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  1. I’m 100% sure I’ll do the same on day one.
  2. Now PMDG will push their EFB down the line, ETA 2026 😛
  3. Same here, I thought it was a glitch, happened on a last session from Canary Islands towards Spain, on FL360, from strong tailwind to headwind and back, a few times.
  4. Glad to know, I am not the only one thinking of upgrading to either 13900K or 7900X3D 😉, new graphic card can wait though.
  5. I was about to ask the same thing but @Chapstickyou beat me to it. How the heck are the main stream aircraft developer niche?!
  6. I'm planning on upgrading either to the new intel 13th gen or the new AMD flagship. So new mobo, cpu and ram.
  7. Mine is at the mechanics in Glasgow, I’m sure the undercarriage needs thorough check after slamming with -600 ft 😂. vEZY won’t be happy.
  8. To me it seems it is a lot harder to land now than with the previous version. 😞
  9. No problems here either. I saw on MSFS forums that a lot of folks have issues though.
  10. If he or any company wants to cancel licenses over customer expressing dissatisfaction publicly than this world has gone to *&$#@/ but, if he wants to give me back my money, please take them all, FSX, P3D and MSFS.
  11. Well I got this for voicing my opinion on their forum, I guess I have been called a liar. "You have received an infraction at PMDG Simulations. Reason: Advertising without permission ------- Ivan,Please do not engage in deliberate misinformation in the PMDG forum. Nothing has been offered that changes our position on P3D and you know this well from long participation in our forum. Continued misinformation campaigning will be met unfavorably by the moderators"
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