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  1. I must say... more complex aircraft seem to take ages to develop.. and in MSFS they really struggle to work.. and after efter each SU they end often in trouble again.. For me personally the aircrafts seem to be in some sort of crisis... Just finished flying maddog to PHNL, the aircraft that at present actually works for me.. And GSX pro which didn't work with A310 ... maybe because A310 dont work presently.. did work with Maddog... but GSX has a bug where you need to shut down engines before GPU can be ordered.. And you cant do otherwise when those two are cooperating. and another bug of switching of and on GPU every 20 seconds..... Its uphill...
  2. The ATR EFB is black and the plane is dead... PMDG 737-700/900 freeze the whole sim.. Fenix A320 EFB Black "Unable to connect". A310 different issues .. sometimes not importing flight plan yesterday the power setting was 50% and moving throttles didn't do anything. ' Flybywire A320 can't power on... GSX pro not working, pending. Headwind A330-900 working fine Leondardo Maddog working fine Something happened in February, Think it was a windows 10 /64 update that did something. everything has been a mess since... All the best Julean Frederiksberg, Greater Copenhagen - DK
  3. I am having trouble landing this plane... either I should use some flying skills training or the 146 have problematic flight dynamics.. The movement between the flight stick and the behavior of the plane seems problematic for me... Examble I move the stick forward and the plane wobble down and when I release pressure on the stick the plane wobble back... I don't feel like flying through the air.. Have other encountered such problems and what have been done to help this?.. Any suggestions. Thank you... Julean...
  4. That's smart...I will try this.. and thank your very much for your answer.. All the best Jens
  5. How come no SODE for YSCB still? and for the moment I haven't found any SODE file for YBSC intl gates. They are special. It should be possible because Arlanda and ENVA use them.. Love the sceneries... Thanks All the best Jens
  6. It worked but...I loaded fires and it killed the fps... I went from 19-20 to 5-6.. I will try go into tweaking and config. Or I think I need to wait for an upgrade for fire textures that don't take fps or wait for the MSFS version... Because it would be awesome if I could get it to work.. Thank you for your help Jens
  7. That helped.. Now it seems to be working... Now try flying... Thank you Jens
  8. I tried with the Hercules in the game.. at Flytampa LGAV airport. It hangs and the Microsoft wheel spins for a long time, and then the game avaits a new input, and when I press a button it repeats and the sim hangs again. Jens
  9. I will try these things you say. Maybe tomorrow... thank you for answering to quickly.. Jens
  10. What to do? P3d v5 totally freezes with firefighter p3dv5 and pmdg 747. I have installed p3dv5 version of firefighter X . Yours sincerely Jens
  11. About climb - aint the problem wrong CG? The center of gravity is at the nose... that mean the plane not placed correctly for flying . I seem to have the behavioru like before stalling and flying... HOW TO CHANGE THE CG? All the best Jens
  12. Hi Rob That was very kind of you.. Thank you very much I just realized something.. My version is from flightsimstore.com.. And maybe outdated so I have contacted Aerosoft for the latest version... All best Jens
  13. Hi Rob Thank you for your answer.. No I don't have that scenery installed, I will try a wheel version... Jens
  14. I experienced the twotter dropping to extremely low fsp, for me 1 or 2... On the picture I am at Ganges water aerodrome by ORBX .. When I read that the twotter for p3d v4 works fine, I wonder if someone have a suggestion to achieve the same good performance? I have a lot going on Envdir Active sky P3d v5 Pro-ATC/x GTN750 Honeycomb throttle track ir. All the best Jens
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