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  1. I couldn't care less about PSS as a company, I just want my 777 and concorde back.As far as I'm concerned, I have every right to obtain these where ever they may come from.And I'll also 'deliver' on proof of purchase..(what ever that may entail) Stuff Just Flight, I bought my licence with PSS not with them. Let's not forget that PSS let Just flight use all the paints in their package..(about
  2. Quoted from Phil Taylors Blog :Acceleration will be available in late October. FSX-SP2 will be available sometime after Acceleration Pack and before Christmas. Edit:Acceleration includes SP2 bits, and SP1 and thus does not require SP1 to be pre-installed as there is room on the DVD for it, but the downloadable SP2 does require FSX-SP1 to be installed.Steve
  3. You can cross SP1 off the list if you're installing Acceleration.Steve
  4. GEX only cover USA and Canada at the moment though, doesn't it..?Steve
  5. I was kind of expecting an update from IGFly over the last year..but nothing has materialised..I'm a bit lost with out it in a 'screenshot' kind of waySteve
  6. Down to page 5 again so bumping..Steve
  7. I have to bump.Anyone else got any info on this..?CheersSteve
  8. Thanks for your advice Loyd, but I should have said that FSScreen doesn't work with DX10 Preview (just black screen shots for me)..Fraps works fine but I don't want to load it just to take screen shots.If I could just change the path that FSX saves the shots to, then there would be no need for running another external application.I usually use FSScreen BTWThanks again.Steve
  9. Pressing v in FSX saves screen shots by default to C:UsersStevePicturesFlight Simulator X Files.Anyone know if and how this can be changed..?CheersSteve
  10. I'm using Vista64 with UAC off.And FSX SP1, if that helps.Steve
  11. Cheers for that..I actually thought I'd done this until I saw your reply and looked at my dll.xml again..Then I realised I'd copied and pasted, so the original was still there...doh!!Deleted the first entry and all is fine..Thanks againSteve
  12. What did you do exactly..?I'm having the same problem.Cheerssteve
  13. I really hope that the ATC gets a makeover as well, but I include SIDS/STARS in that so they need to be combined.Apart from that, I think people should stop being so extravagant in their suggestions...Yes it would be nice to have great graphics, but if they can't pull it off for FSX then I'm not holding out any hope for FS11.FS9 though runs beautifully on my machine right now, and if I had the same sim with Better ATC and the rest of the 'simple' suggestions like better push-back and the ability to click on a starting gate from a map, I'd be happy.Steve
  14. LOL....good job I got my request in..Steve
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