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  1. Roger Mazengarb

    S3D converter for 3dMax

    G'Day all, Would anybody happen to have a copy of the TRI plug-in converter for converting models produced in 3dMax into the format required by the fly editor. They were once available in the Library I think but like most of our files have disappeared into cyberspace. Thanks Cheers, Roger
  2. Roger Mazengarb

    Richard Harvey - in memorium

    G'day Pascal, Forgive me for asking about uploading files. I was just trying to get some of the old guard flyers to reupload any files they might have. If you didn't upload then forget it. I have just ordered X-plane10 discs. Awaiting their arrival. I figured I would try Xplane whilst waiting for FlyLegacy to be finalised into a final public release. I have the alpha release of FlyLegacy and it appears to be very good. It's really amazing what a great job a few dedicated people have managed to produce. I have also got MS FSX but it is still in it's original cellophane shrinkwrap! I bought it several years ago when first released but following the forum I saw so many reports of CTD's that I never bothered to open it let alone install it. Fly! II is still my mainstay flight sim. Have you appplied the final patch (240) to your installation of Fly! II. That may account for your perceived improved performance. I haven't seen or heard from Ken Salter for a long time. I guess he just drifted away to other pursuits. Quite understandable as the changing circumstances of a growing family affects ones priorities. I vaguely remember him posting in the MS FSX forum but that would have been a long time ago. In a couple of weeks you may see me posting in the Xplane forum seeking help on getting the program up and running. :drinks:
  3. Roger Mazengarb

    Richard Harvey - in memorium

    Hi Pascal,Long time between drinks mate. Do you still sim with Fly! II and more importantly have you still got any copies of any programs that you once uploaded to the Avsim Fly! II library. If you have would you be able to re-upload them. Then library for Fly! II has been absolutely decimated and the librarians will only allow the original authors to re-upload files..I trust you are keeping well.Keep in contact.
  4. It seems like only yesterday, yet nine years has passed since Rich was prematurely taken from this world.I hope time has helped ease the pain of the loss felt by the loved ones he left behind.Richard Harvey - a friend never to be forgotten
  5. Roger Mazengarb

    Singapore Airshow 2008 21-24 Feb

    G'day Johnny,Some really nice pics. Thanks for posting.A bit off topic but I particularly enjoyed reading your blog. I spent 6 years working in Singapore (Paya Lebar airport 68-74), and used to fly RC models at Changi airport which was in those days purely an RAF base. Cheers,Roger
  6. Roger Mazengarb

    Need Help Fly2 instalation

    G'day Cesar,Did you notice that lower down in a thread titled "Fly for Mac" a user had exactly the same error message you are reporting. He finally figured out what the problem was. It might be worthwhile emailing him directly through the Avsim message feature. Cheers,Roger
  7. Roger Mazengarb

    Need Help Fly2 instalation

    G'day Cesar,I'm a PC guy not MAC but have you checked to see if the Startup.pod file is actually resident in the systems folder?? I realise the error you got wasn't "file not found". But that's only syntax.On the pc my Startup.pod is 25,903 KB and dated 15.5.2001when you did the patching did the patches apply with NO error messages.It is essential that must happen for the patches to be successful.Hope this helps or maybe a Mac user will answer.Cheers,Roger
  8. Roger Mazengarb


    G'day Chris,If you've been following this thread then you can see that you have a problem getting the texture for the *.smf model. If you are really interested in having a go at modelling then Caligari currently have Truespace 5.2 on special at only US$39.95 I can't guarantee that Chris Wallace's 3DS to s3D converter works for TS 5.2 but it works for 3.2 and 4.3 so I think it will.What file format are the Google Sketchup free models. You may be able to load them straight into Truespace if you are lucky. They may however need retexturing with *.tga files.Cheers,Roger
  9. Roger Mazengarb


    G'day Didier,Thanks for the explaination!Cheers,Roger
  10. Roger Mazengarb


    G'day Didier,You have just confused me. Doesn't your plugin create the texture file for the *.smf model from all the individual texture files used to texture the model in sketchup??Cheers,Roger
  11. Roger Mazengarb


    G'day Chris,No mate. Flygraphics is only a graphics format converter. If you look lower down in the forum though you will see that Didier has made a brilliant plug-in for sketchup that will produce an *.smf file that can then be imported into Fly! II via the scenery editor. If you are unsure of what needs to be done to get the model recognised by the scenery editor then download a file of bridge models that I uploaded to the library some time back and see what I did. Basically you have to creat an *.mlf file. It's not that hard. Give it a go!Hope to see you upload to the library in the near future.Cheers,Roger
  12. Roger Mazengarb

    Historical info on smaller jets.

    My guess would be the venerable Antinov AN 2 or if they were real lucky an AN 3 (turboprop version of the AN 2). :-)Over 16,000 were built.Forget small jet transports. - they just didn't exist.Cheers,Roger
  13. Roger Mazengarb

    Historical info on smaller jets.

    Business jets were a product of a capitalist society/economy. How do you see them fitting into a communist economy where the state ran all business.Aeroflot was their answer to the bizjet.!
  14. Roger Mazengarb

    A380 rolls off runway

    Sounds more like the sheer pin in the tow bar did its job.I'm sure we'll get the full story eventually.Cheers,Roger
  15. Roger Mazengarb

    Fly! and Sketchup

    G'day Didier,That's great news. I'm not familiar with sketchup. Is it a freeware or payware program? Thanks to you and the team at ROTW for your support for the development of FlyII.Happy New Year to you and the team.Cheers,Roger