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  1. Cheers Jimm, Totally agree system is letting the sim not run at it best potential...GC is weak so sad that a few years back it was top end....but that is progress! Looking at a i7 7700k...and a 1070 if budget allows 1080...that should see some performance improved... All the best Cheers
  2. Just given the default planes a go around the Demo with latest 16 release, KSEA area very nice....but for me.....the clouds are still a performance issue..look so much better but Rob me of FPS from 30 down to anything below 24....not sure if XEnviro would do better. Have not got any payware aircraft yet as I am still Demo but I am starting to think that performance would dip further with addon Birds...granted my system is 5 years old i7 2600 oc 4.5 and GT970 to boot...but should still run it..I am waiting to get a new system but wanted the sim to get to RTM before I pull the trigger.. Watching with interest! Cheers
  3. You Know wouldn't it be great if the Software Houses that produce major add-ons started to take note of the changes happening in our hobby through these posting....maybe they do? I am not for one minute saying that any one sim is better than the other...that is personal choice, what I am saying is there is a definite upwards trend towards XP nowdays since 11. I for one was hardened FSX guy with all the add-ons...and yes for ME that has changed it is all gone deleted. I have been on the Beta for XP 11 since the beginning...still not committed to the full product....mainly as I am upgrading my PC and will get that then put everything on that... I am very pleasantly surprised with the demo but love flying airliners...with AI and big airports..so bit of work in XP yet, but it can only grow. So come on developers how about supporting XP too... yes big commitment supporting all platforms, I suppose it is all about where things are going given the changes happening in this hobby and the various platforms. What ever you fly enjoy! Cheers
  4. well to be honest I am running a 970 with a i7 2600 oc to 4.6 so not so good these days, new system later this year when I decide what platform to go with..of course any system with full overcast clouds will suffer, but I am only using the default planes on the demo so only KSEA area flown..i lock my fps to 30 via NI it helps a lot...but the object updates near airports etc seem to cause a pause/ stutter briefly...and no doubt my system is to blame but was not so bad before... Will keep adding the Beta's until RTM then see what is what.. All the best
  5. Clouds seem a lot better, performance hit ...yes...however I am noticing more of a pause/ stutter with the rendering of the ground and objects now? than in previous Beta releases. Well looking forward to number 16..to see what is next! Cheers
  6. Got to say as a long time user of FSXSE I too have started to look at other sims for comparison. Been trying XP Beta for the last few months and the one thing I do find very different between the sims is the perception of speed and height. Took the default 172 up in FSXSE around KSEA and the same in XP....the ground speed is so much faster in XP and the height perception is in my eyes great too, go back to FSX SE and it feels so slow...and not high enough when say at 3k. Exciting times ahead we hope with all the changes that may becoming to our sim worlds! Cheers
  7. Same here, this issue is driving my nuts! I use NI to set 1/2 synch for x plane 11 all is good rock steady at 30 fps. Next day boot up PC start Xplane and frame rate is from 30 upwards so stutters everywhere..just cannot find a solution anywhere. Seems WIN 10 just overwrites the nvidia settings, the only way to correct is uninstall the drivers then reinstall then reset NI. Of course next day back to square one....also happened when I used p3d. So very frustrating Cheers Mark
  8. Wow, are those pictures default?...I am only on the Beta so nothing outside Ksea....but that sort of scenery will get me into the club. Just hope the UK looks like this too...default.... I fly a lot in Europe. All airline, so that would be nice along with some good airports and a updated Bus from Jar. Getting more converted by the day! Cheers
  9. Thanks for the above gents, but alas this still plauges me. It has now got to a stage were I have to reinstall the Nivida drivers all the time and then set 1/2 synch through N again then...all is good XP runs at 30 fps smooth as you like.. Next day fire up XP and notice the FPS sitting at 30 initially but then shooting up and down 49 50 etc and back down this of course gives me micro stutters as the FPS is not stable at 30 anymore. Tried deleting the NI profile i made and reinstalling .....no dice!!!! the only way to get it back to 30 FPS is a complete reinstall of the Nvidia drivers Again!!!....frustrating. It seems Win 10 is just saying no dice....you run it at what I say...I just cannot lock it to 30....for more than day...why do not know....has anyone got any idea if Windows is doing something here... Many Thanks from a frustrated old timer! Mark
  10. Hi Folks, Just wanted to ask if any of your fully on board XP11 drivers could kindly let me know what the default European scenery is like please. Coming from the FSX/P3d I am use to Orbx style, do not care about AG to much as I am a tube liner guy but do like to see good mountains etc. I hoping that it will not be to long before XP gets seasons as this sorley missed... Sorry I am still on Beta and although KSEA looks great I cannot see how that sort of detail will be global...or I am I wrong.. With Thanks Mark
  11. Thanks Rich, Very nice shot there, I take it that is default scenery below you? if so very good. I will be looking for an alternate to my much beloved Airbuses which will now be hangered..along with the old platforms...so this may be the aircraft, although in the UK only FlyBe use them...I hope Jar going forward improve their A320 somewhat then I am in sim heaven! Cheers Mark
  12. working ok for me...happy to report...
  13. Yea agree with the above especially with Rich, Performance is getting better with each Beta even my old system...to be updated! Soon. But the stumbling block is lack of high quality aircraft...airliners...but let's hope 2017 see other software houses port over or start to support this very good platform. Have to say on a side note does anyone else note that the illusion of height in X Plane is so much better...climb to say three thousand in XP then compare with another platform it appears so much higher...not sure if it is to do with the scenery....well it looks higher to this old timer... Cheers
  14. Wow zero replies...I take it no else sees this issue...must be unique to me! Not sure how I will fix this probably a complete reinstall or everything. Cheers
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