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  1. I used this and love the resolution but am wondering how to create the overalys...
  2. Thank you PMDG & Prepared3D.... QOS and T7 up and running..... Looking forward for the rest of my fleet..... A couple of images...... http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/image/GLiQ http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/image/GLia http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/image/GLiM Looking forward for the rest of my fleet.....
  3. Hi Dan.... Yes.. Part of it.... I had to download the installer again..... and that got rid of the cockpit problem... The exterior fish scale texture is better but seems to be present on some liveries more than others. I tried playing with the textures and other settings in graphic options with no real visible change.... Could it be that they didn't do a texture update?.... Its weird since the 747 has no issue with the liveries with the same settings.... only the T7 Guillermo Schleimer
  4. Just installed the latest 777 from PMDG for P3D V4...... Kind of weird... the 747 installed just fine.... But the 777 loads up withno textures in he cockpit.. the displays are all lit but the rest is dark... http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/image/GLTv Also.. the exterior has some weird color.. http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/image/GL06
  5. I am going nuts friends..... Before updating to V3.4.. I had all the usual add-on; GSX, RAASPro, FSFX, Chaseplane.. etc and flying around with no problems.. After Updating to 3.4 All addons working but RAASPro would not... I downloaded the latest update.... No solution, Ran all the simconnects.... No solution Checked the RAASPRO.Log... Could not connect.... Why? I dont know. (See step 10) I did a brand new clean install of Windows 10 Professional and painstakingly went through the updates... especially after the Ransomware alert yesterday So.. Todays steps: 1. reformat SSD, install clean Windows 10 Pro. 2. Install Avast AV 3. Downloaded Checksum tool to verify my P3D zip file..: Passed 4. Turn off antivirus completely. 5. Installed P3D v3.4 latest greatest.... 6. Started P3D and tested the default aircraft. 7. Exited P3D and proceeded to load RAASPro, latest build... 8. Started P3D again.... "NO ADDON MENU, NO RAASPRO of course" 9. Checked the DLL.XML (Read bellow) ------ <?xml version="1.0" encoding="Windows-1252"?> <SimBase.Document Type="Launch" version="1,0"> <Descr>Launch</Descr> <Filename>dll.xml</Filename> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <Launch.ManualLoad>False</Launch.ManualLoad> <Launch.Addon> <Name>RAASPRO</Name> <Disabled>False</Disabled> <ManualLoad>False</ManualLoad> <Path>.\RAASPRO\RAASPRO.dll</Path> <DllStartName>module_init</DllStartName> <DllStopName>module_deinit</DllStopName> </Launch.Addon> </SimBase.Document> -------- This is whaqt was created by RAASPro when it installed 10. Checked the RAASPRO.Log (Read Below) which this time show it loaded and connected????? ------ Searching for Flight Simulator's Main Window... Retrieving Flight Simulator's Path and Version... It's a supported Flight Simulator... Retrieving RAAS Pro version... Reading the INITIALIZATION file... Checking for updates... Searching for SIMCONNECT.DLL... Initializating RAAS system... LOG EVENT -> Database directory: LOG EVENT -> D:\Prepar3D v3 LOG EVENT -> R4.CSV file found.... LOG EVENT -> SCHEMA.INI file found.... LOG EVENT -> Reading SCHEMA.INI file.... LOG EVENT -> DATABASE CONNECTED!.... Building sound sets list... Sound set(s) FOUND!... Building profiles list... Openning FIRST profile in list... Updating DEFAULT profile... Updating INITIALIZATION file... Unloading PREVIOUS sounds set... Loading CURRENT sounds set... Sounds set LOADED SUCCESSFULLY!... Initializating TOKEN variables... Registering Custom Event Handler... Creating profile font... LOG EVENT -> Initialize COM.... -------- 11. Turned of UAC And started P3D again.... Still no addon Im at a loss...... I ahve tried everything I know and have not found many posts like mine.... I did it all by the book, no other addons, I am praying that someone sees the the tree in the forest and can fix this.... Thank you and hope to hear from someone soon....
  6. Was wondering if anyone ever came up with a solution to the Shaky Engines
  7. Afternoon folks.... having a problem. I purchased the FS2Crew PMDG777 - Captains set which comes with the RAAS Professional included. I purchased these through Aerosoft and they have changed their format and thru a link, I accessed my orders.... The downloads of this link are not the new ones... How can I get the updates? Thanks... Flyboy
  8. SOLVED. (For realtek Sound System) I believe the issue is that many of the new motherboards come with "Realtek Sound boards. When loading PMDG Aircraft, for some reason it defaulted to the REALTEK Digital HD Sound This was causing a loss in the external sounds.... For some reason, it did not affect the internal sounds at all and the environmental sound in the different sceneries.... But it seems that PMDG may have somewhere in the loading script, a definition when it comes to Realtek defaults... and loading the HD Digital Drivers.... Solution: After loading you PMDG aircraft, go to settings and look under Sound. Make sure it is set to Realtek HD Speaker sound. This will solve it for the Realtek on board Software. gnite.. Will Silky
  9. I will confirm the problem he is having because when I am flying the 737 ngx this issue does not exist. On the 747 QOS II, all sound works except external.... What you hear outside is the same sound as the cockpit... wind sound but minus engines.... In the cockpit you hear the wind sound and engine background.... Outside just whooooooosssshhhhhhhhh Hope someone is working on this.. Would love to hear the windup on the external view.... Will Silky
  10. Evening folks.... Was wondering the same thing..... Takeoff from TNCM, wanted to reproduce the engine windeup from spectator on beach view.... No sound except a flat hush..... Will Silky
  11. this isnt my first rodeo sir.... I have been using pmdg products for awhile and have used the QOS V2 before the last update and that didnt happen.
  12. Interesting..... I barely used them as I landed quite a bit slower than required and most of my braking was done with reverse and speed brakes.... I did check the failures under brakes and tires and both where set to fail.... Dont know why, never setup failures in the config. Thanks though....
  13. Howdy... Having a great time zipping along in my QOSII... An interesting ocurance.... After a normal ILS landing at slightly lower speed ste reverse thrust, applied spoilers, and when slowing down added brake pressure to finally slow to taxi speed. While shutting down I notice a tire pressure warning in the MDU... I went LDU to look at pressures and yes, had issues with a bunch of tires.... I then went to maintenance to reset the failure.... and when I applied it it would only release the air until empty again.... Thought this to be kinf=d of weird.. (Inspected the tires, kicked them and they looked fine) :) Anyhow, I attached a video.. maybe someone can tell me what I'm doing wrong or is this a bug.. Thank you Will Silky/ Flyboy
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