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  1. Does PMDG DC-6 Base Package for X-Plane WINDOWS work for X-Plane 11 now? Patricio Valdes
  2. My car doesn't move at all but acceleration sound. I guess from the QuickStart I could get the answer but still the car not moving. I did Shift + D and the SODE pops up (lol). I must be missing something.
  3. How to remove jetways from THAI CREATION - NI HAO MACAU INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT FSX? I found by removing the file "VMMC_airport.BGL" the jetways are removed but the buildings too. Any ideas?
  4. Does someone know if the MEGASCENERYEARTH - NEVADA V3 2017 work fine together with FlyTampa Las Vegas?
  5. Yes, follow the same sequential order as I posted which came from sim Library regardless if FSX or P3Dv4 Remember, if SamScene Singapore base pack is added then you must to deactivate Imagine Simulation - WSSS Singapore V2.2 City Center via Imaginesim Operations Center.
  6. As this thread topic is related with A321 I would like to place here a question. I installed in FSX Airbus A320/A321 new version from Aerosoft. After Climbing the Altitude is reached and a few seconds later the nose starts going up and down. I have the version 1.31 installed in FSX SP2 sim. My hardware PC is Alienware Aurora R6 Processor Intel Core i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHZ, 4200 MHZ, 4 Core, 8 Logical Processor, 64G RAM and Graphics NVidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti with 11G memory. What does it making such up/down of the nose?
  7. What is the FSX APX number for MGGT airport Default and from what scenery folder number does go with? Any ideas?
  8. I think odd ghost runway number and texture issues is due to another scenery you may have activated as higher priority in sim Library. Usually a freeware is doing that problem you need to deactivate all sceneries and start testing one scenery at a time. So, you can start with WSSS (complete in same order layout) activated only first and find out if it is normal or not. If you still have the issue then you need to contact the Developer directly.
  9. Oops! that's true, sad to know that. I think the LDS-767 stuff didn't get enough pressure (lol).
  10. Ask SamScene. They recommend to deactivate ImagineSim City Center otherwise some area will have double objects. SamScene Singapore city has more to see especially buildings and textures. I have both Singapore Imaginesim and Samscene blended nicely.
  11. if several Pilots ask for LDS 767 then it will be released at the end.
  12. here it goes: Imagine Simulation - WSSS Singapore V2.2 EarthData Imagine Simulation - WSSS Singapore V2.2 Imagine Simulation - WSSS Singapore V2.2 Scenery 0903 SamScene Singapore City Wow SamScene Singapore base pack Imagine Simulation - WSSS Singapore V2.2 City Center Note: the city center must be deactivated from Imagine Operations Center not from the flight simulator Library.
  13. First, do you have also the Samscene Singapore City?
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