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  1. Improving satellite imagery will take a lot of time and effort. Large pictures will take away your FPS. The runway is made of repeating parts, so it looks better. You can't do that with an apron. It will lose its authenticity. The apron can be drawn, but you will understand that it is a drawing. For me, the original image is a priority. If Byng's maps were of the same quality, we'd be happy.) So here is the best compromise solution.
  2. It also seemed to me that the emergence of new add-ons on simmarekt slowed down. Only FSXCENERY releases airports every day))) Hope to see you soon 5.1
  3. This is a delicate calculation. They sold the first copies in bulk. Now there is time for revision and money too.))
  4. GPU works 100% while loading the patch. This is strange.
  5. I think that Aerosoft has found a partner who hears it and works quickly in close contact. This is the best part about a partnership. See how easy it is to create new realistic scenes and airports in MFS. Soon every user will see their city as it is in reality.
  6. Especially when the plane shakes in the wind ))
  7. You will have to buy a not modest 3090 ))
  8. My P3Dv5 can't even handle 2080Ti 11GB with TE Florida + LatinVFR Miami
  9. You're right. This amount of non-optimized textures will kill any scene. I get 5 FPS. Sorry, I'm sending it to the trash bin.
  10. Do you have Miami LatinVFR installed? Now this is the only place where I am getting the error DXGI
  11. In v4.5 everything is fine, but in v5 Florida does not work with latinVFR Miami. DXGI haunts me even with the old weather There must be too many objects
  12. Ok. Let's wait for the one who will buy and tell us what is the value there. Any arguments and screenshots are accepted . By the way, Opel and Fiat sell a lot of cars.
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