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  1. Will Level-D 767 work with P3D v4?
  2. I had to return back to v4.1 due to the NumPad not working as expected. Also, after reading this thread I learned is better to wait longer time before updating to v4.2 and giving time to payware Developers to get their updates as well.
  3. So, you uninstalled the full v4.1 and installed the v4.2 from scratch. If so, you had to activate your payware add-ons again, right?
  4. I followed the recommended P3D procedures. I uninstalled Client, Content and Scenery. Installed the v4.2 Client, Content and Scenery. I didn't uninstall the full v4.1 Then, all became fine until I found the NumPad changed. I had to use Shift key to make the NumPad to work. I didn't like that so I returned back to v4.1 Now, with V4.1 the NumPad works as I want, like it was and as the FSX and fs9 sims. From my About I had the v4.2 version as yours. In your v4.2 did you change something to make the NumPad to work as V4.1?
  5. Nvidia Inspector works fine with FSX. I don't use it for P3D v4. I adjust display inside of P3d (Options) with very good results
  6. Downgraded P3D v4.2 back to v4.1 and now is quicker and no NumPad issues so far. I wait for v4.2 newer revision if available.
  7. Cool! just waiting then. Many thanks for your help
  8. So, your About is v4.1 correct?
  9. How soon maybe FT KLAS to be released? In the FlyTampa Forum doesn't mention any date.
  10. Load aircraft F-22 Raptor (default) and press "S" then check NumLock in ON. Now, press numpad any number. Did it work for you?
  11. I will give a try on that way tonight. Many thanks
  12. Just learned today is a camera add-on. I don't have it. No plan to give a try on it yet.
  13. What is DEL key used for in P3Dv4.1?
  14. Try NumLock Off first then press "S". Now shift+numpad works as in version 4.1 from outside view. With NumLock On, Shift+numpad does new actions from outside view. Do we need to go back from version 4.2 to 4.1? I don't use DEL key.
  15. I have similar issue with keyboard. With P3D v4.1 and FSX I was be able to change view side by pressing # key. Now, P3D v4.2 doesn't respond Views. Any way to fix it?