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    RealAir Lancair Legacy in P3D?

    Indeed, the graphics settings of the card were totally off. After running NvidiaInspector while running Prepar3D in legacy mode and setting the parameters how they should be, my troubles are gone. No blurred textures anymore and sound on the Legacy. Thanks, but still wondering why that was happened. Hugo
  2. hmar

    P3D and Fraps

    Hi, do get the yellow frame counter overlay on the screen? If not, maybe fraps is not running or the overlay is switched off, then you can turn the overlay on and test. It turns to red when you are video capturing. Hugo
  3. hmar

    P3D and Fraps

    I made a movie with fraps of P3D without problems. Please explain your problem. Hugo
  4. hmar

    RealAir Lancair Legacy in P3D?

    Well, the airplanes are working perfectly, but in my case I have a heavy price to pay: I am flying mostly GA and I am enjoying the changes in the landscape the most, but in legacy mode, the very slow scenery tile updating is becoming unbearable. There must be something wrong in my system setup... BTW : "legacy mode starts "fsx.exe" in the prepar3d map. Is that a renamed copy from "prepar3d.exe" or a copy from "fsx.exe" out of the fsx map ? Rgds, Hugo
  5. Hi Steve Like I mentioned in the other DX10 Shader topic, this behaviour is common to all nav light effects were the "Light=1" missing in the "Emitter.0" section. After adding this row, these nav lights are working in DX10 but only after the modification of the lights section in the aircraft.cfg with "ballast". Many developers have now modelled the nav and strobe lights in the model to avoid the DX10 problems; the aircraft.cfg doesn't contain nav lights specifications then. Hugo
  6. Tried this out on the Realair SF260. Strobes are working again but the navigation lights refuses now to shine; without the mods strobes and nav lights were only visible from behind. The nav lights have a separate effect defined. Maybe I should add "something" to the effect ? In any case thank you for your efforts to make FSX better and enjoyable. Hugo
  7. hmar

    Library is Back Online

    Hi Tom,I can't access the library :( . If I click a file link on the front page, I get the wait icon but after a short while it disappears again and nothing happens, no data page of the file, no "sorry we are busy" etc, simply nothing. I am using Mozilla Firefox.Best regards,Hugo
  8. Hi Christian,Version 7 isn't a progress for FS9 users: a lot of black tiles are appearing or tiles that are so much blurred, they seeming to come from an other provider(color difference).Hugo
  9. Hi Christian,Can you "fix" a topic with the download links?Thanks,Hugo
  10. yes, you are right, 5,397! files says the manual.Ok, I will try it by hand then *:-*
  11. Hi,I wanted to install version2 and deleted the files from version 1 as requested but I get in trouble when I have to delete the +500 bmp files from the worldtexture map. I am using Vista and the bmp's aren't displayed with a date, the date filter doesn't display any files. Somebody knows how I can make a "normal" list of bmp's without that ridiculous star rating?Thanks,Hugo
  12. Hi,You can find a very nice tutorial here:,Hugo
  13. Hi,Remove the "Backup" subdirectory in your Flight Simulator directory and you can install the upgrade (this directory contains the "old" files and is checked for existance by the upgrade).Regards,Hugo
  14. My place is the Dolomites in the North of Italy. Fantastic region for holidays too and not so far from home (1000 Km).Hugo
  15. Christian,You surely know how to tease someone :-).What about FS9 support?Best regards,Hugo