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  1. Looks like a lovely morning for flying. :wink:
  2. Thanks to you both for your comments. Pleased you like them
  3. Stunning shot pal! :smile: love the colours
  4. Hey Everybody, Been a very long time since i posted anything but here are a few from p3d. After a clean install ive got her looking pretty good however i am still having problems with my screen resoloution. Perhaps new monitor needed Anyways enjoy a few from flight EZY3071 London Stansted - Munich,Germany . Errr...Weather...? Terrible lol. Thats all folks. Hope youve enjoyed
  5. Great work, just purchased this so will try it out later.
  6. Thank you for your reply mate. I will also give this a try.
  7. Hi Everyone, Ok, so ive done a fresh install of P3D V3.4 and for some strange reason i cannot seem to get AA working very well/ if at all. Before i done the fresh install everything was working ok. (reason for fresh install was purely due to a hard drive upgrade) So ive got all my latest nvidia driver(s) updated and ive been researching to the worlds end to find a souloution just so i didnt have to post another "AA Is Awful" topic but here i am doing that very thing. lol. (Appoligise to mods if in wrong section) Ok so below i have posted my settings from nvidia Inspector and P3d itself. which i believe i have copied or set correctly according to Rob Ainscough's guide. I have also youtubed and google searched many others and tried them all but still to no availe. There is one thing that keeps coming to mind and that is i have changed my monitor from a 24" widescreen monitor to a 32" LG HDTV using a HDMI cable fromy my graphics card to my tv/monitor. Im gessing this is ok? Any help would be appreicated as it is gettin frustrating. As you can see by the in game shot the jaggies are not really bad but there still not right and as you can see by the menu the aircraft is very jaggy. My computer specs are below: - Intel I5 6400 2.7GHZ Nvidia 960 GTX 4GB 1TB hardrive - Main 2TB hardrive - Storage 16GB RAM Thanks in advance Problem fixed...for me i had to select Trilinar in the Texture Filter option. Some reason that worked and im getting pretty good frames to.
  8. Lovely set, well done. Really liking the lighting and colours on them.
  9. Dude you are awesome a complete transformation of my sim. Many thanks
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