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  1. I wonder what people think about ASUS TUF Gaming Z690
  2. The wish list you linked to is a partial list starting at 25 and higher and missing the top 24 wishes. In that list, even helicopters are not mentioned. So I doubt that is any indication of seasons being removed.
  3. Yes. It's added as part of the update.
  4. Or the problem could be that the program does not take into effect all the different hardware/Driver issues.
  5. does particle effects include touch down smoke and blowing snow and sand under moving wheels? or is it something else?
  6. I am just as puzzled. Where did it mention the incoming effects?
  7. There gotra be a balance. Its a miracle for me that MS jumped back in. Continued monitazation will give them more incentive to continue suppport for platform.
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