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  1. Have you tried changing the theme ? In an earlier post Alexander explained why OpenStreetMap is giving the problems you see - server access has been withdrawn (without notice). The advice is to select a different map theme Select Menu Item View at the bottom of the list of options select Theme Then pick a theme which is NOT openstreetmap. I chose StamenTerrain. Using that theme I get parking spaces !!
  2. The settings for the throttle detents are definitely set in the EFB of the FBW A320. I strongly recommend looking at the tutorial available from 'flightsimtoday'. For the reverse thrust I do NOT use the EFB. In fact in the EFB I turn off any reverse thrust settings. To set reverse thrust I make use of the fact that in the Flight Sim if you press the 'Decrease Throttle' command ( F2 on the keyboard ) and keep it pressed then the throttle will go into reverse thrust. So I assign these to the reverser switches on the Hotas Throttle. The switches are numbers 29 and 30 so both of these are assigned to 'Decrease Throttle'. I should say that I do not split the throttle so I have not experimented with using separate throttles. This method also makes reverse thrust work on any aircraft with such a reverser facility. Moving the throttle away from the reversers area disengages reverse. Using this method does not allow for any control of the amount of reverse thrust applied. When engaged the reverse power increases to its maximum allowed value until it is switched off. For me this is an acceptable compromise.
  3. Another alternative is to change the location of each of the folders (Documents, Pictures etc) back to the C Drive BUT do NOT take the option you are given to move the files. In this way Windows does not see your D drive as holding the data. Do your clean install and afterwards move the folders back to the D drive. I have not found an easy way to change the location - such as a powershell script - so each folder has to be changed manually. This is a bit of a fag but better a bit of work than lose your data.
  4. I am trying the new 2.6.14 Little Navconnect on both an Android Tablet and a Windows Laptop. I use Firefox as my browser. The user manual has not yet been updated so I used the guidance provided in the release notes. I have a couple of questions .. What does the 'Here' button do ? When I press it nothing seems to happen !! I appreciate that I have to turn 'center is aircraft' OFF before I can pan about the map. This is logical !! It also seems that I have to switch it off before I can Zoom. This does not seem logical to me. Is this working as designed ? Trevor
  5. Alex You are right it was Beta 12. My reason for reinstalling was not only for the LNM test. I normally reinstall my whole system from scratch every 12 months. This is usually after the first major release of Windows each year. This year Windows 10 21H1 has only minor changes so I am living with it until 21H2 comes later in the Fall or Winter. I have found through the years thay Windows is so bad at keeping itself clean that a reinstall helps with my system's performance and cures any odd glitches I may have. It takes me about 3 days ( I have a lot of software installed) but I am retired so it is time well spent for me. My FS2020 install was quite old hence the reinstall. Back to LNM -- I tried this morning to load the plan generated from the save option in FS2020 and it did not work !! Even with a plan generated by Asobo. Something is not quite right their end !! When they sort it out it will be very useful. When Beta12 is released I will, of course, install it. Thanks for your prompt reply - all the best.
  6. Alex Thanks for giving me access to Beta 16. I have been testing it just looking at the start position problem. My process has been Uninstal Microsoft Flight Simulator (FS2020) and remove all files. Best to start testing with a clean system. Install FS2020 - Note I use my G: drive - a SSD. Start FS2020 and install all the optional files. Install ORBX EGNM - Leeds/Bradford - my local airport - into the Community folder. Install the LittleNavMap Beta 16 Rebuild the database from FS2020 Use SimBrief to generate a plan flying from EGCC (Manchester) to EGNT (Newcastle) - note SimBrief does not set departure gates. Run LNM importing the Simbrief plan. Note this step is really optional but I like SimBrief. Set a start position at Gate 22. Save the plan in LNM format - this allows me to follow my test flight on my tablet. Export the plan in FS2020 Format Start FS2020 and use the LOAD option pointing to the exported format Note at this point the departure from EGCC is showing as a Runway. At this point it appears that LNM is in error BUT --- see later Use the dropdown to change to Gate 22. Use Load/Save (space bar) to save the plan. The save operation restarts the flight and this time we are positioned at the gate. End the simulator. I then examined each of the saved plan files using Notepad. The exported format DOES contain the necessary statements for a gate start but does not seem to work in FS2020. (Step 13) The plan saved in FS2020 with the gate included DOES work !! (Step 16) Next I used a file compare program to compare the 2 files and though there are differences the statements about the departure gate are not flagged up as different. Something in the LNM exported format is not triggering the start at gate facility but I can't spot it. By the way the compare program showed a discrepancy with the way LNM exports Waypoints. The FS saved plan shows the altitute at each waypoint but the LNM version shows each waypoint with an altitude of 11000 which is the cruising altitude in this plan. I have the files available but cannot find a way of attaching them to this post. Finally the new Beta16 - I ran the LNM connected view on my Android tablet during my test flight. For me a BIG BIG improvement.
  7. Further to my post of yesterday ... I tested my .pln with the included departure gate and it did position my aircraft in a Cold & Dark state at EGNM. Out of interest I then edited the pln file with Notepad and made the departure <DeparturePosition>GATE 8</DeparturePosition> rather than include the extra 'Parking NONE' and to my surprise this also worked. I even tried it with 'Gate 8', which is the way it is shown in LittleNavMap, and that too worked.
