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  1. GB014934

    Wierd pitch up problem

    I had a similar problem recently. In my case when I pressed a key on my Hotas Warthog which was set as a 'Shift' key, the elevator trim would go to fully up. I traced it to the keyboard settings in P3D. I found that 'Button 3' and 'Button 4' were assigned by default to be ones which controlled elevator trim. These were in addition to the other keys assigned on the keyboard for the same trim. Solution was to delete the settings assigned to Buttons 3 and 4. I have just reinstalled P3D from scratch and I normally delete all default button assignments but I missed these 2.
  2. For solution 1 - Called Storage Spaces - please fully backup the data from your P3D drive before creating a space. The process of creating a space destroys the data on the drives. During creation give the space the same letter as the P3D drive. Afterwards copy the backed up P3D data back to the new space. Once a space is created disks can be added as needed. Individual drives within a space do not have to be the same size. You can add a normal hard drive to a space but I don't know how any defrag software would deal with a mixture. I have done this with 2 SSDs, one is a SATA drive and the other is NVMe storage neither of which should be defragged. I suspect that using solution 2 - RAID setup - may give better overall performance but I personally found it easier to go for solution 1.
  3. GB014934

    SSD hard drive running low

    There is a facility in Windows 10 called something like - Storage Pools. With it you can put multiple hard drives together in a pool and Windows treats the pool as a single drive with just a single access letter. I had your problem recently so I bought a new SSD and made a pool of my current FlightSim SSD and the new one. Because I am ultra cautious I backed up my original G Drive (FlightSim) to an external drive before creating the pool. Drives do not have to be the same capacity or even type. There are also several types of pool you can create. The help information is good and of course you can search the internet fot guides. After creating the pool and giving it letter G I restored the data from my backup. Window manages where data is physically stored. The other thing worth noting is that additional drives can be added to a pool without the need to back up the existing data. If you have room physically for an extra drive this may be an option for you.
  4. GB014934


    Windows.old is needed if you want to roll back to your previous level. If you are happy with the new version then the folder can be removed. The best way to remove it is use the disk clean up facility provided in the system. There may be other ways to get at it but I use the right mouse on the C: drive in explorer and select properties. Disk clean up can be found in there. You must select the option for System Files. This will give a set of tick boxes one of which is to remone the old release. I can't give you the exact wording as I am away from my system for a few days. When you tell it to execute your command you will be prompted to confirm the removal of old releases and installation files as an added safety precaution. After execution is finished - no more Windows.old !! And 25gb freed.
  5. GB014934

    Community Update #2 Announced

    The update is out. Some of the planned changes have missed this fix pack. Details can be found by reviewing the news item about FSW on Steam.
  6. GB014934

    RAAS for PMDG777

    A couple of other checks for you .... Make sure that the module has not been disabled in the DLL.XML settings file. (This is where I turn RAAS off !!). If you have modified your scenery and possibly any airports then you may need to run the MakeRwys program to update some data RAAS uses. My copy of MakeRwys is in the folder where I save the Pete Dowson FSUIPC4 files.
  7. Look for Microsoft Flight Simulator 10.
  8. I would also like to add my thanks. Although I did not have the exact same problem it pointed me to the solution. My solution was to search the following folder. "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs" for the "TODO" folder. You will need to unhide "C:\ProgramData" to search down this path.
  9. GB014934

    Windows 10 Pro and FSX smoothness

    I too am running Windows 10 with Fsx (non Steam) and I don't have the stutters. The sytem was set up from scratch rather than by upgrading. FSX was installed on a separate partition away from the 'Program Files' folders. Tweaks to the FSX.cfg file were copied from the Win 7 install. The NVIDIA drivers are the latest and Inspector was used to tune Nvidia. Some of the things I have done may be worth considering. --- Win 10 come with loads of bloatware. Do you really need a Camera app on a Desktop? I removed all unwanted apps. Check the internet for the powershell scripts which do this For wanted apps turn OFF the live tiles. Run a virus scan on your FSX folder then turn off runtime scanning of that folder. You must rescan manually for each new addon or update. Keep the FSX drive defragmented. If the drive is an SSD then this is not advised.
  10. A word of caution - The product is only officially supported on Windows 7. There are several threads in the forums about using the product in Windows 8.1 and also in the new Windows 10. I have used some of the suggested posts to have it running in 8.1 albeit with a few very brief stutters when selecting some of the overhead switches. I do not run it in Windows 10.
  11. GB014934

    Nvidia Inspector and Win 10?

    Run the NVidia Inspector in Compatibility mode. I opted for Windows 8 Compatibility.
  12. But You will need to check, and possibly reapply, any settings after an update to the NVidia device drivers.