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  1. thanks for that, it worked. Now my problem is that when I click in "FIle flightplan" I just get a blue spinning wheel forever... I've tried VFR and IFR for the flight EGOV→EGAC but can't file the plan. I'm connected to X-Plane and everything seems to be working, just can't file a flightplan... any ideas?
  2. Hi, I just installed the latest version of P2ATC and this required a new install as I was previously running 2.3.something. Is there any way to get back the various taxiway maintenance files I had setup for various airports? I still have a copy of my old database file but if I replace the new database file with the old one I get an error message about licensing... thanks in advance
  3. I have the config in P2ATC set to "sim weather" and my XP-11 root folder selected correctly. I've checked the root folder and whenever I change the weather in the sim (manually or download real-world) there is a new METAR file being generated. When I look at the weather at my location in P2ATC is doesn't match that shown in XP-11 however. The wind speed and direction are different, as is the temp and visibility. I can't work out where P2ATC is getting it's weather from. It appears to be reading a METAR file but it's not matching what's programmed in the sim. Any ideas?
  4. i've noticed the same at EGPH and EGNT, raised it as a bug via another post.
  5. IGNORE! I didn't know that XPUIPC was required; it's working now... G
  6. sorry if I'm missing something obvious- I've looked through the user guides and youtube tutorials but I can't find info on how to connect PIlot2ATC to XP11. I have both programs loaded, I have the battery and avionics on in my Carenado C208 but when I click the PWR button in P2ATC, nothing happens and also the connect but doesn't do anything (sometimes I hear a windows alert sound but I can't see a pop-up error message or anything). I'm sure I'm missing somethin obvious... what is it?? thanks in advance
  7. Great tutorial. I learned a lot on the use of colour-burn etc... I also used your hints and tips to do a few Seneca repaints!Thanks
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