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  1. Hi,I experience very low download speeds (about 25 KB max), while my cable connection allows at least the twenty fold) How can I follow the route of servers that is transferring the file? In the past it went trough a Dutch server which was rejecting at least 90% of the packets, maybe that's true again.Thanks in advance.Hugo
  2. Hi Tom,I can't access the library :( . If I click a file link on the front page, I get the wait icon but after a short while it disappears again and nothing happens, no data page of the file, no "sorry we are busy" etc, simply nothing. I am using Mozilla Firefox.Best regards,Hugo
  3. Hi Christian,Version 7 isn't a progress for FS9 users: a lot of black tiles are appearing or tiles that are so much blurred, they seeming to come from an other provider(color difference).Hugo
  4. Hi Christian,Can you "fix" a topic with the download links?Thanks,Hugo
  5. yes, you are right, 5,397! files says the manual.Ok, I will try it by hand then *:-*
  6. Hi,I wanted to install version2 and deleted the files from version 1 as requested but I get in trouble when I have to delete the +500 bmp files from the worldtexture map. I am using Vista and the bmp's aren't displayed with a date, the date filter doesn't display any files. Somebody knows how I can make a "normal" list of bmp's without that ridiculous star rating?Thanks,Hugo
  7. Hi,You can find a very nice tutorial here:http://www.fsstation.com/tutorials/legendaryc130.htmlRegards,Hugo
  8. Hi,Remove the "Backup" subdirectory in your Flight Simulator directory and you can install the upgrade (this directory contains the "old" files and is checked for existance by the upgrade).Regards,Hugo
  9. My place is the Dolomites in the North of Italy. Fantastic region for holidays too and not so far from home (1000 Km).Hugo
  10. Christian,You surely know how to tease someone :-).What about FS9 support?Best regards,Hugo
  11. Hi Christian,I just installed version beta 7 preview but I can't start it; I got the error "This application has failed to start because proxyuser_sp1.dll was not found..." I am using FS9 in Vista.Thanks,Hugo.
  12. Hi Christian,I receive the next message if I try to install beta6.0 in Vista:The installer you are trying to use is corrupted or imcomplete...I have downloaded the file again, but the same error is appearing.Is there a solution?Happy New Year!Hugo
  13. Hi Christian,I have encountered a possible error while installing Tileproxy:If the FS9 isn't on the standard path, the install procedure always add "Flightsim 9" or something like that to your selected or entered path.Next I have an error while starting tileproxy with the load.bat. Therefore I have commented out the "@echo off" and this is the result:"An error occurred while copying file "tileproxy.sys" Cannot copy file to the destination directory..." is the generated error. The last executed command in the load.bat file is:C:WindowsSystem32rundll32.exe setupapi,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 132 C:Fs2004TileProxytileproxy.infHope this will help to solve the problem.BTW. I am using Vista.Thanks again for this wonderful addon.Hugo
  14. That's why it was so quiet here ;-) . You were very busy elsewhere. Congratulations, Christian. Keep your priorities in this order!Hugo
  15. I don't know if it has anything to do with your problem: is the register setting to your flight simulator directory correct?RgdsHugo
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