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  1. Hello again This function (headwind and tailwind calculation) is mentioned in Fly! II' GPS manual (in "How to" folder)- and even with pictures of GPS panel with result of such calculation! But, when in-game, I wasn't able to get it working - I tried to set different TAS and course values at CAL7 page, both with METAR-set winds and weather-options-set winds. But headwind and tailwind values are always 0. What I'm doing wrong? Is this function broken (like weather radar)?
  2. TerraScene 2.1 can be found in SIMVOL archive:http://fichiers.simvol.org/fly/fly_2/ts21-full.zip
  3. UPD: if someone is interested, I found Flyscripts! v.1.2. on http://fichiers.simvol.org/ .SIMVOL community recently fully re-oriented to MSFS2020, but their file archive is stil online, and there are many useful files for Fly! II and (especially) Fly! Sorry for overposting, I was not able to find the way to edit my previous message.
  4. G'day to all Fly!ers! I'm flying in Fly!2K for two years, but only couple of months ago I discovered a whole world full of all these magnificent addons made by community (many thanks to you all!). And now I'm in search for Flyscripts (I have 1.2 version, but can't find patch 1.2.1) and - especially - C4TO for Fly!2K. I already made a search in Avsim library, but only thing I was able to find were 3.x dll versions for Fly! II. It looks like these files are completely disappeared not only from Avsim (I have read about 2009 hack attempt...), but from the whole Internet. Does anybody know where to find this files for Fly!2K? Thanks, and clear sky to all!
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