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  1. Many thanks! My MD-11X didn't need the update. I will see for the MD-11 (fs9) after installing if an update is needed. Thanks again.
  2. Well, PMDG MD-11X for FSX only asked the serial code for installation. So, in the event to apply any update do I need to register?
  3. I have the boxed versions PMDG MD-11X and MD-11 on the way. The MD-11X setup didn't say anything about registering the product. And I will see what happen when MD-11 arrives my home. Do I need to register them and if so, how?
  4. Hmmm... so, no Antivirus in your machine?
  5. I had in Windows 10 64Bit the Microsoft Defender active. Then the computer was victim of a virus. MS Defender couldn't handle on it. So, before giving up I installed Norton AV and the PC went back to the life. PMDG needs to work with Symantec.
  6. Hello to all Pilots .... I have installed 737NGX, 737-600/700 NGX, 747 V3 and 777, 777-300R. All working fine in Windows 10 64Bit. PMDG Operations Center completed all updates and every time I check versions, all of them showed Version Information in green color line and a message: Your product is up to date!. After a few days I checked those version information again and now started an issue. Instead as Version Information in green now it is in grey with a message: Unable to determine the most recent version! This issue sometimes goes away and it gets back to normal, green color. Later, back to grey color. This issue is intermittent. How to make it stable? Should I uninstall Norton AV?
  7. Thank you. I will proceed as you said.
  8. I want to report an issue from PMDG Operations Center: Unable to find the most recent version. How to fix?
  9. Oops! My Captain Kevin is here and I am glad to see this. Well, about A2A is over then. I am trying to find the room for PMDG Operations Center to find solution of my problem. Many thanks my Captain.
  10. The installer (A2A Sim 3D Lights Redux MEGAPACK) is for both, fs9 and FSX.
  11. My dear Captain Kevin, indeed I should say never had a so great help you provided me all this time since the beginning of my questions in this room. As I said before I am learning more from your directions than other tutorials. But, of course I don't want to interrupt your time. So, I am trying to do tutorials to learn further now. On the another hand I wonder if you don't drink wine and water then I would say the desert from Arabia won't affect you. Not coffee, red wine and water won't make a happy flight. I do flight with a big good cup of coffee but not sugar... aha!
  12. Craig Read Tutorial EGLL KLAX says: Setting Up the Flight Simulation Before we start the flight, we must setup the Microsoft Flight simulator and the PMDG 747-400 Queen of the Skies simulation. Load the PMDG 747-400 load manager and set up the following as your weights: 1. Fuel weight 151,600Kgs 2. Pax Wt of 21969Kgs 3. Cargo Wt 31760Kgs 4. Check the Zero Fuel Wt is 232,535Kgs Make sure the values are correct and then click save to file. So, the required values can't be entered. But I can try your directions to see if Craig tutorial works for me Enjoy your next flight tonight with a big glass of soda.
  13. OK The Load Manager allows me only to adjust Fuel weight. How to enter Pax Wt, Cargo Wt and Zero Fuel Wt?
  14. My Captain Kevin, from \Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\PMDG\ folder I only have 747400_LoadManager and 747400F_LoadManager EXE files. I don't have paidload editor. I have the DVD installer and the setup didn't leave that editor.
  15. I am talking about the PMDG Load Manager to setup Fuel weight, Pax, Cargo and to Check zero fuel Wt. Since is difficult I will change the tutorial. I will do the tutorial from instead. Thanks to this tutorial is how I was be able to do takeoff and landings. But doing this tutorial again will refresh something I missed. Craig Read tutorial can wait.