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  1. Yes, I hope Ricardo (LatinVFR) can figure on it later
  2. I see … very rare for me. And those objects on runways are only with KBWI
  3. I don't have orbx at all. All I have is UTLive and sceneries
  4. I found more rare objects on several runways from LatinVFR KBWI, are they normal?
  5. Uninstalled the KBWI ver 1.0 and installed ver 1.1 but I found lighting problems in Gate D-11 (Dusk time) and also 2 objects on the runway 28 (circled). Any ideas? Gate D-11 Dusk too bright: and in a minute later is normal lighting: From runway 28, visible objects:
  6. Many thanks Ricardo and I appreciate so much.
  7. What about this screenshot? I loaded PMDG 777 and I can see the runway texture changes due to the plane lights at different angle of views. Maybe some settings from P3D needs adjustments?
  8. I did a test dawn and dusk and don't see texture issues. What P3D version do you have? I use v4.1 Maybe the lights from the aircraft is too strong? What plane is it? For testing on it I used the Aircreation from FSX added in P3Dv4.1 and no problems on the runway 10/28 Screenshot might help …..
  9. trisho0

    Prepar3D v4.3 is available now!

    Does load faster or lower the v4.3 than v4.1 in your system?
  10. Do you mean particles from textures as screenshot? This is the runway 28 ….
  11. Here is 737NGX and 777 resulted perfectly with P3Dv4.1
  12. Success landing was with waypoints: TRISH - STALK - STARZ - STRPS - BRAYU - HOIST - COLUM - JEANS I left COLUM in the FMC Legs page and linked otherwise my approach fails.
  13. I added trish3.10 to legs and it was success, nice landing. Tested with FSX and P3Dv4.1 with PMDG 747 v3. Finally I was be able to land perfectly on the KBWI runway 10 and also I want to mention this success was mainly from the help of all Pilots participated in this thread. Many thanks to all of you! Thanks to Dan telling me not to LOC so early. I apologize to all who became crazy with my questions since I am still learning. I will fly with 737NGX and 777 later, surely will be fine.
  14. I know I am missing something when I select FMC legs and it seems the waypoint JEANS is the problem. I just flew KPHL-TRISH-COLUM-RW10 and it was fine so far until the bird descended too low. I set Altitude for landing at 100 and I think it should be 200. From FMC legs page it says runway 10 at 193 altitude. I am going to give another try later. Regarding on the magenta line I guess is supposing to be a good help for Pilots specially for manual flight (without AP) and this will be as you say as soon as I get closer to the runway. I will see that as well. Also, I will remove COLUM from FMC legs which is probably the bird was descending too low.
  15. Selected was COLUM and JEANS then it is runway10 I used the same procedures for all airports without approach problems. Just only with KBWI and only with the latest PMDG birds. I can approach in KBWI perfectly with Level-D and PMDG 747 v1 and v2 Then I can't LOC because the ND pink line still weird and never will be cleared in ILS approach. I will change waypoints to try again, I must be very wrong.