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  1. I have the config in P2ATC set to "sim weather" and my XP-11 root folder selected correctly. I've checked the root folder and whenever I change the weather in the sim (manually or download real-world) there is a new METAR file being generated. When I look at the weather at my location in P2ATC is doesn't match that shown in XP-11 however. The wind speed and direction are different, as is the temp and visibility. I can't work out where P2ATC is getting it's weather from. It appears to be reading a METAR file but it's not matching what's programmed in the sim. Any ideas?
  2. thanks Dave, much appreciated G
  3. i've noticed the same at EGPH and EGNT, raised it as a bug via another post.
  4. IGNORE! I didn't know that XPUIPC was required; it's working now... G
  5. sorry if I'm missing something obvious- I've looked through the user guides and youtube tutorials but I can't find info on how to connect PIlot2ATC to XP11. I have both programs loaded, I have the battery and avionics on in my Carenado C208 but when I click the PWR button in P2ATC, nothing happens and also the connect but doesn't do anything (sometimes I hear a windows alert sound but I can't see a pop-up error message or anything). I'm sure I'm missing somethin obvious... what is it?? thanks in advance
  6. I like the airport based jobs and aerocaches. Good if you just want to have a quick flight (best with the waypoint markers turned off)
  7. Ha, I like the picture and (only) one of the songs off the (generally terrible) album... G
  8. Many thanks for the (on topic) reply. Maybe I'll go for the P-40 and give it a go...
  9. thanks, I might just give one of them a bash...
  10. Having resisted the P-51, Zero and P-40 thus far (due to the obvious lack of VC) I'm tempted to give one of them a try out of curiosity...maybe for aerobatics and the like. Is there anything that makes one of the three stand out? Any suggestions of which one to go for?
  11. I'm trying to imagine the look on my girlfriend's face if I "surprised" her with that purchase...
  12. I know this has been said ad nauseum already, but: How different can the P-51, Zero and P-40 be when flown from a chase camera view? I'd be interested to know how many of these planes MS are selling...
  13. Nice tip, thanks. If the deviation bar were shorter (perhaps in a different plane?), aligning it with the lubber line would give a greater intercept angle... or are deviation bars always approx this length?
  14. Has anyone noticed one of the loading screen tips mentions the need to use "seaplanes or helicopters" to get some aerocaches? Maybe helicopters are in the pipeline...
  15. Tune into 115.7 and fly the 157 radial to about 70 DME. At 2000' you should pick up the marker...