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  1. Thought it looked photographic.
  2. My goodness... This might be the thing to pull me back into simming. I've always loved bush flying, and while the landscape of X-Plane makes for great airborne vistas, there's really been a dearth of really nice, high detail destination airports. That always struck me as odd. Propstrike's stuff looks really, really good and I hope they make more like this.
  3. Oops... It's what I get for assuming. Ah well, South America is still cool.
  4. Two places this is going to get a lot of mileage for me are Africa and South America. Both have some pretty breathtaking vistas, and both have shoddy ortho imagery available. I'm a bit like @jh71 above in that areas that I know get ortho, and thankfully the coverage is pretty robust. Everywhere else will do just fine with this. Can't wait to see Kilimanjaro and the surrounding areas!
  5. One of the things I liked about X-Plane when I made the switch back in ver. 10 was that the freeware ecosystem, while smaller in scale, seemed as vibrant as MSFS's did back before it became an overcommercialized money sink. I rather like the idea of payware aircraft developers doing their thing, but for scenery... well, I'm quite satisfied with everything available for free. I'd hate to see that particular branch of the ecosystem dry up due to migrating locusts.
  6. I'm a best of both worlds kind of guy. I find that the more mountainous and tropical areas have less than ideal ortho imagery available due to an abundance of clouds. Given that the topography of a lot of these areas is my main motivation for wanting to fly in them, they would benefit greatly from this. I'm thinking South America and southern Asia. So, the way I see it, win / win! Looking forward to this!
  7. Hi all, After building a new system, I've decided to dip my toe back into simming after a long break. One of the things I set about doing immediately is getting some ortho scenery created with Ortho4XP. I've run into a situation and was wondering if there was a solution. By default, X-Plane renders the marshy areas around Charleston South Carolina, (seen below as the blue hatched area) as water with the land areas outlined in red being actual terra firma. I was wondering if there was a way, using Ortho4XP, to get those marshy areas to show up properly. Back when I was still actively simming, I seemed to remember there was some functionality that did that, but I'm sort of learning all this stuff over again, and would appreciate a pointer. Thanks!
  8. JonRD463

    It's Lonely at FL850

    Reminds me of another oldie but goodie. "Los Angeles Center, Aspen 20, ground speed check."
  9. I've been out of simming for awhile, but still check in from time to time. I think as far as scenery goes, I'd be happy to continue doing my own thing with Ortho4XP and Openstreetmap data. I'm from the old school of flight simming, where freeware was more in abundance because people did it for love of the hobby. Imo, it made for a better community. Over the years, I've seen the MSFS side of things become a bit too toxic for me as the commercialism ramped up. That's one of the things that attracted me to X-Plane. It still felt a bit "rag-tag" in that people did it more out of the enjoyment of creating stuff to share than to make a buck. Don't get me wrong, I don't fault commercial developers as a whole, and I know that the longevity of a sim platform relies on a broad spectrum of products-- free and commercial-- to keep it relevant, but I'd hate to see the X-Plane world's freeware community give way to commercial in the way that the FSX platform did. So with that, good luck to OrbX if they test these waters. I won't be partaking, should I re-enter the fray.
  10. It should also be noted that while REX clouds do, in fact, look great, they suffer from the same up close billboarding as default FSX clouds, and even xEnviro, based on what I've read.
  11. JonRD463

