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  1. Hi Any of you managed to get the Qeqqata X scenery to work with P3D 4.4? I´m having a problem with the elevation at BGSF to work... ( I have ORBX vector installed) THX Jean
  2. Hi It seem´s that the taxiways are not aligned with the stock photo real scenery, have anybody else noticed that? I have ORBX global and vector installed? RGS Jean
  3. i'll take a screenshot tomorrow👍🦅 Jean Rasmussen
  4. Hi there After the newest update, there seems to be a small glitch in the VFE speeds on the speed tape? (737-600 haven't tried it on the other models) for flaps 15-40? Rgs Jean Rasmussen
  5. It means "Lower than standard" Normal ILS RVR 550M LTS ILS RVR 400M 👍👨‍✈️
  6. Hi I was just wondering if any of you have a lack of sound, when paning around the 747 and the 777(P3D) To me it seems that the sound behind the aircraft is very weak, Jean Rasmussen
  7. I have orbx vector installed, so i had too disable AEC for BGBW. rgs
  8. Hi again. Found the problem and fixed it!
  9. Hi I´m trying to install the Narsarsuaq X in P3D version 3.4, it seems to work, but the apron is not at the same altitude as the runway? Anyone have a suggestion for at fix? THX
  10. Hi i'm lookin for scenery for PACD. Do any of you have some suggestions? kindly Jean
  11. I´m a Little confused, are there versions of Aerosoft? J.R
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