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    Currently pursuing private pilots license. I am also building a Sonex 2-seat experimental airplane.

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  1. @FDEdev I'm experiencing the same behavior as C130FE. I was flying w/ no PAX but full fuel. I cannot takeoff without setting trim to nosedown otherwise she will stall out and Full yoke deflection to nose down gets me to level flight only, not able to descend unless I lower condition lever to lower airspeed. NOTE: This occurs with the Carenado site FDE update applied. I will try to reinstall the FDE update to see if this changes anything and will report back
  2. is the FDE mod the same one listed on the Carenado PC-12 site? Optional FDE patch for Carenado PC12 P3D Can you provide search terms/link to your panel mod?
  3. Bert, Thank you for the info! As luck would have it there's a sale going on at reality xp too 😀 . so I'm aware of the following mods: battery switch/external power & guage Your panel mod an FDE mod Are there others I should look for, or perhaps they've been consolidated? Any assistance would be greatly appreciated
  4. OK so I know I'm very late to this party but was wondering where I could find all the must have mods for this aircraft? In general I don't fly many GA aircraft and find Carenado's to be excellent eye-candy but not much else. So I'm thinking that these mods will transform this into a really nice and fun to fly addition to my hangar. Also while I'm at it, Is it worth spending the cash on the F1 GTN Complete 650/750 add-on? thank you
  5. Cool, thank you very much! Will it be posted in library here or available through OC from pmdg?
  6. Does anyone know if the new expansion package includes the 700C or the 700F variants?
  7. For me "study level sim" doesn't necessarily mean that the aircraft has to model other than normal operations to qualify but rather the level of detail the developers captured in their quest to be as accurate in their aircraft model's behavior as the real aircraft. This applies to all aspects i.e., visual, aural, systems, flight, ground, etc, etc... and then some aspects that don't apply to their RW counterpart like in-sim performance (no sense purchasing a 10 frames/sec stuttering slide show), integration with other 3rd party applications etc. Your mileage will obviously vary
  8. I dont own it but was wondering if folks who own it think the QW 787 is study level?
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