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  1. Setting vsync to on at 30 in the latest updates significantly reduced my stutters. I think simconnect is still causing some, but it has definitely improved.
  2. This is very helpful, I appreciate you circling back here! I am still flying it from time to time knowing it's not perfect, but enjoy it nonetheless.
  3. I have the same issue. Locked at vsync 30fps in the program, GPU limited but hitting 30fps 99.9% of time except for these random drop offs with a main threw limit. I haven't figured out if it's because I'm loading a new area or not yet. Edit: sim is WAY smoother overall for me though. Most fun I've had with it.
  4. So perhaps someone can clear this up for me...I have RTX 2080 Super on the new Vizio OLED tv with VRR. My HDMI cable is made for 120hz/4k or whatever the highest one you can buy is. I thought the 2080's only had HDMI 2.0 which means I will only ever be able to set the TV to 60hz? Still getting stuttering with v sync off, tv set to 60hz, unlimited frames in nvidia control panel. On tv side VRR is on. Should I be able to force the TV to 120hz somehow, or am I limited with HDMI 2.0 and need the 3XXX series with 2.1? .... or should I get DP to HDMI cable?
  5. Thank you @Phantoms and @lorber for the hardware responses. I'll try the midi route for now!
  6. This is a tremendously helpful topic...thanks for all who are sorting this out. One question -- I am clear on the software side, but what kind of hardware can I use for the G1000 or G530 knobs? Perhaps I just use up/down toggle switches, but a stand-alone knob might be helpful if I can link to @Lorby_SI software.
  7. Good call...thanks for bringing this here. I will be sure to vote. Just strikes me as strange they would make the TBM/GC prominent planes with a pretty broken turboprop model. I generally like to fly the GC since its a single engine turboprop with G1000.
  8. I was reading through the recent thread about the best GA planes, and it got me thinking...for the Grand Caravan being a "staple" in the last few MSFS releases, why can't they get it dialed in? I'm a GA pilot (most time spent in four seaters) but I occasionally like flying the 208 and agree it could use improvement. Not being an expert in the turboprops, it just strikes me as odd that they would include it if its that far off. And I am also surprised more people don't seem to like to fly it. Is there any hope that it will improve? Either in updates or payware.
  9. Completely agree with your sentiment. I am a recreational pilot IRL and have been very much enjoying MSFS. Perfect yet? No? Incredible base for third party contributors to continue fiddling? Absolutely. Asobo has clearly not abandoned the program after launch.
  10. Ah, thank you very much. I will try to get on this weekend and check it out (among some of the new areas).
  11. I haven't flown over it myself, but what about Disney World in Orlando, FL? Was it already pretty detailed, or perhaps there are trademark issues from modeling it properly? Given how internationally known (and visited) WDW is, I'd think that would be a top update.
  12. I have the new Vizio OLED 55" and have been testing with MSFS. So far it is incredible, running in the 45fps range on ultra 4k settings. VRR doesn't seem to be an issue here, and I am not getting any grainy shadows, screen lines etc. I am cautious of having the screen in a static state for more than 30-60min, but its never going to be an issue for the way I fly or watch movies.
  13. I've been flying with triple monitors, but it is definitely annoying to have the stretched Nvidia Surround. I'll likely be getting a 3080 or 3090, so graphics power won't be an issue...but what I am curious about is if I should go for a 4k 120hz LG tv like a 49" or 55" single monitor and use the other monitors as breakouts for instruments? Or do we think someone can solve for the triple-monitor issue as payware or freeware?
  14. It is absolutely SPAC.Next and the Simconnect extension it uses. Silky smooth on ultra settings without my logitech panels (albeit at avg 27fps).
  15. Can you clarify the Nvidia setting? So you move the slider to "maximum performance" and let the sim control the graphics settings? So I have that slider almost all the way over to the other side, and am assuming it forces more rendering. But maybe I should try to go to max performance in nvidia panel and then ultra settings in the sim?
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