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  1. Hi, Can someone share the knowledge if it is possible to assign certain mouse movements liken zoom in/out or at least move forward/backward with combination of space bar plus mouse wheel? For the moment I can do zoom in/out but it is very “brutal”. The changes happens per .10, .20, .30 - not smooth at all. Tom
  2. Hi, AS can export winds to PMDG, what about REX weather engine, does threat one have the same function? Tom
  3. I have noticed weird behaviors if GTN in 4.4 as well. Worst are unknown application crashes.
  4. Hi, I’m planning to do my P3D fresh installation. Do I need to de register (license) before I uninstall the planes? I believe I did it before but can’t remember my process. Tom
  5. Mine doesn't fail. It activates but who knows for how long. Yes, there is some support. Lets see of anyone picks it up.
  6. Hi, 2.63 - activation loop. Keeps on asking me for activation key, each time I open it.
  7. Interesting night shots. I assume clouds are visible due to the moon being in almost full stage? Are you using hdr? Anything without it maybe?
  8. Hi, Is there any alternative way to obtain the files? Weebly is blocked in the country of my residence, due to numerous phishing activities.
  9. Has anyone tried to fit one of those into Phenom?
  10. Wait till you try to make it work... sometimes it doesn’t see runways sometimes it does. Sometimes it freaks out. Buggy as hell and sold for 9.99$ 😞 I’m wasting second evening already and I think I have had enough.
  11. Hi, can you advise if SVS Expansion work together with GTN mod? Tom
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