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  1. Yeah, I'd excitedly seen accuseason and weather force both appear with discounts in my wish list. So I was going to look at grabbing one or both today, since it said they'd be discounted for a few days in the product pages. When checking back today though, weatherforce appears to be on discount still, but accuseason has gone back up to full price. 🤷‍♂️
  2. Yeah, I'm in the same boat. I'd been watching these in hope for quite a while, as I'd purchased them previously for FSX. Though even with an upgrade discount that lets me get both for $40, I've still not pulled the trigger, since I just get the sense they've become abandonware. Flight1 have stated that the aircraft are basically port overs, with just enough updates to make them work, but there are still reportedly bugs and issues present. So after being burnt on a number of fronts with promised updates for Prepar3D on other products like Ultimate Traffic, plus makers such as MilViz, I've become far more cautious about putting down any money on products I sense will get eternally stuck in a state of being hangered whilst I wait for updates to fix bugs and support new point releases of P3D. These two aircraft were released to BETA for P3Dv5 in Sep / Oct 2020, and although there continues to be some response in the support forums for them, there's really not much happening in way of changes for them. In fact there is a post in the Mustang forum from April this year (2022) stating "At this point, I am not aware of any further development planned for the product.". So I'd say if you were happy to put down the cash and take it for what it is, then go for it. But basically be prepared (no pun intended) to expect that they won't be something you can carry on using as later revisions to the Preapr3D platform are released.
  3. Yeah, I'd noticed the same thing. I just checked back at a cached copy of the page, and it seems based on a few randomly picked products, that P3D and XP ORBX airports have increased generally by 3%, third party aircraft by roughly 10%, third party MSFS airports by roughly 10%, and no increase on ORBX airports for MSFS. Note that I'm viewing in Australian Dollar rates here. A quick hunt in their forums though shows that they've apparently implemented the calculation of sales tax for various regions around the world which now require this (i.e. VAT). There has been an unexpected consequence for those buying in Australian dollars though it seems, where you may get charged double the local GST tax. They're apparently working to correct this, and refunding Aussies the difference in the mean time. But if you're buying in Euros, then it might be that additional tax now that you're seeing as well.
  4. Mine was much the same. I'd loved to have grabbed a few items I've wishlisted too, but they sent it right on the end of a pay fortnight when the annual insurance was due. I wasn't lucky enough to have PayPal pay after delivery come up when trying an order, and no amount of turning out pockets was going to make it happen that weekend 😆
  5. I'll admit, it does sting seeing even the regular non discounted RRP price of an MSFS edition airport is still cheaper than the P3D or X-Plane equivalent I'd like to buy, and that's even with the P3D / X-Plane edition having 30% off ☹️
  6. Haven't got the retail client to try sorry, but I can confirm that I'd struck it within the Alpha/Beta where it didn't initialize the TrackIR to start with, even with the TrackIR client up and going before hand. In this case, if I closed the TrackIR client software and then relaunched it, whilst leaving the sim running. The sim would then pickup the change and list TrackIR under the controllers list, and commence using it within the cockpit view without any hurdles or extra config. So it might be worth a try if you hadn't done so already.
  7. All RealTurb titles are now reduced by 40% until the 25th of May. It appears the Summer Destinations and Greek Airports packages are excluded from this, but these were actually both being given away for free a little over a month or so ago, so you can't really complain about that 😉 https://secure.simmarket.com/individual-(en_1342).mhtml Compatibility is currently still Prepar3D v4 only, but the intention to upgrade to Prepar3D v5 has been noted a couple of times on Facebook comments. It's just in wait for Hifi's ActiveSky for Prepar3D v5 to go from BETA into stable release, before the RealTurb update can be completed. No mention that I've seen on whether there will be any upgrade fees for existing users associated with a Prepar3D v5 compatibility update though.
