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  1. MaVe64

    Ultimate Traffic Live New AI Sounds

    You can try my freeware sounds, see Greetings, Mave Creations
  2. John, same here. I think it has to do with a bad AFCAD of the airport, when I start AIController I also get a lot of 'Failed to build enhanced approach data' errors. Pro-ATC/X also has AI chatter.
  3. If you want to hear what the AI engines are doing, maybe it's best to install a sound of mine :wink: . Stock sounds are hard to hear. Limiting throttle to 40% max. while taxiing is maybe also an idea.
  4. Wow, great work! I'm curious how my freeware AI aircraft sounds would sound while on approach and taxiing. The combination of your hard work and aircraft sounds would be great for us AI plane spotters!
  5. MaVe64

    ATC addons

    ?? I'm not criticizing anyone or anything. Yes I have used RC4. It's a nice product, but it's old, and there's been no updates for some time. The voice system never was it's strongest feature. RC5 was promised years ago. And yes, there is a better solution for more natural speech, by speaking in all numbers, letters and alphabet in 3 times,in the beginning, middle and end of a sentence. This is the method ProATC uses. RC4 has much more features and options than ProATC. PF3 also has some great features, wish all the developers could work together and make something really wonderful. Don't understand why you think I'm criticizing anything, just stating the differences in speech methods used. I'm only trying to help the community by offering to do stuff, free of charge.
  6. MaVe64

    ATC addons

    I am in contact with the developer about this, asking for future changes. And it only can get better than what it is now, there are missing bits in some of the original voices already, filled-in by other voices. I added 700 call-signs alone.
  7. MaVe64

    ATC addons

    Yeah it has 100 voices, but I heard lots of them are bad. And if everything goes well, I'll be making close to 100 voices for ProATC. Of coarse, all sounding good :wink: It sounds robotic because the software glues separate words together to one sentence. That doesn't sound natural. For instance if you say "one two three" and "three four five", both "three's" sound different, because it's in a different place in the sentence.
  8. MaVe64

    ATC addons

    I think you have to use the planner, otherwise you can't start the flight. You make a flightplan, and you tell ProATC to start that flight. Otherwise ProATC doesn't know what your intentions are. Watch the tutorial to see what I mean.
  9. MaVe64

    ATC addons

    ProATC has only a hand full of voicesets, but I'm trying to change that by offering to make new ones. It's nice to be able to fly SID's and STARS and make use of your FMC while having ATC guidance along the way. It has a handy flightplanner too. Unfortuatly they don't have a demo. See
  10. Everyone should subscribe to Captainnav! He's a really cool real 777 pilot, always friendly and likes to take his time to answer all your questions!
  11. MaVe64

    Traffic Optimizer for FSX/P3D

    Interesting tool, I was having the 'issue' that above busy airports there was a nice amount of traffic (slider set to 35-40), but flying in little less busy area's almost no AI traffic at all. So I was searching the possibility to make a program that changes the traffic density slider on the fly. And then I found this thread. Deleting AI traffic is also an option.... Definitely going to give this a go, thanks!
  12. MaVe64

    How to stop scenery 'rippling'?

    You need to go into your nvidia settings and try vsync there. Also you could consider P3D, it runs much better graphically than the 'old' FSX, as it makes more use of the modern video cards.
  13. MaVe64

    Scenery Library Structure

    Orbx Open Land Class Europe, is LandClass, so under Textures (Global)? Or Custom Regions? Tip: In Orbx Configurator2 you can set an insertion point voor the Orbx stuff, so you don't have to move everything each time after Orbx checks the scenery.cfg.