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  1. You are not alone. Mine stopped working today as well, was fine yesterday. I also deleted the two plugins mentioned by Gregg, and I was also inundated with virus warnings. I made sure to allow the files in Norton so they wouldn't be quarantined, but the GTN still doesn't power up in Xplane.
  2. I regret buying it. At least until it is fixed. It's unusable in FSEconomy, which is my main platform. Instead of having two wing tanks like it should, it only has 1 center tank. FSEconomy won't rewrite their config to match the incorrect Carenado one because there are already 690 models out there that work just fine with the FSE configs. It's on Carenado to fix this. I've been burned by Carenado a few times in the past and have largely avoided buying their products. But I LOVE the 690B and it seemed worth it to me at the time. I have fond memories of the Venviones model back in the day and was hoping to re-live those flights. Can't do it though. Please, please, please fix! This is an obvious, basic characteristic of the 690B! How could you mess that up???
  3. Instead of two wing tanks, the model has one center tank. Incorrect. Won't work on FSEconomy with that config, please fix.
  4. Yep. Just trying to figure out how to make those borders appear. I can declutter, but they won't show up.
  5. Hey there. Normally I can figure things out on my own, but this one is stumping me. Getting into some of the fancier glass cockpits after spending several iterations of flight sims using older, analogue based cockpits from Carenado. I've got myself the King Air 90 for Pr3pared. Neat plane. Always attracted to the Beechcraft lineup. Question is, how do you get the airspace border to popup on the moving map? I do a LOT of VFR travel on VATSIM. Especially when ATC is staffed. I know it seems counterproductive, but I like to play the system to best of my ability, and that involves hopping in and around airspace borders and ceilings/floors. It's fun picking your way through congested airspace knowing some APP controller is probably watching you to see if you bust some of the airspace your coming tantalizing close to. Good times. The default GPS, despite it's obvious shortcomings was good at one thing. A nice visual of the airspace borders. That, combined with a VFR sectional, got you where you needed to go with little effort. Now, I could get by without the borders, and just spend more time plotting a route rather going with the flow, but I figured I'd ask anyways. Much thanks!
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