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  1. I still get short sim freeze when entering origin and destination airport on the RTE page.
  2. Maybe at PMDG🥸, ‘cause in Croatia, the sales VAT is 25% 😤
  3. Actually it is illegal the EU 😂
  4. They refer to every A320 currently available in the sim, freeware and payware.
  5. Always sleep, unless I know I won't use it, then it's off.
  6. I can confirm the same thing observing sitting at my home airport in Zagreb, ZAG (LDZA), outside there are clear skies above, clouds on the horizon though, and while Live Sim weather really depicts the current situation, ActiveSky shows no clouds whatsoever. Here is the current METAR LDZA 181800Z 36003KT 320V020 CAVOK 09/03 Q1012 NOSIG
  7. Just bought it, great to have you back Damian.
  8. I think I read you switch views to outside and then back to the cockpit and then it stops.
  9. Wow, thanks for this, took off from Zagreb, and got locked out of AP, and was like ok, what now!?
  10. I tried downloading, it was so slow it was ridiculous, but then i turned my VPN on, and choose USA for virtual IP, it downloaded in less than two minutes. Go figure. And I am in Croatia.
  11. It could also be something related to aviation, but not an airplane itself.
  12. I have only 4.67 Gb to download.
  13. This is possible with direct download of files from simbrief via simbrief downloader. Maybe this was also implemented via the tablet now.
  14. Global Flight Operation - a pompöse project announced by RSR and gang back in P3D days. Never materialized for the public as of yet (amongst other promises, surprise, surprise). Here is the link PMDG Global Flight Operations
  15. I run update in MS Store and after staring MSFS version says 1.34.16.
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