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  1. Hope the update goes painless for you as well :)
  2. Asus provided BIOS update for my Maximus VIII HERO two days ago (cpu microcode updated is one of the fixes). Haven't noticed any issues after updating. Using i7 6700K 4.6 GHz.
  3. Wow that is crazy. I'm lucky i picked up mine in November
  4. I agree, SF looks nice and cool. But I am still on hold with buying it. Still not seeing what it does that ASCA doesn't.
  5. Not using FSrealtime also.
  6. Coincidence? Don't think so
  7. That's what i forgot to write. Too many separate addon xmls files may cause texture issues. Thank you ;)
  8. If you have a lot of addons added via the xml method texture corruption will occur.
  9. Have a feeling you will fly over it without a problem. I got a ctd already at that point. Although I used time compression 4x. Hopefully will have the time tomorrow to try the flight again.
  10. As i said, it can be anything that affects the crash. It's just weird that it happens only around the same area of the sim world - north Atlantic Canadian side of the pond. I haven't had issues anywhere else.
  11. Will try flying today after work. Although the route is more southern today than it was two days ago. FRA - IAD (SOBRA Y180 NISIV UY180 DIK UN857 GIMER UT300 EVX UT300 SENLO UN502 JSY UN160 LIZAD UL739 GAPLI SOMAX NATF ELSIR N322A TOPPS ENE BAF HYPER7), this time the route goes over the Newfoundland. And will try flying with no ai aircraft.
  12. Happy to know i am not alone with this issue. Jim, I don't use MyTraffic or any kind of AI programs for that matter. All of my AI is custom, AIG flightplans. And as you mentioned here is the flightplan from FRA to IAD (OBOKA UZ29 TINIK UZ291 BREDA REFSO UL980 LAM UL179 CPT UL9 STU UN546 BAKUR DOGAL 550000N/0200000W 570000N/0300000W 580000N/0400000W 570000N/0500000W HOIST ANCER YSC ALB HYPER7). Crash happened just before HOIST with PMDG 747, AS, ASCA, Vector, NA LC. Again, I have read all of what you wrote here, and again, i do have a lot of knowledge how software works and what is happening under the hood. I do suspect however, that the AI flightplan could be a culprit here, although this need further testing and free afternoon.
  13. Jim, fist thank you. I did read the avsim guide. And there is an event recorded in the event viewer report. What puzzels me that i can do long hauls everywhere and with no crashes except when a flight path takes the flight over the Labrador peninsula. The only addon in that area would be Vector and north america LC. I do remeber however, that i used to get VAS warnings in previous p3d versions around the same area.