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  1. Yes, I will check on that next weekend. I think Aerosoft upload the new versions 2 or 3 weeks after PMDG
  2. It appears now, the 777 needs the version 8395 and the 737 NGX the version 8396. Now my PMDG birds sleep in the hangar (lol). It should be a final update/fix so we don't have to do so many times same setup. Now my system demanding Defrag (lol). Thanks Mike for your advice. Now waiting for those new full installers from Aerosoft. The 747 V3 not a problem because I purchased directly to
  3. I think they want to sell the rest available boxed version 1.10.7025 first before to upload the new full installer. I downloaded the file and still the old version. I will try on another week or so. Thank you
  4. Hello Pilots, I have the PMDG 777 version 1.10.7025 and the OC says available the version 1.10.8378 Aerosoft site still have the version 1.10.7025 and from their Database I found it still the same 1.10.7025 I can't find where to pull the full installer version 1.10.8378 from Aerosoft to replace my boxed DVD version. Any ideas?
  5. Hello Mike, GIPOL waypoint still at 21.8 NM and actually I am landing on the runway 28. The FMC and the ND matched but not with scenery runway. That FMA message was LOC and later "ALIGN" don't know why. But the issue I am asking is how GIPOL still instead of RW28 and landing. Regarding on speed I set 161 IAS/MACH with HDG at 274. I entered 109.75/274 to freq/course into FMC. I didn't miss approach I landed by hand because ILS armed but no activated.
  6. Another MD-11 problem raised. Anyone can tell me what wrong by looking at
  7. I found by pressing "L" keyboard the external view looks the passenger windows are lit but the cabin is off. I can't find from Overhead where is the switch instead of using the "L" key. Does anyone knows about?
  8. Another question: Why when I fly at night I get no lights from the Aircraft passenger windows (external view)? MD-11 is a ghost plane from external view at night like vampire (LOL).
  9. Another question: I noticed the MD-11 ND can't zoom in/out as 747 and 777. The tutorial doesn't mention about.
  10. I don't know what happened to me making a funkfunk mistake, sorry my Captain Kevin. I apologize about naming you wrong. Kevin, I will wait for the 747-8 when it becomes available. I understood clearly the actual PMDG work in progress as you say.
  11. It has been a very long while. I will keep an eye on it. Thank you Mike
  12. I use Aerosoft London Extended and Zurich.
  13. Please, disregard the previous image of fs9. From fs9 loaded the MD-11 and taken the shot too early right after Initializing. Here the right images. PMDG MD-11 FS2004: PMDG MD-11 FSX: Now, I can ask same earlier question regarding on resizing the 2D panels. FSX and fs9 has different widescreen view. I would like to make FSX MD-11 widescreen more closer as fs9. Is it possible? Not an issue but not the same side to side 2D panel view as the fs9. You can check both FSX and fs9 screenshots, they are different widescreen. I prefer the fs9 screen.
  14. MD-11 has wider panel showing more gauges in fs9 than FSX. From fsx.cfg file I have: [Display] WideViewAspect=True PMDG MD-11 FS2004: PMDG MD-11 FSX: