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  1. Hello Nathan, First of all there I am experiencing nothing wrong with the compasses, Did you push also the buttons 16 and 102 "Fast Slave" ? And of course you must regulate directions with the knops on the compasses. For the radio settings are "russian" : you have to set the "thens" by right or left clicking the butterfly handle in the middle. Below these is a disk and at the undersite is a knop, left and right clicking changes the hundreds. Next you can set the the multiples to the 0.5 Khz with the small knop left from the butterfly knop, also with right or left clicking but they have stubs. If the frequence doesn't change by left clicking, start clicking right. The labels around this knop aren't very helpfull and I don't get their meaning but the "flying aids" will display the selected frequence. hm
  2. NO,NO,NO, strcat(Sound_path,\\SND1.wav) is NOT the same as strcat(Sound_path,"\\SND1.wav") . Sound_path is a variable containing a string, but \\SND1.wav in the first statement is meaningless and the compiler will generate an error for it. In the second statement "\\Snd1.wav" creates locally a new string and the address of this string will be the second parameter for the strcat routine with the wanted result.
  3. Hi, I googled with "UUDD fs2004" and I got a link to this file "34414-uudd.zip" on the russian site. Maybe the file you were looking for? Hugo
  4. Hi, You can use your android tablet for a free moving map app. Look for "FsMovMap" on Play Store. It uses Google Maps. Run Fsx, start the FsMovMap server on your PC and FsMovMap on the tablet. Hugo
  5. Hi, You can find a lot of paintings on the Russian site, search for "SD Yak40". I have 37 different paints. I have all available sound packs too. Hugo
  6. Igopr died last year in misterious circumstances. Maybe we should try to contact his wife Elena. Hugo
  7. Did you try to set CLOUD_COVERAGE_DENSITY=12 in the Weather section of FSX.cfg? Hugo
  8. Regarding the recent utility for borderless FSX in windows from Overflow. What are the advantages and/or disadvantages for FSX in a full-screen window or in full screen mode? Hugo
  9. Hi I downloaded some Photoreal scenery from flightsim.com. Llok for "Taburet" in the library. The region covers Alto Adige (South Tyrol) and Trentino. I am using it with an FSGenesis 19 m mesh. It covers a big part of the Dolomites.
  10. Indeed, the graphics settings of the card were totally off. After running NvidiaInspector while running Prepar3D in legacy mode and setting the parameters how they should be, my troubles are gone. No blurred textures anymore and sound on the Legacy. Thanks, but still wondering why that was happened. Hugo
  11. Hi, do get the yellow frame counter overlay on the screen? If not, maybe fraps is not running or the overlay is switched off, then you can turn the overlay on and test. It turns to red when you are video capturing. Hugo
  12. I made a movie with fraps of P3D without problems. Please explain your problem. Hugo
  13. Well, the airplanes are working perfectly, but in my case I have a heavy price to pay: I am flying mostly GA and I am enjoying the changes in the landscape the most, but in legacy mode, the very slow scenery tile updating is becoming unbearable. There must be something wrong in my system setup... BTW : "legacy mode starts "fsx.exe" in the prepar3d map. Is that a renamed copy from "prepar3d.exe" or a copy from "fsx.exe" out of the fsx map ? Rgds, Hugo
  14. There some effects in FS-Force . Off the ground however there is only a trim-effect. What is your problem with Ezdok? I love the effects it is giving (in combination with Fs-Force (www.fs-force.com), and TrackIr) Rgds, Hugo
  15. Hi, I found this freeware via the SOH forum. So far i did some scenery installations with it with minor problems. http://www.sahince.com/downloads/viewcategory/13-tools.html Yes, the site is Turkish but there is an English translation and the utility is bilangual. Hugo
  16. HI, I purchased recently P3D and the version of Ifly B737 for Prepar3D. I tried to install FS2Crew for FSX in the Prepar3D directory. No success, however, the plane takes weird positions at the start and P3D sees the flight as crashed. Will there a compatible version becoming available soon ? Thanks, Hugo
  17. First singing the song how beautifull the fs world will be : "We are now updating our rendering system to support DirectX11 and development is progressing nicely. With DirectX11 support, Prepar3D can leverage features such as hardware instancing, shaders, GPU-based particle systems, tessellation and multi-threaded rendering. We’re excited about the future of Prepar3D’s new rendering capability and are eager to be able to release it to the community in 2013" And next : BUT that's NOT FOR YOU!!! How can you make a statement more ambiguous as it is, right now... In my country one would say, "Dear AVSIM, we really sorry, but Prepar3D is not your business", when they wouldn't allow us to use it for entertainement, sorry training. Sorry, English is not my mother tongue, it sounds a bit rude. Hugo
  18. Well, sometimes you find something interesting on unexpected places : "Lola" . http://planeman-fs.blogspot.be/ Have much pleasure ;-) . Hugo
  19. "I don't know that the 'blue-ish' color is necessarily wrong, Bumpy.. When airborne the water generally emulates the color of the sky", I don't know much abouth shaders and so on but maybe the "reflectiviness" could be decreased with some kind of transparancy mask? Hugo
  20. To me, it seems the water is to reflective and you see the sky's color reflected. Maybe you should test this again with some darker sky.
  21. Hi Steve Like I mentioned in the other DX10 Shader topic, this behaviour is common to all nav light effects were the "Light=1" missing in the "Emitter.0" section. After adding this row, these nav lights are working in DX10 but only after the modification of the lights section in the aircraft.cfg with "ballast". Many developers have now modelled the nav and strobe lights in the model to avoid the DX10 problems; the aircraft.cfg doesn't contain nav lights specifications then. Hugo
  22. I checked all navlights effects in the folder and their shining in spot view. The ones that were not shining don't have the "Light=1" instruction. I don't see any reason why it couldn't included because it is in any other navlight effect and they are supposed to be also DX9 compatible. Hugo
  23. Hi, I discovered a solution for still not working navlights after making the mods as specified in an other thread. I found it while comparing the effects of the Sibwings S91 DX10 compatible navlights with Realairs SF260, which were not . Add to the "Emitter.0" section (after "Bounce=0.00") : Light=1 Sibwings navlight effect have other parameters set too in the "Properties" section : Spot=1 Tower=1 Map=1 The properties section of the strobe effect contains two additonal rows : Cockpit=1 Virtualcockpit=1 I don't know the effect of the "Properties" section, who can find out ? Rgds, Hugo
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