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  1. trisho0

    dynamic lighting is THE fps killer

    I have P3Dv4 ver4.1 What is Dynamic Lighting? I can't see differences when is On/Off. Is Dynamic Lighting for night time? Also, when I rotate the view, the airport lamps posts turn on and off depending of view panning. Is this dynamic lighting?
  2. What is Dynamic Lights?
  3. If you have installed T2G KSEA in P3Dv4 try v4.1 and also the update from the Developer.
  4. trisho0

    P3Dv4.2 - Lost Use of Num Pad Del Key

    NumPad keys work on any sim but example: P3Dv4.2 numpad keys work different than v4.1 If you don't mind how the v4.2 numpad keys work then you can live with as is. I stay with v4.1 because I prefer the way on how the numpad keys work. I don't like on how the numpad keys work from v4.2 You decide what P3Dv4 version to keep
  5. trisho0

    P3Dv4.2 - Lost Use of Num Pad Del Key

    Wait for P3Dv4.3 or higher, otherwise stay with v4.1 Also, you can try P3D Forum Support and/or wait to get answers from other Pilots here.
  6. I had similar thoughts. But, if installed DD (any) in FSX then I only use Lite version fsx.cfg at 1024 pixels unless if installed in P3Dv4. I also install any scenery in both FSX and P3Dv4 (same machine) from the same Developer. Regarding on selection if DD KSEA or T2G then is up to you. If you want T2G KSEA then from DD Airports X FSX and P3Dv4 installer, leave the option KSEA unselected to prevent SODE issues.
  7. I agree. I don't see the animation of people shown in your Clip from DD KSEA. How to check on that? As Camera I only use Keyboard + Mouse to rotate the scenery.
  8. trisho0

    Cielosim KJAX

    Cielosim KJAX P3D installer is not for the v4 and the Developer is working on it. So, let's wait.
  9. DD KSEA has no hits in P3Dv4 and FSX but T2G KSEA has better performance in FSX. Since P3Dv4 is 64Bit I don't notice hit performance at all, any airport. The problem is SODE has no options to select specific airport to activate or de-activate. Only you can activate/deactivate the SIM. When SODE becomes more flexible then we can have T2G and DD installed in multi-platform (FSX and P3Dv4)
  10. For me the winner is DD KSEA for P3Dv4. The DD performance hits in FSX unless if installed the Lite version and FSX.cfg changing from 4096 to 1024 pixels. Now, I have installed DD in both, FSX and P3Dv4. I prefer T2G KSEA in FSX better performance but can't share SODE with DD and also some black squares injected from DD Seattle Airports X to the T2G KSEA terrain (some DD files need to be renamed to off to resolve T2G). So, DD Seattle Airports X for P3Dv4 and T2G KSEA for FSX if SODE can be edited. Otherwise, leave DD for both sim.
  11. DD Stan resolved the white bridges from FSX. If anyone has this issue please contact him for the solution.
  12. Found another FSX DD Seattle KSEA issue which it shows white bridges .... I think is texture problem but don't know what texture file is doing that. Maybe a DD Seattle KSEA texture file from P3Dv4 could be used to fix. Any other thoughts?
  13. I prefer DD Seattle City X and Seattle Airports X in P3Dv4 sim. Unfortunately, Taxi2Gate KSEA must be removed if you have 2 sims because of SODE Jetways and others terrain issues. DD states their Seattle Airports X is compatible with KSEA T2G which you may want to find out with your machine. You may have different configuration. So, no verdict I guess ...... I wish to have DD KSEA in P3Dv4 with T2G KSEA in FSX but is nightmare to have 2 different ICAO developer in the same machine because SODE is sharing for both sims. I think SODE programmers could add a feature settings allowing us to select or deselect airports from different sims in order to activate Jetways. From SODE we can deactivate the whole Jetways for a selected sim but not for individual airport. Maybe in the future SODE can bring up with more options.
  14. I don't have ORBX or any other similar programs in none of my fs9, FSX and P3Dv4 sims (same PC machine)
  15. Stan, glad to see you here in this thread and congratulations for all of your amazing sceneries. I have T2G KSEA in FSX with DD Seattle Airports X without DD KSEA. Also, installed only DD Seattle Airports X complete in P3dv4. T2G KSEA not installed in P3Dv4. SODE from DD is injected in FSX T2G KSEA. SODE works fine in P3Dv4 with DD Seattle X. So, only one Developer KSEA can share SODE for now. (Exactly the same SODE issues with Tropical KDCAx in FSX with DD Washington X installed in P3Dv4.) On the another hand, the T2G KSEA shows black squares around unless the DD Seattle X\Scenery, some Sea_FT...bgl files are off (Sea_FT_CN.bgl, Sea_FT_N.bgl, Sea_FT_S.bgl and Sea_FT_SS.bgl) After renamed Sea_FT ...bgl files to Off ....