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  1. I've been flying with triple monitors, but it is definitely annoying to have the stretched Nvidia Surround. I'll likely be getting a 3080 or 3090, so graphics power won't be an issue...but what I am curious about is if I should go for a 4k 120hz LG tv like a 49" or 55" single monitor and use the other monitors as breakouts for instruments? Or do we think someone can solve for the triple-monitor issue as payware or freeware?
  2. It is absolutely SPAC.Next and the Simconnect extension it uses. Silky smooth on ultra settings without my logitech panels (albeit at avg 27fps).
  3. Can you clarify the Nvidia setting? So you move the slider to "maximum performance" and let the sim control the graphics settings? So I have that slider almost all the way over to the other side, and am assuming it forces more rendering. But maybe I should try to go to max performance in nvidia panel and then ultra settings in the sim?
  4. Hopefully this implies we will see a hotfix/patch in the near future. Thank your..uh..friend for me.
  5. Yep it should sink a bit in a turn if you're not applying back pressure.
  6. Agree, this kind of stuff is annoying. And on the topic...maybe obvious but did you try adjusting trim with the mouse on the trim wheel in the plane versus on your hardware first? Like is it fully trimmed up and still sinking? Like others have said that sounds like a conflicting command issue if that is the case.
  7. this was a bummer. I hope it gets added. They really played up the partnership with Meteoblue so I was hoping it was a really deep weather UI as well.
  8. I am not -- not yet anyway. Only TrackIr (it didn't seem to make a difference when it wasn't running). I will test the cache, download settings (although I have stable 400-900 mb download speeds), and the nvidia drivers roll back idea. Had to actually do some work...so I'll get back on this tonight.
  9. I seem to be getting a lot of stuttering, certainly not perfectly smooth. As I keep messing with settings, has anyone else seen this and if so any way to fix it? I am running the latest Nvidia drivers, nvidia surround, latest Spad.next and ultra settings. 2080Ti / 64gb 3600mhz ram / i7-10700k / M.2 storage
  10. I had a similar issue (and I am also a private pilot)...I am using the Honeycomb yoke and for some reason the ignition on my hardware kept telling MSFS to kill the engine. I noticed it because any time I would switch it on the Honeycomb it would click back in the simulator. Not sure if this will help, but chasing a phantom key mapping might do the trick.
  11. Yep, I have the same issue. But minor one at that. Otherwise it works well in MSFS.
  12. Yeah Surround is definitely not perfect, lens correction didn't hep either. But I don't mind it for now even though it does stretch the edges. With TrackIR it makes it a bit easier to bear. Really hopeful we see the P3D capability or addon in the future. I'm sure someone will get that working. PS - had to edit my post to comment on your IBM keyboard. That is awesome!
  13. "NVIDIA Surround combines multiple displays to act as one larger display to allow a panoramic view of full-screen games or your desktop." From the Nvidia Site: To configure my displays for Surround From the NVIDIA Control Panel navigation tree pane, under 3D Settings, select Configure Surround to open the associated page. Depending on the graphics cards installed, the link and page title may also include SLI, PhysX, or multi-GPU. Click the Span displays with Surround check box, then click Configure to open the NVIDIA Set Up Surround window. Configure your displays as needed using the NVIDIA Set Up Surround window.
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