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  1. There is also the freeware solution for mesh, FreeMeshX, which is worldwide in coverage and quite good.
  2. I thought spinning clouds were fixed in 2.5 or so? im getting spinning clouds as i fly by them in v3. I am using REX soft clouds and Rex Essential + Overdrive. (could this be why i am getting the spinning clouds?) Can someone confirm with default v3 clouds if they spin while you pass them in spot view?
  3. Ive moved on to P3Dv3...is this working in that sim yet? and will the P3Dv2 wake fixes also apply to v3?
  4. KL791, i have a quick question. When i install the packages in the correct order, and for example a package wants to overwrite files from a previous package, should i overwrite. For the patches it is obvious to overwrite of course. But with the others, would i be missing out on traffic if i did overwrite?
  5. I dont know if it makes a difference, but i have P3D on my mSATA card that plugs directly into my Motherboard. I have few if any stutters as i knew them in older computer builds with FSX, and P3D is just as smooth as butter. Could it be having a "more direct" route with an msata that plugs into the board have something to do with it? My specs are in my sig. I run p3d with it all maxed out and get 60fps (vsync on) and even in NYC and seattle it barely dipped below 40fps. I have ftx global, vector, REX for textures, and ASN running when I fly.
  6. I have MyTraffic 6 in P3dv2, and it works for me. The models are "good enuff and FPS friendly at a time when you really need good fps. (on approach to a busy hub for example) Ive somewhat modified my install of MyTraffic 6 by taking out the Military and Default AI. IMO the military planes are flying WAAAY too much with them enabled.
  7. Been gone awhile, coming back to flight sim with a new gaming computer and P3D. Is the first post the place to get all the latest downloads? This is some amazing work that has become one of my first addons to get.
  8. wait, am i missing something...has the latest package been released???
  9. Seriously, my jaw dropped open when i saw the google earth screenshots showing the routes. Jaw Dropping. Simply wonderful work. Cannot wait for the finished product!
  10. Cannot wait for this new pack to be released!!! It looks stellar!
  11. Had some time to fly around in different parts of the world now in FSXSE, and i have to say that this is hands down the best freeware addon in years for this sim. It makes such a difference in so many places. Thank you for all your work in making this available and even more so for the timely patches that have occurred. This has extended my FSX life even more now. And once i get a decent enough rig for P3d, It will enhance that sim also. Thank you again from this grateful simflyer!
  12. I have a question....are you redoing the AI ship packs that are already released? or is this new pack you're working on now just a new addition to those? Reason I ask is i am completing a reinstall of fsx SE along with all my addons, and didnt know if i should go ahead and install the AI ship packs or wait until this new pack comes out.
  13. Great job on the 1.03 patch. Download speeds were fantastic! averaged 5.0 mb/s. Ill seed for awhile to help others along!
  14. For many of us X plane is NOT an option. Relatively few addons compared to the FSX catalog, a completely foreign file system than what we are used to, and it literally took me hours to figure out how to map all the buttons on my joystick. Granted, this was XPlane 9, but it was enough to make me never touch that sim again.
  15. One question...regarding the patches..can we merge both patches into one folder so there is only one patches entry in the scenery library? Right now i have two patches entries in my scenery library, one for 1.01 and 1.02. The sim seems to be ok with this, but for cleanliness sake, is merging the two patches the way to go?
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