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  1. Windows.old is needed if you want to roll back to your previous level. If you are happy with the new version then the folder can be removed. The best way to remove it is use the disk clean up facility provided in the system. There may be other ways to get at it but I use the right mouse on the C: drive in explorer and select properties. Disk clean up can be found in there. You must select the option for System Files. This will give a set of tick boxes one of which is to remone the old release. I can't give you the exact wording as I am away from my system for a few days. When you tell it to execute your command you will be prompted to confirm the removal of old releases and installation files as an added safety precaution. After execution is finished - no more Windows.old !! And 25gb freed.
  2. The update is out. Some of the planned changes have missed this fix pack. Details can be found by reviewing the news item about FSW on Steam.
  3. A couple of other checks for you .... Make sure that the module has not been disabled in the DLL.XML settings file. (This is where I turn RAAS off !!). If you have modified your scenery and possibly any airports then you may need to run the MakeRwys program to update some data RAAS uses. My copy of MakeRwys is in the folder where I save the Pete Dowson FSUIPC4 files.
  4. Look for Microsoft Flight Simulator 10.
  5. I would also like to add my thanks. Although I did not have the exact same problem it pointed me to the solution. My solution was to search the following folder. "C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs" for the "TODO" folder. You will need to unhide "C:\ProgramData" to search down this path.
  6. fsx-ms

    I too am running Windows 10 with Fsx (non Steam) and I don't have the stutters. The sytem was set up from scratch rather than by upgrading. FSX was installed on a separate partition away from the 'Program Files' folders. Tweaks to the FSX.cfg file were copied from the Win 7 install. The NVIDIA drivers are the latest and Inspector was used to tune Nvidia. Some of the things I have done may be worth considering. --- Win 10 come with loads of bloatware. Do you really need a Camera app on a Desktop? I removed all unwanted apps. Check the internet for the powershell scripts which do this For wanted apps turn OFF the live tiles. Run a virus scan on your FSX folder then turn off runtime scanning of that folder. You must rescan manually for each new addon or update. Keep the FSX drive defragmented. If the drive is an SSD then this is not advised.
  7. A word of caution - The product is only officially supported on Windows 7. There are several threads in the forums about using the product in Windows 8.1 and also in the new Windows 10. I have used some of the suggested posts to have it running in 8.1 albeit with a few very brief stutters when selecting some of the overhead switches. I do not run it in Windows 10.
  8. fsx-se

    Run the NVidia Inspector in Compatibility mode. I opted for Windows 8 Compatibility.
  9. Just to say THANKS to Dad. The suggestion to use the Pete Dowson "MakeRwys" package cured the problem. Trevor
  10. I am flying from Manchester (UK) - EGCC When FSX was originally released the runways were 24L, 24R, 06L and 06R. A few years ago these were changed to 23L, 23R, 05L and 05R. I have UK2000 Manchester EGCC installed and so for normal operations the new runway designations are set. The FMC recognises the new settings !! When I approach or line up on 23 R the 777 callout still uses 24R. Any ideas where I can change this please ? Trevor
  11. But You will need to check, and possibly reapply, any settings after an update to the NVidia device drivers.
  12. It could be that there is a rogue file in the temporary area or it could also be that Norton is giving a false reading. An alternative to a system recovery may be just to simply delete the temporary files. There is a free program called CCLEANER (Crap Cleaner) which can assist but if you have no working browser then you cannot download it. I don't use Norton 360 but doesn't it have a cleaning option ? An alternative is Bring up the RUN prompt from the Start menu - I always have this available - you may have to enable it. type %TMP% and hit enter - this will list all the files and folders in the temporary area do a CTRL a to select all files hit the DEL key if you get a prompt about being unable to delete a particular file or folder then select the SKIP ALL option. try your browser again. If this does not cure the problem and you wish to restore the deleted files then they can be retored from the Recycle Bin If you suspect that you really have a virus then you should really run a boot time scan. I use the Kapersky Rescue disk. This is free and all you need is to download the files from their site and then write a CD or USB stick. Next boot the machine from the CD (or stick) and after the program starts make it do an update to get the latest virus signatures before running a scan on your machine. I appreciate that without a browser you may not be able to download the files but once you get a working browser it may be worth getting the files for the future. There are other programs which do the same thing as Kapersky but I personally have never used them.
  13. The fix I used has now been loaded to the Library. Please search for Autothumbnail. Please be aware that there is absolutely no support!!
  14. I have it working but I can't for the life of me remember what I did specifically for Windows 7 (64 bit). When I installed it I placed the installed files directly in the FSX folder. (F:\FSX\Autothumbnail\) One thing I DO remember is that you have to manually replace the original Autothumbnail.exe with is different one which is specifically for Vista or Windows 7. The original file had a date of 12/03/2006 and a size of 28kb. The replacement file is dated 29/11/2009 and has a size of 21kb. I got this replacement file by downloading Finally for items to appear in the menu of FSX, modifications are needed to one of the XML Configuration files. I believe that these were done for me automatically by the original installation setup process. I did NOT do the manual install. The change on my system was made to the EXE.xml file.
  15. I also have a Warthog and too have had similar problems where a button press on the stick or throttle does not do as expected. I still use Target but my solution may be relevant to you.Fire up whatever software is driving the stick. (For me Target).Start FSXGet to the options for control.Now select Buttons/Keys - the middle tab..From memory there are 3 columns. The last 2 columns relate to Joystick.and Repeat.Go down every entry and delete any button assignments to the joystick.It seems that Microsoft in their wisdom automatically assign some button commands to joystick buttons even though you and me want to control it.See if that cures the problem.