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  1. Hi Did you set Cabin Altitude for cruise? http://www.b737.org.uk/images/dcpcspanel.jpg
  2. Hi Just starting to get to grip with the utility and have managed to make some decent cockpit views. There is just one issue that I cannot seem to figure out ... If I set a 'PIC Camera' the glareshield/instruments all seem to be sort of tilted, if that makes sense? For example if in the A320 the underneath of the glareshield seems to partly obscure the landing gear lights? https://ibb.co/fGCMXF Any help, appreciated :)
  3. Hi Cannot seem to figure out how to assign the default (Zibo MOD) AP CMD to my Saitek MultiPanel AP button? Anyone out there managed to achieve this or any help appreciated??
  4. Hi Been reading a fair bit about this and it all seems very impressive! From what I understand Ortho4XP is a base set of mesh/texture that we can then add autogen 'on top of' hope this is the cotterct interpretation? Would anyone have any links to any ready made Ortho' in particular UK/Europe that could be shared/donated before I go and start creating my own? Many thanks :)
  5. hi Many thanks for the reply :smile: No XP10 Im afraid I'm a stright to XP11 convert!
  6. Hi Long time FSX/P3D user, new XP user! Looks like Navdata Pro needs to be updated to work with XP11 however, in order to get some addons working I need a \data\GNS430 folder (lacking or elsewhere in XP11?) Is there any way I can create a pseudo folder to enable 3rd party Nav i.e. Plan-G etc? BTW I have the CRJ-200 which seems to have a NavData db somewhere!? Thansk in advance :smile:
  7. Thats great, many thanks for the replies :smile:
  8. Hi Anyone know if this is possible on the default aircraft? Many thanks!
  9. Some great advice, many thanks. I guess what I am looking for is a comparible experience with XP as I get with P3D - Weather, AI, ATC... I will head over and check out the links and report back :wink: Thanks again
  10. Hi Long time MSFS (P3D user) and first time XPlane dabbler! Is there any recommendations to enhance my XP experience? Last night I installed the NOAA plugin which seemed to work enabling realtime weather however, the clouds to me just look pretty basic compared to ASA? I mainly fly short-haul tubeliner flights and just wnated to know if there are any 'must haves' payware or freeware? Many thanks in advance :smile:
  11. Hi & many thanks for your reply. I will try this when I am home later, I had the same issue with the B350i as there was no FP displayed on the PFD on that aircraft either?
  12. Hi I have recently purchased the GTN750 from Flight1 and have it nicely integrated to the VC and a 2D popup (I have also added via the MOD in to the 525A CJ2) thanks to some very helpful MODs here at AVSIM. This may be a very simple question? When I create a flightplan within the unit the AP does not follow the FP even though I have selected GPS as source and engaged NAV? Maybe I have missed the point however, it may be trhat I need to manually use HDG when prompted via the FP vectors? Or should the AP follow the FP as it would do using an FMS? Many thanks in advance for any help guidance! :smile:
  13. Hi & many thanks Michael Removing the Saitek drivers was the key! All working, cheers :smile:
  14. Hi Just purchased one of these and having a few issues if anyone could help out please? I am using SPADNext (Simconnect on the same PC) and the panel seems to initialise however, it seems to go through a loop displaying the Saitek pages. When I add a new guage its still seems to scroll through on a loop every 3 seconds or so? Any help advise greatly appreciated :smile: Cheers, Rusty
  15. Hi Sorry for the delay, had time to test again at a different airport (& approach). Again capture ILS (& GS from below), flaps and LG down and again the aircraft does not descend on the GS? Pic attached (you can see the ac has flown straight through GS)
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