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  1. Can anyone offer advice on how to update my Reality-XP database? I've tried installing the Garmen Trainer hoping that would update the database, but it hasn't. I can't seem to get KEMT airport to show up in the flight plan. I also have the GTN750 from Reality-XP, and it is more current than the 530/430. Thanks
  2. This worked for me: 1. Did you turn on 2-Factor Authentication in your Microsoft Account? 2. If so, then go to your Windows Notifications and check to see if your account is connected. 3. If it indicates that there is a problem, then click on the message and authorize your computer. (Note: I can't remember the exact message since I was so elated to find the issue, but this should be enough of a lead for you to fix it if this is your problem)
  3. Flight1 GTN 750 is not finding the Garmin GTN Trainer, which I do have already which I believe is a prerequisite to completing the installation and using the addon. So no GTN 750 for me right now. I bought RXP 750 and could not get it to work. My goal is to use the Alabeo Cessna 421 with Pilot Edge to fly IFR. This is so frustrating, we've all been there, when after 5 hours of working on something, you get razzled. I go between X-Plane and P3D for the most part, but X-Plane 11 doesn't have a 421. Any ideas?
  4. The QW 787 is okay for people who are hobbyist and enthusiast, but it isn't for those of us who are actual airline pilots. I would like to have a sim that is closer to the real thing so that I can practice and stay proficient using my home computer. I don't want to be too hard on QW, because it really is a nice sim, but it just doesn't' measure up to the accuracy of PMDG's 777. VNAV, Systems, FMA's, and many many other issues plague the airplane and the FMC. It just enough to mess you up. I would be willing to pay for the value of a PMDG 787!!!
  5. MarkDH, thanks so much!!! That fixed it. Now I don't have to "pickle" the trim, it's more realistic.
  6. Does anyone know how to slow down the pitch trim rate on the HoneyComb Yoke? Also, would like to slow it down in X-Plane 11 as well.
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