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  1. Hoping the new version will be a nice x-mas present this year....
  2. If you find the colors too exaggerated, try setting ColorGrading to 0 in UserCfg.opt. I think it looks much better.
  3. I had this after SU12 with FSUICP. There's an update for that.
  4. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/fixed-live-traffic-planes-getting-stuck-at-the-center-of-the-airports-not-fixed/556838/18
  5. I have offline GA traffic alongside FSLTL with this. https://flightsim.to/file/38966/ga-stock-aircraft-traffic
  6. The sounds are broken though in vPilot. All aircraft are at full thrust. Doesn't seem that they want to fix it.
  7. A new UI using the toolbar for VR users and a new TTS voice system would have at least made sense for this 'new' version.
  8. Ah Mamudesigns, love his work. Everyone should check out his other addons too. Making MSFS better and better.
  9. FSLTL won't take long anymore. That's all I can and will say about it....
  10. First impression: Can't get it to work on a networked PC. Keeps yelling it can't find the simulator folder. No decent manual to be found.
  11. "Sound sets for pilot, copilot and controllers, specially recorded for PRO-ATC/SR. We have added some of the freeware sound files from MaveCreation to avoid checking for corrections on each launch." Oh? Do I get a free copy? 😇
  12. Yes, true. I wasn't trashing MSFS, just pointing out that this is the current state of default ATC. Lets hope it gets to the same level the rest of the sim is at, soon.
  13. Don't know about any accident, but I'm speaking about 6-7 years ago, when I made most of the voices. Hope he's alright now.
  14. I always pictured the developer to be sipping on a cocktail in the Bahamas, enjoying the earned money. No love for his product.
  15. Me too. Did you guys get a CTD without message? I got a couple of "memory cannot be read" errors with a CTD.
  16. Those points are also true for P2ATC. So nothing new in my opinion. I hate having all kinds of apps and connections to make things work. Guess I'll have to wait till Asobo finally fixes this.
  17. That's a no brainer for me: - Good functioning AI traffic - realistic ATC with landing separation, go arounds and holding - realistic voices with accent of country origin.
  18. I have a feeling that this FPS drop after time has something to do with having AI traffic active. It's like there's some kind of memory leak in the handling of the traffic. Could be wrong though, Lets keep an eye out, so we can narrow it down.
  19. Do you use AI traffic, such as AIG or Simple traffic?
  20. Sorry, I was not clear, the issues I was talking here about is about another post, about the "Could not detect aircraft...possibly flight sim reload" problem. Replaced the wasm module with the MCE one. The method of selecting a flow and clicking test would be an idea, but I use VR. So no. Oh well....never mind, I'll try to train the mic more, maybe that helps.
  21. Anyone else having lots of cases, when you cough or there's some other sounds going on in house, the FO mishears it and starts pushing all kinds of buttons? Nooooooo, you word not allowed! Switching transponder to off on takeoff? Where did you get your licence stupid? I know, there's the numlock key to stop the FO from listening, but that's only giving you more things to think about to do when busy. Would it be nice to have a 'flow script only' mode, as I only use MCE for the flows actually. That, or have the recognition not assume all kinds of commands when it doesn't understand you. Update: since I replaced the wasm module I had no issues yet.
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