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  1. You should be able to recover your autogen if you disable all add-on scenery. After that, it's probably a good idea to open up Orbx Central so it can make sure its autogen definitions are intact. Then the issue becomes a process of going through, one by one, and figuring out which scenery is creating the problem and why. My more recent issue was noticed after updating some FlyTampa sceneries, but I don't know if they're the cause. The last time this happened it seemed to be either the JustSim autogen libraries or the ones from TropicalSim, but I can't be sure. I don't know if Autogen Configuration Merger is even installed correctly, to be honest.
  2. Did you ever get this sorted? Wondering what you ended up finding. I've run into the same issue twice now. I'm pretty sure it's because of ACM and/or certain 3rd party scenery autogen files. Reverting to a fresh autogen folder doesnt seem to cure the problem.
  3. Looking for some help. When I run the scenery export tool from within the main p3d folder, it only creates a file reflecting what's in the scenery.cfg file. I cannot get it to recognize anything in the add-on.cfg file. I'm fairly certain I've had this working properly in the past, but for some reason it's no longer doing the job it should. Everything is set to run as admin. My add-ons.cfg file contains all of my add-ons. Files are all in the right place and I'm using the latest available version of the tool. Any ideas? Edit: I got it working. I'm not sure of the specifics, but a disabled scenery entry for AI traffic was creating problems. Deleting the package entry fixed everything somehow.
  4. For question 3: There's a payware app called OVRdrop which is available through Steam for $15 US which allows you to bring in any window in VR. I use it for Navigraph charts cloud and anything else I may need -- it can be scaled, translated, and rotated in any direction. A tap of the space bar toggles the screen off and on in VR and there are options to have it move with your view or keep it stationary in the cockpit. I find it a little clunky to use, honestly, but it does the job and I haven't found anything else. Lastly, I use an Odyssey+ so I interface with P3D VR via Steam. I'm not sure if this app will work if you're using a Rift and hooking into P3D via Oculus VR
  5. Just to update: I have re-enabled the JustSim autogen libraries and things appear to be working fine now? Some things have changed since Jan., such as updating to p3d v4.5 and installing JustSim's Malta scenery not too long ago. It's very possible that JustSim's autogen definitions have been updated and whatever was causing the conflict for me has been fixed? Everything works for now, but I have not tested things with TropicalSim yet. Oh, one other thing I've changed, which may be pretty significant. Using Lorby Si's addon manager, I keep all airports disabled and only go in and enable the ones I will be using specifically for my flight. This greatly reduces any potential conflicts there may be between sceneries, but I do keep things like libraries activated at all times.
  6. kityati Sorry for the delay in responding. I have not checked back in on this issue since January. I have not resolved this yet, generally because life has been busy over the last few months and haven't made it a priority to get with JustSim or Tropical in order to track the issue down and hopefully get it resolved. I should do that soon! My workaround for now has simply been to disable the JustSim autogen library and the individual autogen folders for TropicalSim. You still get the airports, but some of the surrounding scenery for these places is not present. With those enabled, I get basically no trees and no vegetation based autogen. I do keep a backup of a stock P3D Autogen folder on a separate drive, just in case this happens again -- I can just delete the corrupted one and throw the original in. If you've had any luck in fixing this, let me know.
  7. Bob R

    MK Studios EKVG Vagar for P3D v4.3

    Lubik, same issue here. I use Envtex and tried that fix, but no luck. I also use Tomatoshade and reverting back to stock shaders didn't do the trick either. Maybe a chaseplane issue? No idea.
  8. I can live with the Airbus workaround for now, but the question of updating airport data/navdata remains unanswered. Any way to update those files? Thanks.
  9. Managed to get MCE working with the Aerosoft bus by manually adding the paths to the config file and adding the "NoScan=1" line to the MCE.ini file. A suitable workaround for now, but MCE needs to be updated to recognize aircraft installed outside of the main sim folder. This now leaves the question of updating the NavData. How can this be accomplished?
  10. Gerald, No dice. Those entries already exist within the add-ons.cfg file in that particular folder. [Package.0] Path=F:\Aerosoft Aircraft\Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional Title=Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional Active=TRUE Required=FALSE [Package.1] Path=F:\Aerosoft Aircraft\Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional Title=Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional Active=TRUE Required=FALSE
  11. I have a drive just for addons (F:), entirely separate from the p3d drive (D:). I have it installed on that F drive. For example, the A318/A319 is installed in: F:\Aerosoft Aircraft\Aerosoft A318-A319 Professional
  12. Hi, First issue I have is that MCE doesn't seem to recognize my Aerosoft Airbus Professional installation. With P3D 4.4 loaded up, sitting in the a320, when I activate MCE it begins loading, but then gives me a message about the aircraft not being recognized and then closes. I have checked in the cfgPaths.dat file and there's no entry for the airbus. I tried to manually enter it, but it must get overwritten when starting MCE. I am assuming it would be detected if it were installed in the default P3D simobjects folder, which it is not. Aerosoft (and Lockheed Martin) recommends to not install it into the sim folder. Second thing is about the NavData. Is there some way to update this information to keep it up to date? I have a Navigraph subscription and ran the AIRAC utility, but nothing comes up for MCE. I would assume there's a way to manually handle this? Thanks, -Bob
  13. Has anyone had any issues with the custom autogen from these two developers, specifically with their autogen basically wiping out Orbx's trees in P3D? All of the other addon scenery I have that relies on ACM to merge autogen definitions works just fine, but for some reason the scenery from these two developers completely wipes out my vegetation, which also means less night lighting at night. I have a handful of both JustSim and TropicalSim products and would like to be able to use them fully, but no luck. I typically add scenery manually, after installing to a dummy folder, via the addon xml method. I wonder if I'm doing something that's causing an issue. I rely on Lorby-Si's Addon Organizer to handle this, manually adding the scenery, then adding components to the xml file if needed. The thing is, JustSim's autogen is it's own library separate from their sceneries, so no component necessary. TropicalSim does use the component method. Lastly, I have to admit to just being a bit confused by how the autogen merging works. It looks like ACM may not even be necessary now, as P3D4.4 is capable of merging. Further, JustSim's definitions are very small and I don't understand at all how they'd interfere with my vegetation.
  14. That option is already turned off and I still have an unresponsive UI. This is a mystery. I will take this over to the REX forums -- I don't want to hijack this topic. Thank you for your help, though.
  15. Hey Dirk, I am having this issue as well. Just installed it a few days ago and the slow UI essentially renders the program unusable for me. About to put in a support ticket, but was just curious if you've managed to resolve the issue on your end.