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  1. Al, Yes this problem only appears with the Falcon 50 and with no other A/C I own. I can try a different video driver later on today. And yes I’m certain I’m running the correct installer everything else works fine just the graphical glitch. Thanks
  2. Attempted a clean install and still have the same problem. This problem started with the most recent version 2.0b. thanks
  3. It would stay relatively stationary but would get better as I paned away to the left or right! I only use one monitor so I shouldn’t be setup any where for a multi-monitor setup. I would think if I was setup for multi-monitors that other A/C would be affected? I could be wrong there? Thanks
  4. Al, I’m on P3d 3.4 and no not using any shader programs. I’ve tried changing every setting in P3D. I thought maybe it was Ezydoc but it does it with that turned off. I only experience it with the Falcon 50! Thanks
  5. Anyone have any idea why I'm getting this black line in the virtual cockpit of the Falcon 50? See link below. Thanks https://ibb.co/hyyCyCW
  6. Will it be all versions of P3D? Or just V4? Thanks
  7. Will this have Navigraph support to update the database? Thanks
  8. Try using VS see if it behaves the same way!
  9. I can do what ever you think might help. I can wait till the next update if you plan on making any changes you might think will solve the issue. P.s new textures look great!
  10. Still no luck, I get the shut down and running sounds. I only get the running sound after I start the APU a second time then I hear the running sounds.
  11. Okay I will give this a try and report back.
  12. Mark, I have made sure my P3D mixer volume is all the way up and my speaker volume is all the way up and I hear nothing. Thanks Edit: Afternoon turning engine volume all the way to 100 in P3D, I now hear the APU once its running and I get the shut down sound now but still hear nothing on start up.
  13. I don’t hear a spool down. Just the click when pressing the buttons on the control panel.
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