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  1. VIRTUAL INTERNATIONAL FLYING CLUB http://www.flyvifc.net/vam/index.php?lang=en Virtual International Flying Club, (VIFC) has gone through a complete overhaul. It is the same club, with no restrictions on what you can fly, or how long, or you can fly by yourself, or with others online. It is a flying club. Not a virtual airline. We have moved from our old web address to the one listed above. We have a new system for recording our flights in place. We have pre-made tours available, and are always adding more. Many of us are into helicopters. Here is where you want to be if that is your pleasure. We cater to beginners! We are here to help you learn about online flying and support you in learning about aircraft. We have very few rules. VIFC will also offer to its members activities including Air Traffic Control, free flights solo or in group, cross country flights or charter flights on a solo basis, or on simple flight schedules. Our main office is located in Vancouver British Columbia Canada (CYVR) with hubs at Bolzano Italy (LIPB) and Fort Myers (KRSW) Florida USA. These locations were selected because they offer all types of flying activities with many aircraft models: bush flying, float planes, mountain flying, jet flying, etc. However, many of our pilots fly from their own virtual home station. Every pilot will be able to fly the way he enjoys flying. We also offer to our members the use of a dedicated Teamspeak server for communications. We use FSCloud as our multiplayer environment. We support the current flightsim platforms, including FSX, FSX-Steam Edition, Prepar3d, Xplane 9 and 10. You may bring your earned flight hours from your V.A. If you wish. We currently have 31 active members. Everyone here is very friendly and helpful. We have computer experts, hardware experts, Flight Sim expert, etc. All willing to help. If you want a relaxed atmosphere, with many new friends around the world, ( we support world time differences), then there is no better place to be. Come join us! P.S. Powered by Virtual Airlines Manager We do not use all the features this wonderful program provides as it is set up for virtual airlines. But, it affords us many ways to make this club more interesting.
  2. wvernonc

    Words I need to share with our Community

    Those of us at Virtual International Flying Club wish to extend our best wishes to you . Some of us believe in miracles and will be praying for you and your family. Thank you for all you have done for the flight sim community. You will be missed. Vernon Christie VIFC
  3. wvernonc

    Zinertek HD Airport Graphics Update

    Version three is out! Could not wait for the anouncement. I really like it!
  4. wvernonc

    Dynamic Head Movement in FSX

    Are you using FSInn? It has a feature to turn on and off head movement too. (I think.)
  5. wvernonc

    Help needed with FS X

    I do not know anyone that gets 30 fps in NYC AND has the sliders up.
  6. I really have not found that it makes much if any difference on my machine. I DO have a much more stable video card with the 7.10 drivers though. Just try them and both settings yourself. You can always change them back.
  7. By the way, pencil lead is not graphite. Real graphite in a squeeze tube works very well.
  8. wvernonc

    Re. Common Airport Backround

    Look here for a file called "picnic" I think. All new grass textures with CHOICES! Fixed mine anyway. picnic_1.0.zip
  9. wvernonc

    FSM Moving Map

    Yup! Senior moment...........Kneeboard.
  10. wvernonc

    FSM Moving Map

    It works well in FSX. You cannot use it in the GPS window though. It only works in its own window. No big problem though.
  11. I do not think anyone has a clue. Is the scroll bar even showing?
  12. I do not know. Works fine for me.
  13. wvernonc

    Why does my scenery look blurry?

    If that is photorealistic scenery, that may be as good as it gets at that altitude.
  14. wvernonc

    virtual cockpit floats

    Yup. Yhat is to depict head movement in a real situation.
  15. wvernonc

    Best Piper Planes for FSX ???

    Just Flight has a payware Tomahawk. It is good.