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    EVGA 2080Ti Hybrid, 8700K, 1Tb 970 EVO Plus, 48Gb HyperX

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    EVGA 2080Ti Hybrid, 8700K, 1Tb 970 EVO Plus, 48Gb HyperX

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  1. Rob, how did you manage to buy memory not in bulk and connect it? It's complicated ?
  2. Now the lighting is back. But sometimes it blinks, as in a horror movie.😁
  3. I only have a pedestal lit. The rest is all black. I'll try reinstalling it again.
  4. Can you show how the cockpit is lit at night? I tried the RLight QW787 installer, but to no avail.
  5. The cockpit is not dark. This is already good. But the problem is with flood lighting. It does not work for me.
  6. Good news. I'm going to test A320/A321 P3DV5_V1400 !
  7. Anything you hear about P3Dv5 HF2 ? Because all the developers lurked in anticipation.
  8. Yes, I tried, but it's a faint resemblance to REX Sky. We will wait a bit
  9. I almost became speechless after updating Only I see it?
  10. With performance, everything is in order. I only care about the sudden appearance of aircraft on the radar and a short flight stop at the same time.
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