    So...I quit simming

    I've quit simming, too. Actually, I quit some time ago. Recently, I reinstalled my copy of X-Plane 10 because I *thought* I'd gotten sparked to sim fly after taking a real world flight. This was usually the case in the past-- I'd get a little bored of it, but all it took was going up for real to get me back into the virtual cockpit. But now? I don't know. I'm not so sure it's simming that has changed, or if it's me. I've had a version of MSFS since 4.0, and then in the last few years, switched over to X-Plane. I can recall days where I'd be completely happy to do long haul flights, or island hop around the Caribbean. I was even a member of the Tradewind Carribean Airlines VA. I think my love for it peaked at FS98, and then slowly started to wane. In that time, Flightsim in general became more commercialized. Freeware was giving way to more payware. Not that there was anything morally wrong with that. Certainly, as the simming platforms got more complex, so too did the addons have to increase in their complexity to meet the desires of an increasingly demanding userbase. Quality, features, and fidelity took time-- time that many freeware authors didn't have without compensation, and thus the cottage industry of addon creation blossomed. Some freeware authors stuck to their guns, though, and some really amazing freeware would appear here and there. Through all this, I noticed a fractionation in the flight sim community as a whole. The major online presences coalesced into the, Simflight, and Avsim camps. Rivalries began to be established. Even some of the freeware producers became competitive ventures, and I saw a lot of needless hostility start to creep up. Slowly but surely, I saw a community that was strong in the early days of the web-- and even prior, on BBS systems that were linked with newsgroups (And of course, anyone here remember Compuserve?)-- begin to crack and divide. I began to disengage from interacting much with the community myself, but I still enjoyed the hobby such that it was. In the meantime, my life was happening and more and more I got pulled away from it. My switch to X-Plane after years and years of the Microsoft platform was a shot in the arm, but only so. The divisiveness I'd perceived in the community of MS-based simmers was magnified when it came to the senseless arguments of whose sim was better. I blame pop culture in general for that. Everyone is "Team this" or "Team that" with no room for being just plain "Team Simming". As time wore on, I not only had time for simming, I had no time for what I was increasingly seeing as senseless BS. Sadly, my recent foray back into it has been cut short. It's just not fun any more. I've moved on, I suppose.
  12. Is there another Bus out there that has as complete a FMGS as the JAR aircraft? I know some would argue that even that one isn't complete, but it does have the most features I've seen of X-Plane Airbus aircraft. I've been out of the hobby for a year and a half and am a bit behind on the latest developments.
  13. X-Plane itself runs wonderfully, much better than it did on this same machine in Win 7. Perhaps the analogy wasn't completely apt, but my findings of better performance would be supported by the other Linux X-Plane users in this very thread. As for add-ons, well, it seems to me that their not being compatible is a cost I'm willing to bear. Some developers have chosen to not support it for reasons they're perfectly within their right to have, and I have chosen to direct my patronage elsewhere for add-ons that meet my needs and desires. It's really as simple as that. One thing I find interesting, however, is how the whole Windows vs. Linux debate mirrors the FSX/P3D vs. X-Plane debate. One would think X-Plane users would appreciate the idea that one could find enjoyment in using something not as popular as the mainstream alternative, but like the worst of the FSX users who have slammed X-Planers as using the inferior choice, there exists similar in this debate.
  14. Look at it this way. You have two cars. Both can comfortably transport 5 people on a 50 mile commute. One, however, burns fuel at a rate of 1 gallon per 20 miles, and the other at 1 gallon per 50 miles. Which would you choose? Linux simply runs more efficiently and allows a program that supports it to use a computer's resources better. Now, for me, I might just run X-Plane in my Windows partition. It's not a question of refusal or making demands. I've already conceded the point that some companies, like X-A, have valid business reasons not to support it, and will not argue that point further. I am in 1000% agreement with Pascal_LSGC, though. Yes, I'm quite sure there have been Linux users that have been rude and demanding, but it's not all of us, and stoking the flames with snide comments only contributes to the general and mutual lack of respect. Don't support it? Fine. State your reasons and leave it at that. No need to stoke the flames by directly or indirectly belittling those who do choose to use Linux as their OS of choice for X-Plane, because it only invokes the interpersonal relations law of reciprocity. You insult me, I'll feel the need to insult back, etc. I myself felt this and decided to leave the thread be for a bit. And once again, as per the original topic, I appreciate the suggestions given since my last post. The Supercritical 747-8 has been in my crosshairs for some time. I've also got all my Flight Factor birds up and running. Been playing around with Ortho4XP for the time being as well.