  8. Alex, The very latest patch for MS2020 states that gates are now stored in a flight plan. I have generated a .pln file using the inbuilt planner and yes it does store a gate BUT it looks as though they are taking the data from the dropdown list in the simulator and putting it into the pln file. You don't get a simple 'Gate 8' but it adds other text. <DeparturePosition>GATE 8 PARKING NONE</DeparturePosition> is an example of selecting gate 8 at EGNM (Leeds/Bradford Airport). I will next try the plan I generated to see if it positions the aircraft at the gate in a cold and dark state. Perhaps you could look into this to see if a future release can include the gates. Trevor
  9. Can I make a suggestion to help you find out what is eating your space ... Go to the MIcrosoft Store and download an app called 'TreeSize free' ( note the free !! ). Run it as an administrator and it gives you a good idea where space is being used. There are also a couple of other actions you should consider -- Run explorer on your computer. Highlight the 'C:\' Drive. At the top pick 'Drive Tools' and then select 'Clean up'. You can clean up a lot of junk using the default option. You could then pick the 'System Files' option and look at what may be deleted there. Be cautious with this option. The next suggestion is to move the folders in C:'\Users\username' to another drive. I have not found a quick way of doing this so the long winded way is Right mouse click on a folder such as Documents and select properties. Within properties select Location. Enter the path to the new destination and select OK. If you are moving to say the E:\ drive then just change the first letter from C to E - it saves on typing !!. Press Enter. You may be told that the destination does not exist and the prompt allows for it to be created. After that you will be asked if all the contents should be moved. Reply yes and wait for the move to finish. Repeat this process for every folder which gives the Location option. The OneDrive folder cannot be moved using this method. It can be moved if it is taking too much space but it is more complex. This process of moving these folders has the added advantage of separating the users data from the operating system. If the operating system needs to be reinstalled you don't have to worry about the data. Finally - If moving data to the same drive as your Flight Simulator you MUST make sure that your antivirus software scans this new area. Make sure it is NOT in the exclusion list.
  10. I set the sensitivty for the axes within FS2020. My values are Joystick -- (Pitch & Roll) L AXIS X -70% L AXIS Y -70% Throttle -- L AXIS X 1% ( I Do not use this - It is the mini joystick at the back of the throttle) L AXIS Y 1% ( Not used ) L AXIS Z 1% ( Left Throttle - I leave this to the default set by FS2020 ) R AXIS Z 1% (Right Throttle ) SLIDER X -25% (The Slider - I use this for Elevator Trim) Note that the Dead Zone is set to 2% everywhere. My Warthog is about 8 years old so I am making sure that any 'noise' generated does not impact the simulator. My Rudder and Toe brakes are controlled by a CH ProPedals device. I am still experimenting with the settings on this and have not yet come to my optimum settings for it.
  11. I have taken a different approach to using FSUIPC. I use the TARGET Software and have created a profile which is very similar to the one I used for FSX. By doing this I have not had to totally re-learn the button presses. HOWEVER - FS2020 does not fully recognise the 'Thrustmaster Combined' device created when Target is run. To get round this problem I ran FS2020 WITHOUT Target runnng so that FS2020 saw the separate Throttle and Joystick devices. Initially I copied the default profiles for these devices. Next I completely removed all settings within these profiles so that now I have clean profiles to work with. I then set the assignments for Axes and Camera Views using FS2020 in the blank Throttle and Joystick profiles. (I had found that FS2020 would not react to the hat switch for panning, nor the axes in the 'Combined' device.) Save all the profiles with their changes. Stop FS2020. Now run Target with the FS2020 target script followed by FS2020. Check that the 3 devices Throttle, Joystick, and Combined are all there and with the correct profiles. FLY ! and check that the controls work as hoped.
  12. The list of possible places to find the file to be modified is missing one option. I chose to put the files for the simulator during installation on my G: drive in a folder FS2020 and this is where the file to be modified is stored. I look in G:\FS2020\Official\OneStore\asobo-vcockpits-instruments\html_ui\Pages\VCockpit\Instruments\Shared\BaseInstrument.js
  13. Just checked my settings for these pedals in P3D V4 and the axes assigned to brakes have the reverse option ticked. Trevor
  14. I had a similar problem recently. In my case when I pressed a key on my Hotas Warthog which was set as a 'Shift' key, the elevator trim would go to fully up. I traced it to the keyboard settings in P3D. I found that 'Button 3' and 'Button 4' were assigned by default to be ones which controlled elevator trim. These were in addition to the other keys assigned on the keyboard for the same trim. Solution was to delete the settings assigned to Buttons 3 and 4. I have just reinstalled P3D from scratch and I normally delete all default button assignments but I missed these 2.
  15. For solution 1 - Called Storage Spaces - please fully backup the data from your P3D drive before creating a space. The process of creating a space destroys the data on the drives. During creation give the space the same letter as the P3D drive. Afterwards copy the backed up P3D data back to the new space. Once a space is created disks can be added as needed. Individual drives within a space do not have to be the same size. You can add a normal hard drive to a space but I don't know how any defrag software would deal with a mixture. I have done this with 2 SSDs, one is a SATA drive and the other is NVMe storage neither of which should be defragged. I suspect that using solution 2 - RAID setup - may give better overall performance but I personally found it easier to go for solution 1.
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