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  1. I'm trying to update Operations Centre online, but it's very slow and times out after a while. Can I download the update file offline and install it? I have/use 777 for FSX only, hence is there an option to exclude updating the other DLL's - e.g., 737NGX, 777 SE, etc.?
  2. airport faciliator x

  3. If you are getting jagged edges after updating nVidia, you need to disallow nVidia's preferred FXAA usage in the Inspector.
  4. Hi Richard, Shift + / is the standard key command to arm the spoilers, but I'm after a key command for the half spoiler which is activated by clicking with the pointer (not the hand) icon on the speed brake lever on the centre console. I have checked the key commands in Pmdg Options in the Fmc, but it only has the full spoiler assignment. Thanks anyway, Harry
  5. Is there a key command to activate half of the spoilers to be assigned? Cheers, Harry
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