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  1. I've been trying to get the real performance of the RAM VII engines into the Carenado C340, I used Mark Ritzman mods as a guideline. But I really appreciate the input from you guys. So far I've accomplished to get the aircraft to cruise at 230 kts @23,000 ft and 20.3 GPH per engine. Also managed to get thrust to go from 0-100 mph in 15 seconds on ground with full rich mixture as the ram performance table shows. But I still feel it climbs out to fast at 52 GPH I get 2000 ft/min and 130 kts IAS. Any input on this mods would be greatly apprreciated. http://www.ramaircraft.com/Aircraft-Engine-Upgrade-Packages/Performance/340A-Series-VII-Performance/SM039C4-340A-Series-VII-Performance.htm [GeneralEngineData] engine_type = 0 Engine.0 = -8.30, -6.92, 0.0 Engine.1 = -8.30, 6.92, 0.0 fuel_flow_scalar= 0.80 min_throttle_limit = 0.0; [piston_engine] power_scalar = 1.3 cylinder_displacement= 86.6 compression_ratio= 8.0 number_of_cylinders= 6 max_rated_rpm= 2700 max_rated_hp= 335 fuel_metering_type= 0 cooling_type= 0 normalized_starter_torque= 0.3 turbocharged= 1 max_design_mp= 38 min_design_mp= 1.0 critical_altitude= 25000 emergency_boost_type= 0 emergency_boost_mp_offset= 0.0 emergency_boost_gain_offset= 0.0 fuel_air_auto_mixture= 0 auto_ignition= 0 max_rpm_mechanical_efficiency_scalar= 0.94 idle_rpm_mechanical_efficiency_scalar= 1.0 max_rpm_friction_scalar= 1.0 idle_rpm_friction_scalar= 1.0 [propeller] thrust_scalar = 1.2 propeller_type= 0 propeller_diameter= 6.8 propeller_blades= 3 propeller_moi= 13.5 beta_max= 45.0 beta_min= 15.2 min_gov_rpm= 500.0 prop_tc= 0.1 gear_reduction_ratio= 1.0 fixed_pitch_beta= 0.0 low_speed_theory_limit= 80.0 prop_sync_available= 1 prop_deice_available= 1 prop_feathering_available= 1 prop_auto_feathering_available= 1 min_rpm_for_feather= 700.0 beta_feather= 88 power_absorbed_cf= 0.9 defeathering_accumulators_available= 1 prop_reverse_available= 0 minimum_on_ground_beta= 1.0 minimum_reverse_beta= 0.0 Regards Ignacio Capistran
  2. I would really appriciate if any of you talented repainters can make me a repaint of the plane I grew up with. Its a nostalgic thing for me. Thanks in advance Ignacio
  3. I sent a PM request with the mods, hope you can help me. Thanks
  4. Hi all. Can anyone tell me where to get the correct v speed table for the Phenom 100. I can't seem to fin them. And they didn't come with the documentation provided with the aircraft. Thanks Ignacio
  5. This is because the airport you are on doesn't have Instrument Departures.
  6. I purchased FSX steam edition last week and installed my TBM 850 V2.0. Everything is fine except that the weather radar doesn't work any more not with fsx weather or FXRealWeather. -Is this common ? -Is there a fix for this I already installed sim-connect the original legacy from FSX and no improvements. Thanks in advance Ignacio
  7. carenado gps uses the default gps map. By definition it has the tca of each airspace including control centers and borders. I don't know if this is what you are asking.
  8. Looks odd and I don't think Carenado implements Parallel Tracking in their G1000. I don't use EFB, but I believe it uses the correct navpoint coordinates? Anyway: Did You by any chance press OBS? Do the waypoint coordinates in EFB match those in FSX or default NavData? Are You using an updated NavData? What happens if you press "D"? 1.- Yes I press OBS for GPS 1 guidance. 2.- I don't think is coordinates because sometimes it happens,sometimes it doesn't. 3.- I have the latest AIRAC 1608 updated on the EFB 4.- I haven't pressed "D"
  9. Ok I've been encountering this problem for the last couple of flights. I use AivlaSoft EFB for flight planning and route selection. Can Someone help me correct this Thanks in advance Ignacio
  10. Hi you all. I have a problem now on V2 I Triming seems to have no effect either in takeoff or landing. Even though the indicator seems to work and moves. Hope someone can help. Thanks in advance. Nacho Capistran
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