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    Currently pursuing private pilots license. I am also building a Sonex 2-seat experimental airplane.

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  1. cptrobie

    American Truck Simulator

    I have a few questions for for you guys who are moderators at PROMODS. I am new to this so read that I am a NEWBIE w/ No past experience w/ ETS2 or ATS (which I own). Further, I am a SW Developer by profession but sadly only posses basic graphic artistic skills. I am interested in creating a mod or DLC for the Entire State of PA (I know its quite a grand project). I would like to do it at the same scale and level of detail that currently exists for CA & NV. I registered w/ PROMODS and even posted my interest in becoming an ATS dev team member. However when I browse the PROMODs Academy topic its IMHO unorganized (for a NEWBIE) and I don't know where start. So what I'm looking for is a little guidance and mentoring in how to proceed. This is how I'm thinking of approaching this (may not be in correct order): Understand how mods work and how they are installed Understand what the tools are and when/how to use them Create a map area the correct size and shape of PA (at the same scale of CA & NV) Overlay scaled Google map of entire state Add terrain elevation contour Add water features Add US HWYs Add PA HWYs Add road signage (information & speed limit), traffic lights & stop signs Add road specific POIs, (bridges, weigh stations, toll booths, rest areas, gas stations overpasses, etc) Add railway lines, rail bridges, trains, train scheduling Add cities, towns, landmarks Add POIs (recruiting agencies, dealerships, garages, rest areas not on HWYS, gas stations not on HWYs) Add "Hauling Job" start & end points Can anyone suggest where I can find info on how to perform any of the above tasks or perhaps provide contact info of someone willing to mentor/oversee my learning development and project?
  2. i don't mean to hijack this discussion and perhaps there is another forum I should checkout so I'll apologize in advance of my posting: I am running a licensed copy of FSUIPC w/ P3d v3.1 I just got my first 3 panels for my birthday (radio panel, switch panel and multi flight panel )and have yet to connect them. I would like to use them w/ my A2A 172, PMDG 737NGX & T7 and Majestic Q400 How should I proceed?
  3. cptrobie

    American Truck Simulator

    Is there a analogous site to AVSIM for ATS?
  4. cptrobie

    American Truck Simulator

    Can ATS mods adversely affect the sim (i.e. like some addon airports consume vast amounts of VAS in FSX)? While I'm at it, can you more experienced truckers recommend some mods that really enhance the sim?
  5. cptrobie

    American Truck Simulator

    You're too-late I just dropped some $$$ on a wheel, pedals & gearbox! I've also been watching these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EFIR_IIv5P0&list=PL0FcyJCy7AivhqImu6D0ggdTfaVto38qr I could have used those resources for more P3D stuff .
  6. cptrobie

    American Truck Simulator

    I must admit I'm new to the whole trucking experience and as an American I went out and purchased ATS. $20 pails in comparison to any P3D license so I thought I'd give it a go.To my surprise, I find I like it a lot and have become slightly addicted to it! Since I'm new I cant compare it to ETS but I am having fun with it. Since I've never experienced other mods I find I don't miss them . Looking forward to getting some mods and the AZ map.
  7. cptrobie

    Will the new 747 model...

    Dont forget the space shuttles were also carried on and in the case of the Enterprise launched from, the back of a 742
  8. So far my experience has been the same although thinking back to when I installed Win 7 there were a lot of OS tweaks I performed as per the NickN Bible. http://www.simforums.com/forums/the-fsx-computer-system-the-bible-by-nickn_topic46211.html
  9. Thanks Angelo, I had most of them already done but the video did reveal a couple that I had overlooked so thanks again! Michael
  10. OK So after repeated fails I reluctantly installed Win 10 which installed effortlessly but NOW I have to get rid of all the apps and settings I'm not interrested in. This PC is going to be dedicated to P3D so I'm trying to get rid of all the bloat ware thats not needed. I realize this is off the original thread topic but if any of you have suggestions or site to refer to please forward as I'd like to see whats possible. TIA, Michael
  11. Well I did manage to make SOME progress thanks in part to Luke ! Now I can get to select my language with full use of the keyboard and mouse but sadly immediately following, I get a screen stating that some drivers are missing so alas I'm dead in the water again. Anyone have suggestions on how to get past this hurdle?
  12. Luke, Hummh thats interesting,thanks! I'll look into it further and let you know. the But to answer your question the mouse & keyboard worked in the bios but only the keyboard( w/ PS2 connector) worked on Win7 screens
  13. @Angelo, Thanks but I'm gonna try this site and hopefully this will work! I'm not ready to throw in the towel on Win7. http://codeabitwiser.com/2014/03/how-to-install-windows-7-with-only-usb-3-0-ports/ I'll let you (everyone) know how it goes....
  14. @ Luke, The MOBO came with a CD and on it was a utility app that would create an iso and save to disk or thumdrive.
  15. Hi all, Help needed. I'm trying to install Win7 from DVD on new system build (latest 6700K & ASUS ROG Mobo) without a CDRom drive. I have a USB 3.0 stick that I made bootable and copied over the disk files but It still fails to install. Getting a missing drivers dialog during beginning of install. I also tried by making an iso and putting that on the stick and it too failed stating no bootmgr was found. Any suggestions on how to proceed are greatly appreciated. Mike