black Screen. The sim is P3Dv5. Thanks in advance for any assistance, Sal
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