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  1. Hi Ian, I still have my Fly!2 installation and fire it up now and then but I must admit I spend more time in X-Plabe these days. It's a bit late for Happy Christmas - almost 27th here in Vietnam but I wish everyone a prosperous 2021. Colin
  2. Hi Starfoxx, Better late than never, as they say...... I've only just seen your post. I have TerraScene 1 & 2 and also Sky! if you haven't already got hold of them. I downloaded lots of 'stuff' in the days when Fly! and Fly!2 were really popular and I haven't deleted anything. I'm afraid my filing system wasn't very logical so some things take a bit of finding:-) If there's anything you need, drop me a message and I will see if I can find it. Cheers Colin
  3. Thanks. I wish the same to everyone who visits! Colin
  4. Hi, I've sent the taxiway stuff for you. I don't recall Terramodels, maybe Randall can help out? You are not talking about TerraScene by any chance? Colin
  5. Hi, I can't help with the windowed mode question but I do have the Taxiway editor. Let me know where to send it and I will gladly send you the .zip file. Colin
  6. Hi Randall, I stopped using Fly! & Fly!2 a good while back. I did some testing with Chris Wallace when he started Fly! Legacy but then it kind of went over to Simvol and I lost interest there. I suppose I just drifted into other things, coupled with a move to Asia. I just had my trusty MacBook for traveling and I was forced to buy a small desktop for a couple of company applications that required Windows - obviously not an ideal setup for a flight sim! I decided to get another computer with a view to running a simulator again and found an HP workstation with a good spec.I did some checking and various gaming sites said that it would run X-Plane well and so it has proved. The good thing about X-Plane was the fully functioning demo and the ease of customizing it. I can't compare it with any others as I haven't tried any but I am happy with X-Plane for now - plus I can still fly my Fly! series as well. Come to think about it, I may still have an old installation of Flight Unlimited somewhere....... Happy days 🙂
  7. Hi Randall, I used to be on LinkedIn quite a lot as it was very good with my line of work. I know it's just a glorified Facebook in a lot of ways but it had it's uses. I tried Fly! and Fly!2 on my little desktop but they wouldn't run. The processor was capable but the graphics card wasn't. I decided to get a more capable machine and opted for a Xeon workstation after a very favourable comparison on a gaming site. So I am set up now with an 8 core / 16 processor Xeom with 16gb memory (shortly going to 32gb) and I run X-Plane11 maxed out at 48fps or so. I haven't tried any really detailed scenery yet so that will probably slow things up a bit. I have also fired up Fly!2 and that runs very well indeed. I don't think I will bother too much with Fly!2 though as there is more than enough to learn in X-Plane for now and developing scenery appears to be far easier than with Fly!2. I guess a TerraScene image could be used instead of an orthophoto - something to try once I learn to fly the sim! Colin
  8. I did see a post on Simvol that mentioned another library file with plane models in addition to the ROTW one. I didn't make a note of it though but a Google search for the rotw-static-v1 should bring up the post. Maybe that's what you need? Colin
  9. I've had a look through all my downloaded stuff and I don't have that particular file either. I did manage to find ROTW-static-v2, if that's any use to you? Colin
  10. Hi Dan, I have both Gtopo30 and Dem2Ras. (and loads of other Fly! stuff) Let me know if you want me to send them. Colin
  11. Hi, I probably have it somewhere on an old hard drive. I will check and let you know. Colin
  12. Hi Everyone, It's been a while, in fact a long while, since I visited Avsim. Nice to find that my old login was still there! I haven't done much at all with simulators for a number of years as I just don't have the hardware nowadays to run them. I will try my old copy of Fly!2 though on this little desktop; it is probably as powerful as the one I used to run Fly! on all those years ago. How many are still here, apart from Randall, Ken and Flyfisher? Colin
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