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  1. ok. English isnt my native tongue. Please help me with a better title and I will change into what you suggest. Please?
  2. Hello guysn'gals! - I'm a newbie. But it didn't take long before I had several add-ons. And today I'm making a fresh install of the entire system. A tedious job. Whilst sitting here, I started to think that if you have more than addon that targets the same area, in this case the environment surrounded by the world, is it something special one should keep in mind when installing? As an exampel, this is what I have : UltimateTerrainX Europe ORBX FTX GlobalBase ORBX FTX GlobalVECTOR ORBX FTX OpenLC Europe REX TextureDirect REX SoftClouds REX EssentialPlus Is it just rocknroll? Or should I do this to prevent that from happen? Or should I implement this before that, otherwise those won't be selectable? Or is it just plain rockenroll, it doesnt matter? I hope you understand what I mean and what my question is. Swenglish can somtimes look a little...odd. Best regards ratata Sweden
  3. - No, I have not. But your post made me to. Exactly what I was looking for. So thank you for the hint. Me happy!
  4. ...aaah. Now I understand why there's FSX payware such as Cessna 172 even though it comes with the package. It's on the designers desk on what to implement and what to leave behind.
  5. Hello guysn'gals! - I like flying the real life's Cessna 172 at night. However, there are one thing that differs from doing the same thing in FSX. With the real Cessna 172, you can arrange the lights in the cockpit largely after your own preferences. For instance, at night I like to have all the cockpit lights turned off. The Instruments are being illuminated by their own backgrounds light. The dashboard is dark, but I have a clear and concise view of all intrument. My eyes are now adpted to the darkness outside, so there too I have a pretty good knowledge of what is going on outside cockpit. But, in FSX (SE or MS) I don't have this option. The only two options are; The pitch black cockpit. Not even the LED - segments are lit in darkness. That is odd since LED - segments are lit by default if they are a part of a digit that is displayed. So it seems it's either black or white...or perhaps I haven't yet found the correct switch? My question: - Are there addons, patches, tweaks or some other solution that addresses lights in cockpit? Best regards ratata Sweden
  6. Thankyou for your input. I just decided to give ORBX a try (Norway especially). Well, I wish I could have, when thinking of the cost. "Your estimated download time is '64 days'. If you experience poor download perfomance, don't hesitate contact us at office time." hmm...I want to fly like ...now?
  7. Hello guysn'gals! - When I started this little hobby it was all about how to master your aircraft. Like navigating and finding your way home in a pitch black fog so dense that even a walk on the street would be most hazardous. But recently I discovered what a neat tool FSX is if you want to discover the world. You know, to see marvels you haven't yet seen in real life. And those places you know you will never see in real life. I'm pretty damn sure I will never climb Mount Everest. But yesterday I soared both above and around it pretending I was there for real. It didn't take that much imagination when using 3D-vision, I tell you. So, this makes me wonder. If I don't care much for dense airports and cool city nightlights, but more for stunning nature all around the world, what addons shall I take a closer look at? In my hands I have a brand new laptop with 3.5Ghz i7 CPU and nVidias latest GTX M880 with 3D-vision. It runs FSX quite smooth. I will be happy for any input. Best regards ratata Sweden
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