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  1. I was having this same, frustrating issue. Tried all sorts of things to no avail. I did find a workaround that doesn't require fiddling before every flight: You have to install Voice Meeter Banana in order to do this; so yes, another app eating up resources, but it works. Once you have that installed, all you essentially need to do is direct Vox to play through Voice Meeter's virtual input, rather than your actual sound card. Within Voice Meeter, you can then control the volume of the voices you have assigned to Vox without any auto-adjustments taking place. Hope this helps somebody.
  2. I'll go through and remove the ones that seem to be causing a problem. Thanks for your help! Looking forward to the next version.
  3. Thank you! Windows firewall is disabled on both PCs (I rely on the router's firewall) so I'm assuming things are open. 10747 is what RealTraffic is using, correct? I have to admit to being confused by the way ports are used. Trying to view them in resource monitor or by using netstat, I don't see any of the ports I thought would be listed. This did help me narrow things down though. I double checked simconnect files and didn't have corresponding entries in the simconnect.cfg and the xml for MSFS. Now it is connecting and no more error 20. I am getting "could not be created" messages though and eventual error 81 pretty frequently. Liveries are installed properly and show up in the sim, ran AILG, so I'm not sure what more can be done about that.
  4. Hi, Trying to get PSXT for MSFS to work, using RealTraffic. I keep getting error "20: Bind Failed." The FAQ mentions something about PSX, but I don't know what this is and pretty sure it's not something I have. I'm attaching the log in hopes that you might be able to help. Been using PSXT with P3Dv5 without any issues. Forgot to add: This is attempting to use a networked setup, which is what I do for P3D as well. PSXT_MSFS works fine if I run it on the simulator machine locally. Wed Feb 10 06:43:33 2021 (utc) PSXT_MSFS version 21.5 for MSFS ********************************** parameters ********************************** from C:\Users\Bob\AppData\Roaming\PSXT_MSFS\parameters.xml ADD_ORIG_DEST=false RANDOM=true ALWAYS_GND_TRAFFIC=false LIVE_IF_USER_AIRBORNE=false MAIN_WINDOW_X=1611 MAIN_WINDOW_Y=136 PARK_GROUNDSPEED=20 FLOOR_ALTITUDE=-1000 REMOVE_FALSE_THRESHOLD=50 VERSION_CHECKED_AT=Feb 10, 2021 PROGRAM_VERSION=21.5 INSTALL_PATH=D:\PSXT_MSFS ALWAYS_ON_TOP=true LIGHT_AIRCRAFT=true HELICOPTERS=true INCLUDE_NOTYPES=true AUTO_MODE=false PARK_SIMILARS=true COLLISION_LIVE_PARKED_GND=true COLLISION_USER_GND=true LATERAL_RANGE=40 BLOCK_CALLSIGN= LIVERIES_FOLDER=\\Master\e\AILG_MSFS\liveries AIRPORTS_FOLDER=\\Master\e\PPG_MSFS\airports FLIGHTPLANSFOLDER= ******************************************************************************** C:\Users\Bob\AppData\Roaming\PSXT_MSFS\avg_heights.txt not found Aircraft type information read from data\types.xml author: PSXseeconTraffic, version: 20.2, date: Jan 14, 2021 Wingspan information read from data\wingspan.xml author: PSXseeconTraffic + Nico, version: 20.2, date: Feb 5, 2021 ***************************************** liveries summary ***************************************** 736 liveries read from file \\Master\e\AILG_MSFS\liveries\AI_liveries.xml author: AILG_MSFS, version: 1.5, date: Feb 10, 2021 239 registration codes found in the liveries of the user 226 unique airlines, 24 unique aircraft types Similar aircraft types read from data\types.xml author: PSXseeconTraffic, version: 20.2, date: Jan 14, 2021 generic liveries for 13 types: A20N A5 B350 B58T B748 B78X BE36 C172 C700 DA62 DR40 SR22 TBM9 78 liveries in aircraft category Heavy 361 liveries in aircraft category Middle 297 liveries in aircraft category Light No livery found in aircraft category Heli Extra category Helicopters deselected while there are no Helicopter liveries 28881 registration codes + Airline + Type added from data\regcodes.xml author: AILGenerator+Nico, version: 5.1, date: Oct 20, 2020 **************************************************************************************************** 21548 airports found in data\airports.xml author: ParkPosGenerator + Nico, version: 19.4, date: Jan 10, 2021 Waiting for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 ... Microsoft Flight Simulator (11.0.282174.999) connected User aircraft title: Airbus A320 Neo American Airlines User aircraft model: A20N User aircraft half wing span: 17.8 meter User ac status: on ground 06:43:35 20: Bind failed with error 0 lf_start Error 20: Bind failed Exiting: USER CLOSED SIM 06:44:08 User closed PSXT_MSFS MAIN_WINDOW_X=1611 MAIN_WINDOW_Y=136 Wed Feb 10 06:44:08 2021
