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  1. Johnny19

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    I'll just do uninstall of the application, and then reinstall. All of my addons are outside of the main folder, except orbx and pmdg. So i hope it won't take me forewer.
  2. Johnny19

    Prepar3D v4.4 Is Available Now ! 

    ver 5.15 is available
  3. Not only boss, but i have an inspection audit tomorrow at work, ugh. btw it 8.50 pm here in EU
  4. PURCHASED DOWNLOADS Purchased downloads are temporarily unavailable but will be back online soon. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience. 7:30 PM UTC 2:30 PM EST
  5. I would love to visit Iran aka the Old Persia 🙂
  6. the final countdown 😄
  7. just pushed back at RCTP to ZSPD with 747F
  8. Come on, make that morning coffee short, it's past 8 am in the eastern US, geez past 2 pm in Europe LOL
  9. Still 4.3.... Leaving work early, got my samsung S3 watch, gonna play with it until 4.4 becomes avialable for download
  10. I hope that the aircraft will work, however orbx stuff might have to be reinstalled i think, the rest of addons, it depends as posted in the previous posts.
  11. No worries. You have individual installation packages for the client, scenery and content, you can download them individually or in one package. So you can install them individually. I hope i make sense.
  12. You can update client only, you can update every component separately, or you can uninstall everything and start from scratch
  13. Go to Control Panel in windows, Uninstall a Program, click on Prepar3D v4 Client and then click Uninstall. You might have to reactivate the application once you install the new version.
  14. Thank you Umberto for explaining it thoroughly 🙂
  15. True, i omitted that. Although all my scenery addons are on a separate disk, with respective .../scenery, .../effects, .../autogen, .../simobjects, .../texture folders also on that drive. Just a few addons unfortunately are inside the main sim folder.