  8. The sales have become a lot more frequent over the last year or so. Especially considering the sales were pretty much written off as never happening again a while back. As rooitou mentioned though, 40% and 50% aren't an uncommon to see, but generally around pretty big seasonal events. Never any guarantee as to when the next sale will be, and by how much things will be discounted. So it's really down to how much you want the scenery right now, or if you're happy to just sit it out and wait. 30% ain't to be sniffed at though, it's a decent amount off for the average developer. Just seems somewhat less when you know there's been 40% and 50% happening 😉. ORBX is a very generous firm though, given the amount of sales they've been running of late, and also the incredible volume of free platform upgrades they've provided to their users free of charge. So money never wasted, and certainly rewards those with their heart in the right place I reckon.
  9. ORBX has launched another sale this weekend, with 30% off just Australian and New Zealand products. The sale will end April 28th 2020 01:00 UTC https://orbxdirect.com/category/oceania/esp https://orbxdirect.com/category/oceania/xp11 For all those past and present service members, thank you for your service. Although we face such unique challenges at this time, may all Australian's and New Zealanders still join together on this day in spirit and unity to remember. https://www.awm.gov.au/AnzacAtHome/
  10. I think the PC-24 became un-purchasable a little while back, though others here may know more on that for certain. But there's been a few other classic Iris aircraft that I'd noted have quietly gone out from circulation as well over time. David did reply to the topic linked below earlier last year, within which he explained how times had changed upon starting with LM. So I'm not sure if if it's all intertwined with that and the subsequent decisions they had to make or not. Maybe he'll chime in on the forums or Facebook at some point and answer it all directly for you. Edit: I should've checked before hand. Though I see he has answered a couple of comments on Facebook recently, saying "None of the Pilatus branded products are available currently." No additional elaboration on that though I'm afraid. So you might guess as to whether it's IP related with Pilatus, or maybe even COI with LM as well. But it's just stabbing in the dark really.
  11. Steam does have a different promo offering apparently... On Steam, fly the F/A-18C Hornet, F-16C Viper, A-10C Warthog, F-5E Tiger II, Persian Gulf Map and all DCS World War II products for free during a two-week period from April 19th to May 3rd. Between the 13th and 27th of May, a 50% discount on all DCS products will be available
  12. To those flightsimmers out there who've been affected by the horrendous COVID-19 outbreak, and following in the footsteps of other industry leaders, IRIS is making all our products free of charge until 1st June 2020. As some of you may know, I consider myself fortunate to remain in work outside IRIS and can work remotely. Many of you cannot, and many have lost jobs, family members and are 'doing it hard' as it were. If the smallest thing I can do is offer some escapism using our products to those who can no longer afford what now is a luxury item, then it's the least I can do. In closing, remain safe, keep using social distancing and abide by the laws and rules of your country to save others. ~David & Karen. The IRIS webstore is available to you all. http://www.irissimulations.com.au/ols/
  13. https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/news/2020-04-17_FT_MONTH/ Try and Fly all our products for free for a whole month! In view of last months response, we are pleased to announce our upcoming Free For All event, starting April 19th, where you are welcome to try any and all our products (except campaigns) for free and without limitation for one month. This unlimited access to all our suite of products, including our top fighter jets, such as the F-16C, F/A-18C and A-10C Warthog will help take your mind off things for a while, giving you the opportunity to try something new, and to own it for 50% or less than the normal price.* *Exclusions and comments: All campaigns, F-14B and AJS-37 Viggen will not take part. JF-17 Thunder will have a 15.00 USD discount.
  14. Next daily freebie is Aerosoft - Airport Manchester - X-Plane 11 https://secure.simmarket.com/aerosoft-airport-manchester-x-plane-11.phtml Explore the Airport Manchester – the largest British airport outside the London metropolitan region.
  15. Next freebie for the day is Simcreations - Rennes Airport LFRN - FSX/P3D https://secure.simmarket.com/simcreations-rennes-airport-lfrn-fsxp3d.phtml Rennes St Jacques airport is an international plateform located in Britanny region in the west part of France. This airport is serviced by european airlines like Vueling or Air France everyday. The 2 concrete runways allow this airport to also receive general aviation. Star Air (Maersk) come with a B767 everyday during the week on this 2100m runway.
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