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  1. Does DD Washington X have the similar poor details as NYC X? I asked to DD some questions and the answer was: Originals are 4096x4096, Lite are 2048x2048. NYC X is designed to be viewed from normal operating altitudes, not for flying between the buildings. From standard altitude the buildings are not blurred, even with the Lite Texture Pack installed.
  2. Similar that issue for my iFly 737-600. I don't see flaps and Autobrake message from EICAS in all my flight. I must be missing something with the configuration. Did tutorial to configure and still missing those parameters.
  3. Yes, still enjoying Manhattan X indeed. Next image is DD NYC X I wonder if that area with tombstones is normal? That area in Manhattan X are buildings. I don't think such area between TWC and Empire State exists a cemetery. This next image is Manhattan X with buildings. No tombstones.
  4. Close your P3D and then disconnect internet cable. Then launch P3D and see if you can fly. If success then I can have it too without monthly fees.
  5. On FSX the red BRAKES message from the left/down corner of monitor screen is shown always when I land ILS. If I wait 2 or 3 seconds watching for such red message landing on non-ILS it will be too late for me to apply manual brakes. But I will do that to see if the brakes works without applying brakes manually, good idea. Does P3D v4 has to be connected on line for flying? I wonder if you can play P3D just for entertainment as FSX.
  6. Got little trouble posting the second screenshot but later I found it. Also, I had to set Autobrakes 3 and flaps 30 to stop on runway instead of water at the end.
  7. Just flew PMDG747 v2 TKPN rwy 10 to TNCM rwy 10 (selected Approach VORY10). I was be able to land nicely again and this time Autobrakes worked and at the end I turned round to be placed on the runway side as pictured with brakes set. I controlled the Throttle to bring speed down/off as soon as the bird touched the runway. Before landing I was at around 800 ft AGL and close to the approach runway 10 I turned F/D and A/T off then A/P disengaged. With Joystick controlling the aircraft to be centered on runway and I didn't see on screen the "BRAKES" automatically. I had to apply brakes with joystick and it worked and is when the "Brakes" showed from screen. I feel I missed something but hey! all passengers safe (lol). By looking at screenshots any idea about? Before, I used to engage LOC and maybe the reason the Autobrakes failed for me.
  8. Sorry, believed or not I never had cell phone or ipad, tablet, etc. I only use PC desktop for my sim. My son has iPhone I will ask him. Very interesting about the video.
  9. That is exactly I did with non-ILS approach but had to apply brakes manually. I don't know how to that, sorry
  10. Tutorial success with landings because of ILS. It is my very first time landing non-ILS with PMDG 747. Only Airstrike does brake on runway (lol). I program FMC to land non-ILS and the bird gets there. Manually I take control to land on the runway. All about the same procedure as ILS except that I have to orient the AC to land centered on the runway but no Autobrake working.
  11. OK I will deactivate the A/T just before touch down. I am going to give a try tonight with 747. Also, from T7 I will give a try on TNCM. Thanks mercy beaucup
  12. I use Joystick and yes thrust levers closed. Should I deactivate just after touching the runway the A/T Throttle from MCP?
  13. I thought at first to use autoland for a non-ILS approach but learned is not right. I handled the AC manually to land on the non-ILS runway and after touch down I am not sure if the Autobrake should work automatically like ILS or I have to apply brakes via joystick. Neither procedure works for me. I am sure that something I am missing.
  14. On non ILS approach I set Autobrake to any position from 1 to 4 and it doesn't work. Let me explain further, AC goes to the programed runway to land, the AC touch the runway then the nose goes down I expect to see Autobrake to work but it doesn't, so I apply brakes manually and no matter what Autobrake is set the AC keeps the same speed. I have to pause the sim then the brakes work (lol).
  15. I was talking about HLDJ not JFK. But, my question was about TNCM not flying yet to find out how will be Autobrake.