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  1. First impressions please 🙂
  2. The Asus one that I have now has GSync @Ray Proudfoot And I just got an email from my local PC shop, the offered me PD3200U for 650 eur, 50 eur off the listed price. Does the 30Hz setting also apply to MSFS? @Tektolnes I mean, yeah, I am also looking at Acer Predator x34, Dell Alienware... Not good to have too many options in my case.
  3. You can change Envshade settings while p3d is on?
  4. @Tektolnes thank you for your feedback. Benq caught my eye, although seeing that it doesn’t have hdr, I’m giving up on it. yeah, most of the time I use my pc for gaming. Don’t get me wrong, I like my ultra wide ASUS ROG PG348Q, but I kinda feel it is time to move to 4K and HDR. Of course I am planning to get a new GPU, someday, when it becomes available. That sounds actually like a bad joke 🙂 I will keep looking for a monitor. Thank you again for your time. ivan
  5. Hello everyone, I need your 2 cents, had a Asus Rog PG348Q for a few years now, and of late been thinking going on full 4K. After reading a dozen or so posts here my choice is Benq PD3200U. Is it worth it? Be blunt and honest, also if you have something else to recommend please do. Thnx, Ivan
  6. The last two posters beat me to it. We gamers/simmers are not LM's targeted audience and we all need to understand that. Period.
  7. Almost spilled my coffee....
  8. True, backup is there, but not only shadersHSLS, also data, effects, scenery and texture folders.
  9. You might find an expert’s opinion in this topic
  10. Thnx Pete 🙂 I used to live in CLE, hoped that the airport would play nice with Aerosoft city. Oh well.
  11. Cool, I’ll be getting this. Does anyone know is it compatible with Aerosoft Cleveland ?
  12. I was told the complete opposite, by a p3d developer. DX12 does not need it. And I could say it works. I had the settings set on prefer max performance, and experienced dxgi error. After removing it, no error for weeks now.
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