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  1. Hi, Can someone share the knowledge if it is possible to assign certain mouse movements liken zoom in/out or at least move forward/backward with combination of space bar plus mouse wheel? For the moment I can do zoom in/out but it is very “brutal”. The changes happens per .10, .20, .30 - not smooth at all. Tom
  2. Hi, AS can export winds to PMDG, what about REX weather engine, does threat one have the same function? Tom
  3. I have noticed weird behaviors if GTN in 4.4 as well. Worst are unknown application crashes.
  4. Hi, I’m planning to do my P3D fresh installation. Do I need to de register (license) before I uninstall the planes? I believe I did it before but can’t remember my process. Tom
  5. Mine doesn't fail. It activates but who knows for how long. Yes, there is some support. Lets see of anyone picks it up.
  6. Hi, 2.63 - activation loop. Keeps on asking me for activation key, each time I open it.
  7. Interesting night shots. I assume clouds are visible due to the moon being in almost full stage? Are you using hdr? Anything without it maybe?
  8. Hi, Is there any alternative way to obtain the files? Weebly is blocked in the country of my residence, due to numerous phishing activities.
  9. Has anyone tried to fit one of those into Phenom?
  10. Wait till you try to make it work... sometimes it doesn’t see runways sometimes it does. Sometimes it freaks out. Buggy as hell and sold for 9.99$ 😞 I’m wasting second evening already and I think I have had enough.
  11. Hi, can you advise if SVS Expansion work together with GTN mod? Tom
  12. Super. I need to look closer at your presets. I’m flying at night sometimes and I keep struggling that sometimes nights are simply too dark. Taxing is almost impossible - taxi light barely visible. Then cockpit as well. It has to be dark but dark in a way that you still manage to find “some” switches without the need of switching lights on. I can see that you include some basic explanation “what if”. Much appreciated. Personally I find many presets too dark, at least the ones which are very popular.
  13. You may wish to revert to Orginal shaders. Then, apply new preset but untick VC lightening. If you like the “outside” view, then... revert to original shaders again. Then apply the preset you like and this time tick the VC lightening. Then check you if you like it. If it’s too dark, then it means that you will have do some fine tuning. Most presets I have found out there are too dark. Some fine tuning will be required. However the most interesting thing I found is that before you apply any preset it’s good to start with origninal shaders - restore is what you need.
  14. Hi, can someone kindly advise me which parameter is responsible for lightning of the roads? Tom
  15. Hi, Is there any way I can add the capacity to pan around with view using the HAT switch button on the joystick? Tom
  16. My brother said that these days it’s easier due to phones, iPads and available internet. Besides he likes to shoot some pictures and... always enjoys “random” conversations during NAT crossings. 10 years ago a good book was also useful. Of course all of that is done once the standard oversight is maintained.
  17. I found some info in the meantime and I have another question: how’s the runway situation. Does it have problems with outdaymted data of did they found a way to have them correct?
  18. Hi everyone, I has been a really long while since I posted here. I own RC4 for many many years, however I was not using it for... some years - few at least. I still remember it as a good ATC add-on. Recently I have have moved my sim orientation to... X-Plane 11. I have noticed that there is a plugin designed for RC4 - RC4toXplane. Basically it makes RC4 to work with X-Plane. My question is: is anyone here using this with X-Plane 11? How about the functionality of RC4. I remember that RC4 could handle ATC comms - to ease it a bit on the pilot (me) flying. RC4 was able to set transponder etc. How is that doing with X-Plane? It would be great to hear from someone who is using it. Tom
  19. Thank Dan, I thought so as well. I remember I once reinstalled everything and when installed product again I didn't have to do anything "special". I am about to make v4 move :) Tom
  20. Hi PMDG, I need small help. I recall i nthe past that there was nice manual of how to reinstall current PMDG product with key in order to make sure that when new P3Dv4 is loaded, there won't be any issues with license etc. Question concerns 747 newest version and 737. Could you kindly point me to right direction? Tom Link
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