  5. I ended up removing the script. My e-mail to the developer bounced back, so who knows what the status is on this. Next best option looks to be downloading the stream files into a VLC playlist. Works fine, you can even set a delay; just not the most ideal setup.
  6. EHTX, do you still use LAAP v2.1 in P3Dv5? I can't seem to get it to work. I get the message that the script has started, even see VLC process start up, but I get no audio. Tried contacting the developer, but haven't heard back. Was hoping to use it with PSXseecon and Real Traffic.
  7. Will give that a go. Thanks, rmeier. For those with a working MMMX, do you still have a lack of autogen immediately around the airport? I managed to get everything else looking decent and working. Honestly, I'd just prefer to find a way to get rid of T2G's autogen and terrain (outside the airport bounds) and just rely on default or Orbx. Maybe I'll play around with some of the bgls and see what happens.
  8. This thread is quite old, but curious if you ever gave OTHH a shot.
  9. Interesting timing for such an announcement given today's date.🤔 If true, however, very sad news!
  10. Far too early to say. Even once the new sim is released it will need time to mature. Beyond that, I've invested a lot of resources into P3D and intend to get a return on that. Not exactly sure what that point looks like right now, but I know I'm not there yet and probably won't be this year. MSFS will need to offer some pretty strong incentives to warrant a complete ditch.
  11. I've found ACM to be a pain to deal with, finding little information on exactly how it works or how it should be properly installed. Having it configured incorrectly, along with not having autogen folders properly set up, you end up with missing trees and other problems. However, once it's configured properly you get the custom autogen for your addon and there are no missing trees. I've read that P3D now supports new ways of adding autogen, but I'm not familiar with how this functions yet.
  12. I don't believe QW has an upgrade policy for MSFS and I wouldn't bank on one being in place at any point. That said, it will almost certainly be more than 6 months before you can fully dig into the new MSFS with addons. Realistically, you're probably looking at more than a year from now before you see a decent amount of 3rd party addons available. These things take time to develop, especially for a whole new platform that hasn't even been released yet and a new SDK. As far as the recommendations you received, I own both the Q400 and the QW 787 and enjoy them. You can't go wrong with either one, with both providing lots of value for the asking price. If you're looking for a Boeing but don't want to spend on PMDG prices (or even QW prices), there's always the iFly 737. I've never used it, but have heard good things, so maybe take a look at that. They also have a 747.
  13. Have you installed any airports that make use of Autogen Configuration Merger?
  14. Thanks, Ray. Good to hear that there's some support available. It seems they just need to update their site and manual with the correct information.
  15. Thanks for your reply, Ian. I managed to find and fix the problem and was just about to update when your post came through. It was a conflict with FSAerodata. If anyone else runs into an issue like this and is using FS Aerodata, make sure the FSAD files are below any 3rd party airports in your library. The ICAO files from FSAD contain elevation data (and other data) that might conflict with addons.
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