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  1. N562Z

    QW 757 for v4?

    It would be nice if they released it before the real-world 757 was pulled from service.
  2. I cannot get Track IR version to connect with P3Dv4. Computer specs below. Have read several suggestions elsewhere - no joy. Best,
  3. N562Z

    LAX-SAN photo shoot, LH 747-430M

    Daring of you to take a 747-400 into KSAN, with that parking garage obstacle located a few hundred feet from the threshold of runway 27. A pilot flying a 747 and approaching Lindbergh at the minimally accepted angle would not clear the garage. Hope you went in on RWy9!
  4. N562Z

    Tokyo to San Diego

    Very nice images. You had great weather for that flight too! Which 787 model is that?
  5. Hoang- I'm sure you will hear several opinions about how to use the throttle. But the way I do it is once I'm stabilized in the landing configuration and speed using approach mode and auto-throttle, typically inside the outer marker (a nice reminder to drop your landing gear as well) I disconnect auto-throttle first and manually adjust the throttle levers to establish an approach pitch angle of about 3 degrees, nose up on the Primary Flight Display. Your FMC should give you calculated approach speeds with various flap configurations, so you have a target reference, but in any aircraft really, at any particular weight, and with any given landing configuration, once established on the glideslope, assuming your not at full fuel, the pitch attitude of the aircraft provides strong visual cues for the amount of power you need to apply or remove on final. Best from Baltimore, Alex Christoff
  6. Hi All- Reinstalled FSX on a new machine with the specs listed in my signature, running a Windows 10 Premium 64-bit OS. Everything working just fabulously, smooth performance, etc with a number of updated current scenery, aircraft, and other add-ons installed. I have a number of Go Flight modules, al working just fine. The only problem is, after I program or load a flight plan into the Integrated Simavionics Gauges (ISG) Smith's FMC, the Go Flight MCP Pro will not track the magenta course line in VORLOC mode. It will track VOR radials and an ILS, but it will not work in NAV mode. In the past, with FSX in Windows 7 and NAV mode selected in the aircraft, my older, GoFlight MCP AP would perfectly track the flight plan entered in the ISG Smith's FMC after selecting the NAV button. Any Ideas?
  7. Is there code for enabling LNAV capability in an aircraft.cfg file?
  8. N562Z

    Japanese airports for FSX

    I really enjoy flying in Japan, and have been doing so with FSX for years. Many island airports, mountainous terrain, and the ILS 32L circle to land approach to runway 14R in a heavy jet is one of the most challenging and exhilarating in any simulator. Best from Baltimore,
  9. I am having a similar problem with my GoFlight MCP Pro autopilot. Engaging LNAV with the CMD buttons armed does not result in the aircraft following the magenta flightplan course line in the FMC. I will be interested to see how others reply to your post.
  10. N562Z

    Your age?

    55 year old Boeing jetliner fan myself. I've been doing Microsoft flight simulator for 20 years.
  11. N562Z

    Malaysian Flight 370

    Slow but steady loss of pressurization would eventually render all passengers and crew unconscious from hypoxia if it went undetected, after which time the plane would continue on course, on autopilot, at cruise altitude until it ran out of fuel and eventually descended into the Indian Ocean. Much like what happened to Payne Stewart's private jet years ago.
  12. My MCP Pro is working mostly fine in FSX with Windows 10 Pro 64-bit and connected to USB 2.0 hobs, but it will not lock on the displayed course line in NAV mode. Anyone have any ideas why? I have emailed GoFlight support, but my experience there is that they are slower than Vermont molasses in their replies. Season's Best,
  13. The Intergrated Simvionics Gauge (ISG) suite by Ernie Alston, available at SimMarket includes brown bezel (Boeing) gray bezel (Airbus) and no-bezel versions of a fully-functional Smiths FMC. Once you have mastered it, it's the only way to fly. Best,
  14. I have recently returned to the hobby after a 2-year hiatus, and with a fresh re-install of FSX in a brand new rig right off the shelf from Micro Center, itemized below. All is working well as I begin the process of installing the few essentials I need for my airline-heavy, VATSIM flying. Having stepped away, my add-on perspective is much different now. I no longer feel compelled to get everything people recommend. A smooth flight model is the desired goal. Nothing quite like clicking off the autopilot on short final and hand flying the aircraft to the runway with a smooth, stutter-free performance. Best, and Happy Holidays,
  15. N562Z

    Malaysian Flight 370

    I just don't buy the terrorist angle. Call it denial out of want for the world to not be such an ugly place within which my kids will grow up, but that's what I'm going with for the time being until I hear otherwise. That captain LOVED his work, what he did for a living, to the point where he was doing it in his free time as well on a simulator that has subsequently been cleared of containing anything incriminating or nefarious. He even posted videos of his sim on YouTube. We don't think of a 777 as an old aircraft, but that plane was 12 years old, and had millions of nautical miles on it's airframe as well as countless landing and takeoff cycles. Things break, and go wrong, and usually as part of a chain of events, no single one on it's own that would result in such a devastating aftermath, but often at times when solutions that would normally present themselves at the time - using celestial navigation, for example if there had been a complete electrical failure - are not in play because maybe there was limited visibility due to weather - hard to believe at cruising altitude but certainly possible - or a concomitant distraction that also demanded the pilots' attention. The most compelling thing I've read in this AVSIM thread so far is the hypoxia scenario offered quite a bit earlier, which might explain the observed altitude changes as the plane repetitively climbs, stalls, losses altitude on its own for a number of cycles until it either crashes (would they not have regained consciousness at lower altitudes?) or, as a remote possibility, stabilizes at a higher altitude and eventually flies on with an unconscious crew until fuel exhaustion. This would also explain that out of 230+ souls on board, there was not a single cell phone call made from the aircraft. Surely ONE person on that international passenger manifest must have had a SAT phone capable of calling independent of range to the nearest cell tower. If terrorists had collected the passengers phones, would not that have taken some time with 230+ people on board to the point where another passenger surely would have snuck off a quick call for help? Admittedly, the hypoxia scenario does not explain the disconnection of the mode C transponder. Only time will tell,