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  1. Hello, WX radar is not operational as of right now in V5 with Active Sky. Check PMDG statement on their forums.
  2. Hello everyone. If someone can help it would be appriciated. I see no contrails while in cruise, either on pmdg 747 or AI traffic. Also, there is no touchdown smoke effects. Thnx Ivan
  3. I am sorry for not taking pictures, but I'll do my best to describe what happened. So, i took off from PANC, heading south to LAX in 747. The UTC time is 1155z, which means it's completely dartk in Anchorage being 0355 local. Now, an hour and a half into the flight, still pitch black outside. I'm checking the globe app on my iPad, it should be sunrise ouside. Then I decided to click on Time and season on the menu, and momentarely, it's daylight. Did anyone experience the same thing? Thanks Edited: Here are two pictures taken at the same time, you can clearly see how the sun moved across the sky after clicking Time and season on the menu. https://imgur.com/8Rx46hp https://imgur.com/NN86AJj Ivan
  4. It was normal to expect that performance will go down when most popular heavy addons become available. Did anyone think otherwise?
  5. WOW, nice, looking forward to it
  6. Happened to me also, whole simobjects folder gone, oh well
  7. I have most of the addons outside the main folder, MK and Flightbeam are the only ones that are installed inside P3D folder. Orbx library is also outside the p3d folde and intact. I just did complete uninstall, but didn’t remove any of the folders that were left after. Installed the new version, all of the addons are inside, no errors or CTD so far.
  8. The new chips are reported to have issues with heat, they have a new socket, and the leaked prices are the same as for the 9th generation of CPUs. I am thinking of getting 9900k since the prices will drop, and is compatible with my current mobo.
  9. I also bought KFLL yesterday, really nice, performance is good. What I had is a CTD in flight after a long time, and a p3d crash upon exiting. Could the new dll be the culprit? Just asking.
  10. Or you can try this one also http://www.flydva.org 🙂
  11. I'm with you brother. Saving for both new GPU and either new AMD or Intel CPU.
  12. I would not agree with this statement of yours. While default airport do look great, I can't imagine what the best scenery developers could do with the SDK when they get their hands on it. Dooming the addon developers is just childish.
  13. How is the performance with orbx ireland?
  14. I can't login also. Simulator works though. I am unable to login on the foruma since Saturday.
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