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  1. If you look at the "let it snow" video. The trees are green and the snow accumulates. The ground accumulates snow, it doesn't change color.
  2. If you look at the "let it snow" video. The trees are green and the snow accumulates. The ground accumulates snow, it doesn't change color.
  3. The trees on the mountains in the last video (farm1) seem to regularly pop textures. Yyet I can't exactly say what is happening. Did anyone else notice that?
  4. The lighting on the first image (Speedwoblz) is amazing to me. The way the landscape is lit by light diffusion is so realistic.
  5. Are you talking about points of interests? If so one of earlier screenshots for FS2020 included a pointer where next to it mentioned Disney World (might have said epcot center) which lead me to wonder if they are bringing the feature back.
  6. In the first time-lapse of the video, there seems to be movement of the pilot and copilot head a little. Is that my imagination?
  7. Pardon my ignorance, but which is which?
  8. I have an old bloomfiled I7. The article that gave me a pause was this: http://www.tweaktown.com/news/55219/7700k-vs-6700k-much-hotter-barely-faster/index.html "But the temperatures of Intel's new Kaby Lake architecture are worrying, with Tom's Hardware noting that the new 7700K was hitting 54C under gaming loads, while the 6700K runs relatively cool in comparison at just 34C. When overclocked, we're looking at 61C for the 7700K while the 6700K hits just 48C." To me running a system 25% hotter for 1-2 percent frame rate increase seems like not a good idea. Am I wrong? Or is Tom's Hardware test flawed?
  9. I have read that 7700k runs much hotter than 6700k which gives me a pause on getting it in order to get very little benefit. What do you guys think?
  10. Its a terrible idea to run most of your program in Administrative mode. If you get hacked then they will have access to everything and every password in your system. This indeed why its done that way in Vista.
  11. Yeah. But what about FS11?
  12. Me too..but by the time they come up with S.W. US FS11 will be out. The only US part I see is Pacific Northwest and that will be middle of this year. I guess I have to just go with GEX
  13. ACES does not hand pick and place land class for the Flight Simulator. It gets its information from the host country. Many host countries land class and road data are lacking and this is not one area what MS should be blamed for. I guess they can pay for more detailed land class from private companies if available, but then the cost will be prohibitive.
  14. Don't discount 8800. Its not between NVIDIA and ATI. Its just that you have a very low end video card that is making your Quad Core useless for modern gaming.
  15. Oh Noooo...Another flea simulator. More dirty monitors for me.. dang it.
  16. ROFLMAO...oh gawd that was funny! Good one!
  17. I think you should move this thread to where it belongs..FSXII forum.
  18. wow..now that is what late fall textures should look like. Is that default? I thought default looked like sand dunes.
  19. LOL..this is so surreal. "Now I will be flying FS2002. It looks better than FS9.I have a 2.1GHz GF3 system with 512 ram and by the time I scale down FS9 to run smooth all the eye candy is gone."Just substitute versions.
  20. So if FSX is running well, what is your reason for not switching?
  21. wow..what beauties are those pics. How can people compare that to FS9?
  22. While I don't see the blurries I do notice that you don't have your anio. filtering on. Check it and make sure its on. I have to do it thru my video card setting to make it work.
  23. Autogen Pop is really annoying to me. Can someone confirm that SP2 will improve it?
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