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  1. Captain Tom

    Convert FS9 AI to FSX Help

    Thanks Charlie!! I knew there was an app, but the acronym for it I couldn't remember. Bless you!
  2. I know this has been covered in the past, forgive me I'm just now moving to FSX and can't find it. There was an application to convert the FS9 AI flight plans/airports/aircrafts .bgl to allow them to work in FSX. Any help will be greatly appreciated!! Thanks.
  3. Will be ordering a new high end PC and planning on using a Nvidia GTX1080Ti. Wondering what the advantages are of having two GPUs, vs. just one. Any comments, or experience using two will be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Captain Tom
  4. Captain Tom

    Google Earth Buildings to FS

    Yes, that would be taking the structures that reside in the Google Earth Warehouse and installing them in FS9, or FSX (I run both of them).
  5. Captain Tom

    Google Earth Buildings to FS

    Thanks for the info F70! Amazing. I've been flying for 10 years, am not an IT novice but just starting to get into this. There must be a process you go through to bring in the Google Warehouse item in and place it in your FS. Where can I go to find that process? Thanks!!!!
  6. Captain Tom

    Google Earth Buildings to FS

    Thank you all for your help. That's the greatest thing about this hobby, helping each other and making the hobby better as the result. Appreciate all the comments!!! Happy flying, and designing, to you all!!
  7. Captain Tom

    Google Earth Buildings to FS

    Thanks for the info Mike! I was pretty sure that it was not a "main stream" capability or I would have heard more about it. Now I know and will move on. Sure seemed like a great way to populate my scenery with true-to-life visuals tho. :(
  8. I can't find where this has been covered. Is it possible to import the complete buildings from Google Earth into FS9, or FSX? There is the Google Earth Warehouse but I can't find how to export them and import them into FS. Any help will be greatly appreciated!!! Captain Tom
  9. Captain Tom

    FSX AI Traffic

    Thanks very much. FSX seems to have scattered those type of files all over. Probably for a very good reason, but it sure makes things more dificult to make the transition from FS9 to FSX. We need a "cheat sheet" to locate all those types of files.Appreciate your help!!!!
  10. Captain Tom

    FSX AI Traffic

    I want to get my custom traffic from FS9 (traffic.bgl) into FSX. Any ideas? And where is the traffic bgl located in FSX?Any help will be greatly appreciated!Thanks.
  11. I downloaded and executed the package, but I can see no change to the FSX scenery, probably because I have both FS9 and FSX on a different hard drive than the FS9 MegaScenery.Anybody else have this problem? - Wish developers would let us have the option to at least identify the hard drive where our files are located.Any help will be appreciated - - Thanks.