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  1. Has anyone had any issues with the custom autogen from these two developers, specifically with their autogen basically wiping out Orbx's trees in P3D? All of the other addon scenery I have that relies on ACM to merge autogen definitions works just fine, but for some reason the scenery from these two developers completely wipes out my vegetation, which also means less night lighting at night. I have a handful of both JustSim and TropicalSim products and would like to be able to use them fully, but no luck. I typically add scenery manually, after installing to a dummy folder, via the addon xml method. I wonder if I'm doing something that's causing an issue. I rely on Lorby-Si's Addon Organizer to handle this, manually adding the scenery, then adding components to the xml file if needed. The thing is, JustSim's autogen is it's own library separate from their sceneries, so no component necessary. TropicalSim does use the component method. Lastly, I have to admit to just being a bit confused by how the autogen merging works. It looks like ACM may not even be necessary now, as P3D4.4 is capable of merging. Further, JustSim's definitions are very small and I don't understand at all how they'd interfere with my vegetation.
  2. That option is already turned off and I still have an unresponsive UI. This is a mystery. I will take this over to the REX forums -- I don't want to hijack this topic. Thank you for your help, though.
  3. Hey Dirk, I am having this issue as well. Just installed it a few days ago and the slow UI essentially renders the program unusable for me. About to put in a support ticket, but was just curious if you've managed to resolve the issue on your end.