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  1. Hey friends of avsim forums, I have an issue, a couple of days ago, I did a update of PMDG Operations center from v 1.0 to v2.0, and now when I try to install liveries downloaded from avsim liveries in ptp format, shows up a message that livery is not installed and failed the installation, this is very annoying. With old version of Operations center I did install every single one liveries of avsim liveries for my PMDG 737NGX. What maybe is the problem? Please help me out Thanks in advance I have installed PMDG 737NGX running on P3Dv4.5 (everything was great before PMDG O.C v2.0 update)
  2. Thanks friend, let me check your advice and let you know!!!!, thanks for answers !!!
  3. REX sky force is not used anymore, currently i'm using envtex, i'm going to try with default shaders, thanks !!. I reverse to default P3Dv4 shaders, and then apply new shaders of rd preset 1.8, nothing change, sharp line appears anyway. Again i'm not using Rex sky Force, anymore, Do I have to unistall it maybe?
  4. Hey dear fellows of avsim forums, from time ago I've been experienced an annoying problem when clouds in the skies, strange straight lines casted on gorund when I'm out cockpit and panning the camera and also inside cockpit , I have tested changing the cloud distance draw in active sky P3DV4 but nothing happen, problem is still present, please help!!, My specs are: Intel I5-8600K @ 4.7ghz., 16Gb ram T-Force, SSD disk 1TB, graphic card Asus Nvidia GTX 1070ti ROG, Win 10 64 bits, P3Dv4.5, active sky for P3Dv4, envtex for texture (issue present also when used REX sky Force before). Thanks in advance for help. (can´t upload photos!!!)
  5. Hey friends of P3D forums, I have a question. I don´t know why but time to time my display settings change automatically from my settings personally configured to settings called CUSTOM, why this happens?. thanks in advance !!!
  6. Thanks Mace, so I must to decrease settings and test, thanks for support!!
  7. Thanks Ian, I'm going to test decrease a little bit settings!!
  8. Hello friends of Avsim forums. I have a very annoying problem a while ago in P3Dv4.4. When I'm approaching an airport, the elements of the terrain begin to appear little by little, step by step wheter it's trees, buildings, houses, etc, this become very unreal as you can imagine, what could be happening?. Next I show the configuraction of my PC and P3Dv4.4 PC config: i5 8600K @ 4.7 ghz / Graphic card asus ROG STRIX Geforce GTX 1070ti / 16GB RAM / ssd disk 480GB P3Dv4.4 settings: DISPLAY: IMAGE AND TEXTURE QUALITY: FXAA: OFF / AA: 8xSSAA Texture Filtering: Anisotropic 8x Texture Resolution: High - 2048 x 2048 FULL SCREEN SETTINGS: Resolution: 1920x1080x32 FRAME RATE CONTROL Vsync: ON Triple Buffering: selected Traget Frame rate: Unlimited (my monitor TV is blocked on 30hz just like my frame rate on game) Black-out desktop: selected / Auto-fill Main View: selected ViewandPanelSettings MipmapVCPanels:selected WORLD: TERRAIN: Level of detail radius: Ultra Tessellation Factor: High Mesh resolution: 5 m. Texture resolution: 30 cm. Use high-resolution terrain textures: selected. SCENERY OBJECTS: Scenery complexity: Very Dense Autogen and scenery draw distance: Very high Autogen vegetation density: Very Dense Autogen building density: Very Dense Dynamic 3D Autogen Vegetation: selected Reflections: clouds and user vehicle: selected. SPECIAL EFFECTS: Special effects detail: High Special effects distance: High LIGHTING: Dynamic Reflections: Low Dynamic Lighting: selected Landing-lights iluminate ground: selected SHADOWS: Shadow quality: Low Shadow draw distance: High CASTING AND RECEIVING: Internal Vehicle, External Vehicle, Simulation Objects, Buildings, clouds: cast and receive WEATHER VISUAL SETTINGS: Cloud draw distance: 110 mi Cloud coverage density: Maximum Detailed Clouds: selected Volumetric fog, detailed precipitation, windshield effects: selected I have installed: ORBX global, ORBX global vector, ORBX EU landclass, ORBX Norway, turbulent Terraflora, weather: Active sky P3Dv4 and REX Sky Force 3D Please help!!! Thanks in advance: Sorry for no attached picture of settings, but I couldn't upload nothing.
  9. Hey friends of avsim, I have a problem, when I try to load tomato shade for loading presets in P3Dv4.4, it shows an advice "something went wrong during the initialization" and also do not let me to apply any presets. This issue never came up with P3D v4.3, please help. Thanks in advance!!
  10. Hey friends of avsim forums, I need some help with new issue, when I overfly any lakes, over them appears on surface white blocks, this issue is new, I did not have problems before. I have installed orbx global, vector, landclass europe, tomato shade. thanks in advance!!!
  11. Here is your solving !!!, I find this video and It finished the stutters problem almost 100%
  12. Thanks Daniel for this awesome contribution, I love Norwegian, travel a lot of times onboard this birds !!🙂
  13. Hello for everybody, I have purchased and download just minutes ago P3D v4.3 the most recent version, and I need to know if this version has compatibility with PMDG 737NGX v 1.20.8465.purchased a couple of years ago. Thanks in advance.
  14. Hey friends of avsim forums, I'm planning build a new PC for running P3D v3.2 at first place and I'm watching in youtube a lot of videos about comparisons, I'm interesting in I3 8350K vs I7 7700K processor due to the first one has almost the same performance than second one obviously working along a strong GPU 1070 or 1080. I have a question about cores and threads, How many cores need P3D for running properly?. the I3 costs half price than I7 so I can take advantage and get a 1080.
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