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  1. HI Thanks for your reply. I am sorry it took so long to reply. trying to talk to insight is a lost cause thats my finding. Bye for now...John
  2. Hello I am trying to start a flight with the Level D 767-300 but I keep getting the following message. (Panel Initialization Failure Reinstall Level D Simulations B767-300) and I can not get beyond that message. Can anyone help please? Thanks in advance.........John
  3. Hi All. Can anyone tell me if VRinsight hardware is compatable with FSX please? Thanks in advance........John
  4. Hi again Bruce I am all straightened out now and all controls are working as they should. The hole thing was my fault for not thinking about what I was doing enough, to put it into a nut shell. I thank you very much for your support you made me think! :smile: :smile: :smile: Have great week.............John
  5. Hello Bruce Thanks for your reply. I am using Saitek yoke and peddles plus two sets of three levers plus a VR insight Switch panel, I use the 15 buttons on the left hand side also I have and use the efis/mcp/com panel from VRinsight. I do use fsuipc4 and its a paid for copy. I never use tryouts there is enough info about most apps and addon's that I always go that route, Hope this what you need but if you need more I will do my best to supply it. I am not new at all to flight simming but up until now it was FS9, but I want more so I am going to use FSX.. Catch you later Bruce........John
  6. Hi again I have been using fsuipc4 to set up my controls in FSX but nothing seems to work properly. Its just like I have done nothing. Can anyone give me some pointers please? Thanks in advance..................................John
  7. Hello all Am I right when I say that someone wrote a manual to help with installing FSX? If so does anyone know where I might find it please? Thanks in advance.............................John (tinhead59)
  8. Hello I cannot start FS9, I get a message telling me to log in with administrator rights. I already have those rights. What can I do please? I would very much appreciate any help. Thanks in advance...........John ps: This is a new install with 9.1 update.
  9. my specs GeForce GTX 980 Ti Intel® Core i7-2700K @ 3.50GHz 16.00GB RAM (15.94 GB usable) 1280x1024,60Hz Power Source = Corsair 1200 Watts Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64bit LG Flatron E1910 Monitors (2) Hi all I cannot get my second monitor to show up. When I switch it on all i Get is the power saving notice. I have tried every combination I can of plugging in the monitors to the GF980 but nothing I have done makes any difference. Can anyone help me get the problem solved please? I have tried nvidia but never got any replies at all,I blew over $1ooo canadian for this card. and I got nowhere so far.I would be most grateful if someone can help please. Thanks in advance............John ps going to FSX for good.
  10. Does anyone know how to contact Eric please? I don't want use Facebook if I don't have to. Thanks in advance..............John
  11. Hi all I need an auto pilot for my small aircraft Coranado, Piper Cheyenne etc etc. Are there many people using the M Panel and does it do the job well please?. Thanks for any comments in advance....................John :smile:
  12. Hi all. Where do I install the 4gig patch in fs9 please? The one I used to have did that for me. The one I just downloaded does not. Thanks in advance ..................John
  13. Thanks very much for your support and encouragement Alan. I am up and running again.........John :smile:
  14. I cannot find KB3086255, it is not in either of the system files and I cannot remember where it was Schupe.
  15. Hi Yes I did that and it worked but this happened last night again and I believe I stated that already. This stuff has me thinking about changing my hobby to something that no one will be able to interfere with what ever that maybe.
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