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    Narsarsuaq X in P3D 3.4

    Hi I´m trying to install the Narsarsuaq X in P3D version 3.4, it seems to work, but the apron is not at the same altitude as the runway? Anyone have a suggestion for at fix? THX
  2. Hello Cs im trying to access my old cs account (more then 10 years old, maybe more) but i no longer have the email i used for the log in, Is there any way to gain access with out it? kind regards Jean
  3. Hi It seem´s that the taxiways are not aligned with the stock photo real scenery, have anybody else noticed that? I have ORBX global and vector installed? RGS Jean
  4. jeanrup

    VFE B737-600 P3D v 3.4

    Hi there After the newest update, there seems to be a small glitch in the VFE speeds on the speed tape? (737-600 haven't tried it on the other models) for flaps 15-40? Rgs Jean Rasmussen
  5. jeanrup

    VFE B737-600 P3D v 3.4

    i'll take a screenshot tomorrow👍🦅 Jean Rasmussen
  6. Hi I was just wondering if any of you have a lack of sound, when paning around the 747 and the 777(P3D) To me it seems that the sound behind the aircraft is very weak, Jean Rasmussen
  7. jeanrup

    "LTS" meaning on approach charts

    It means "Lower than standard" Normal ILS RVR 550M LTS ILS RVR 400M 👍👨‍✈️
  8. Thank you, i'll look onto it Jean Rasmussen
  9. jeanrup

    What is your test airfield?

    KEDW!!! where else? 👍😂
  10. jeanrup

    Narsarsuaq X in P3D 3.4

    I have orbx vector installed, so i had too disable AEC for BGBW. rgs
  11. jeanrup

    Narsarsuaq X in P3D 3.4

    Hi again. Found the problem and fixed it!
  12. jeanrup

    Cold bay scenery

    Hi i'm lookin for scenery for PACD. Do any of you have some suggestions? kindly Jean
  13. jeanrup

    Airbus A320 for p3d

    Hi there I´m looking for a A320 addon (payware) for P3D. Any ideas? J. Rasmussen
  14. jeanrup

    Airbus A320 for p3d

    THX A340-4 :wink:
  15. jeanrup

    Airbus A320 for p3d

    I´m a Little confused, are there versions of Aerosoft? J.R
  16. Hi Anybody know if there are any good falcon aircraft (F2000 F900 7X) ? thx