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  1. EHTX, do you still use LAAP v2.1 in P3Dv5? I can't seem to get it to work. I get the message that the script has started, even see VLC process start up, but I get no audio. Tried contacting the developer, but haven't heard back. Was hoping to use it with PSXseecon and Real Traffic.
  2. Will give that a go. Thanks, rmeier. For those with a working MMMX, do you still have a lack of autogen immediately around the airport? I managed to get everything else looking decent and working. Honestly, I'd just prefer to find a way to get rid of T2G's autogen and terrain (outside the airport bounds) and just rely on default or Orbx. Maybe I'll play around with some of the bgls and see what happens.
  3. This thread is quite old, but curious if you ever gave OTHH a shot.
  4. Interesting timing for such an announcement given today's date.🤔 If true, however, very sad news!
  5. Far too early to say. Even once the new sim is released it will need time to mature. Beyond that, I've invested a lot of resources into P3D and intend to get a return on that. Not exactly sure what that point looks like right now, but I know I'm not there yet and probably won't be this year. MSFS will need to offer some pretty strong incentives to warrant a complete ditch.
  6. I've found ACM to be a pain to deal with, finding little information on exactly how it works or how it should be properly installed. Having it configured incorrectly, along with not having autogen folders properly set up, you end up with missing trees and other problems. However, once it's configured properly you get the custom autogen for your addon and there are no missing trees. I've read that P3D now supports new ways of adding autogen, but I'm not familiar with how this functions yet.
  7. I don't believe QW has an upgrade policy for MSFS and I wouldn't bank on one being in place at any point. That said, it will almost certainly be more than 6 months before you can fully dig into the new MSFS with addons. Realistically, you're probably looking at more than a year from now before you see a decent amount of 3rd party addons available. These things take time to develop, especially for a whole new platform that hasn't even been released yet and a new SDK. As far as the recommendations you received, I own both the Q400 and the QW 787 and enjoy them. You can't go wrong with either one, with both providing lots of value for the asking price. If you're looking for a Boeing but don't want to spend on PMDG prices (or even QW prices), there's always the iFly 737. I've never used it, but have heard good things, so maybe take a look at that. They also have a 747.
  8. Have you installed any airports that make use of Autogen Configuration Merger?
  9. Thanks, Ray. Good to hear that there's some support available. It seems they just need to update their site and manual with the correct information.
  10. Thanks for your reply, Ian. I managed to find and fix the problem and was just about to update when your post came through. It was a conflict with FSAerodata. If anyone else runs into an issue like this and is using FS Aerodata, make sure the FSAD files are below any 3rd party airports in your library. The ICAO files from FSAD contain elevation data (and other data) that might conflict with addons.
  11. I've been experiencing elevation problems with Pilot's Alicante scenery and wondering if anyone else has had this issue and was able to fix. I have everything installed properly, according to their manual. I also have their FSGlobal 2018 Super NextGen Penultimate ExtremeX installed. Mesh is set to 2m, disabled the AEC in Orbx Vector, tried reinstalling, etc. Nothing seems to fix it. It looks like your typical elevation problem before running AEC, but here are a couple of screen shots anyway. https://imgur.com/g40N77h https://imgur.com/CKHeniC On top of this, it appears that Pilot's basically offers zero support. I sent an e-mail to the support address listed in their manual, but it bounced back as being 'not found'. The support link on their website has zero information.
  12. Alright, so while the "new" way of adding autogen isn't working out for me, I think I managed to get to the cause of ACM autogen woes. In my case, it was simply being I G N O R A N T (apparently avsim doesn't allow this word) of the proper way to install a scenery's autogen libraries. I have all of my add-ons installed via the xml method, using components like 'autogen', 'effects', 'simobjects', etc. I do this all through Lorby's organizer. Apparently, when using ACM, you should not be adding the 'autogen' component to your add-on.xml file or to your scenery library at all. ACM will find the autogen folder in your scenery package, as long as it's on the same level as the scenery and texture folders within the package. So for anybody suffering from similar issues, check to be sure you don't have autogen components active in your scenery. Kityati; maybe this is what was causing problems for you? Also, does anyone know what the purpose of the autogen.cfg file is? I scanned through the P3D documentation and couldn't really find anything.
  13. Thanks for the insights, Gerard. I do remember reading a thread at FSDeveloper that Arno's tool is no longer necessary, but never saw any info really expanding on that. I disabled ACM and followed the guide from Godzone, but as soon as I activate anything that adds autogen I'm back to having problems. For example, enabling the JustSim autogen library just wipes the sim of most vegetation and a lot of buildings. Turning that library off brings it all back. Same story with FlyTampa, GodZone's VLC library, TropicalSim, 29Palms, etc. It just doesn't work for me unless I disable the autogen component or hide the default.xml file from the scenery's autogen folder.
  14. You should be able to recover your autogen if you disable all add-on scenery. After that, it's probably a good idea to open up Orbx Central so it can make sure its autogen definitions are intact. Then the issue becomes a process of going through, one by one, and figuring out which scenery is creating the problem and why. My more recent issue was noticed after updating some FlyTampa sceneries, but I don't know if they're the cause. The last time this happened it seemed to be either the JustSim autogen libraries or the ones from TropicalSim, but I can't be sure. I don't know if Autogen Configuration Merger is even installed correctly, to be honest.
  15. Did you ever get this sorted? Wondering what you ended up finding. I've run into the same issue twice now. I'm pretty sure it's because of ACM and/or certain 3rd party scenery autogen files. Reverting to a fresh autogen folder doesnt seem to cure the problem.
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