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  1. Thanks BF. Appreciate your quick response!
  2. Making changes to an FSX airport in ADE by assigning airlines to different gates. When I compile the airport it indicates that there are missing third party libraries and provides me with a list of missing GUIDs. A string of 32 hex numbers is not very meaningful. How do I translate those GUIDs to find out what they are? If I go ahead and compile, the size of the new .bgl is significantly smaller that the original .bgl indicating to me that the missing GUIDs did not compile - although they apparently compiled in the original .bgl. I've read and reread the ADE Manual but it's not much help in this situation. Any help is appreciated!! Captain Tom
  3. Many, many thanks!!! That solved the problem, all skins are showing in FSX like they did in FS9. One more hurdle overcome 🙂
  4. Thank you both for your quick replies!! Must have somehow missed that setting in the Display Settings. Will uncheck it and hope that solves the problem. FSX has some interesting nuances. Cheers!
  5. Thanks for the quick reply!!! I have converted the traffic files to FSX but hadn't thought of DX10 being the culprit. Where do I find the DX10 box? I know it's not in the FSX.CFG file or in the FSX Settings. Many thanks!!
  6. Recently took the plunge and fired up FSX on my new screaming system. In moving my AI aircraft files from FS9 to FSX I noticed a number of the AI aircraft have no textures (white skins). I"m sure this issue was solved years ago by when FSX first came out but please help this Johnny Come Lately to the party. What's the solution please?
  7. I'm having somewhat of the same problem. Recently bought a system that can easily handle FSX so I'm finally migrating from FS9. The AI traffic available for FSX is significantly less than what is available for FS9 so I bought the latest Ultimate Traffic package, but it's missing some airlines I want to see. My problem occurs when I can't find an airline that has an FSX package and I attempt to move that airline's AI package from my FS9 to FSX and the planes show up with just a white texture (no skin). Is there a trick to make the plane's textures show up in FSX? Any help will be greatly appreciated!! I'm sure that in the past 10 years many have encountered this problem.
  8. Thanks Charlie!! I knew there was an app, but the acronym for it I couldn't remember. Bless you!
  9. I know this has been covered in the past, forgive me I'm just now moving to FSX and can't find it. There was an application to convert the FS9 AI flight plans/airports/aircrafts .bgl to allow them to work in FSX. Any help will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks.
  10. Will be ordering a new high end PC and planning on using a Nvidia GTX1080Ti. Wondering what the advantages are of having two GPUs, vs. just one. Any comments, or experience using two will be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Captain Tom
  11. Thanks very much. FSX seems to have scattered those type of files all over. Probably for a very good reason, but it sure makes things more dificult to make the transition from FS9 to FSX. We need a "cheat sheet" to locate all those types of files.Appreciate your help!!!!
  12. I want to get my custom traffic from FS9 (traffic.bgl) into FSX. Any ideas? And where is the traffic bgl located in FSX?Any help will be greatly appreciated!Thanks.
  13. I downloaded and executed the package, but I can see no change to the FSX scenery, probably because I have both FS9 and FSX on a different hard drive than the FS9 MegaScenery.Anybody else have this problem? - Wish developers would let us have the option to at least identify the hard drive where our files are located.Any help will be appreciated - - Thanks.
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