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  1. Thanks Ryan, imagine what I'll feel like finally getting rid of my i5-3570k and GTX660 😵 The really funny thing is that it will load P3d5 and is smooth with amazing frame rates...….but then everything is to the left, the very far left 🤣
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. Seems like my suspicions were right, but sadly, the 1080ti is no longer showing as available on anything built by PC Specialist. It was there yesterday 😞 If I want 11GB, it's a 2080ti for around £1,100, so I looked at PC Partpicker to see what a 1080ti would cost if I added it myself after getting the rest of the PC built and the only one that costs less than the 2080ti is Zotac Mini (whatever that is). So, do I settle for 8GB and save £400 by getting the 2080Super? If I do that, why not save more and go for the 2060 or 70 as their both 8GB too? Or maybe just wait some more!
  3. I'm looking at again replacing the PC, having been told by PC Specialist that what I currently have shouldn't have a GPU upgrade of more that a 1650 as the rest of the system will become the bottleneck 😞 The main use is going to be for P3D5, using a single screen at 2560x1440 (might replace later though), so it seems a GPU of no less than 8GB would be sensible and presumably more is better, hence the topic title. I'll probably get a 9900K and overclock myself (gulp). Am I right in thinking there are MOBO's that make this close to word not allowed proof? Like click here and it adjusts everything needed. If so, PC Specialist in the UK offer a choice and I'm wondering if the ASUS ROG Strix Z390F Gaming is the one to have? So, back the GPU. Given the 2080ti is going to cost extra, what am I missing out on by going for the 1080ti? Would a 2080 super be almost as good, and a lot cheaper? And yes, I know there's new hardware on the way over the next few months, but isn't there always? Will a 2080ti really be £500 cheaper when the 3080ti appears? It seems to me that if anything, prices will stay similar and the 3080 will be yet another £500 🙂 It's fair to say that I'm scratching my head and feeling somewhat indecisive 🙂
  4. I don't really know why, but I'm looking forward to getting home later and buying this. I've always thought the pretty Spitfire took an undue amount of limelight in both real life and FS, so this looks like a very welcome addition.
  5. Nobody invests (yeah, I wish people would stop using that word 🙂 )in P3D. We choose to spend money on add-ons that increase our enjoyment of it. If you see something you'd like to use in P3D, go ahead and buy it because you'll get maybe a year or more of enjoyment from the purchase. With things like the NGUx being released and the AS CRJ and A330 close to release, who on earth would choose not to buy and enjoy now as opposed to instead hoping that one day they'll get to buy (or upgrade) to a newer version in a new sim?
  6. Think about it. They (along with others of course) are well known for charging full price for what some think are just port overs from previous versions.....I know a lot of the time these aren't port overs and any developer is within their rights to charge what they like and whenever they like, that's not the point. They've spent considerable time on the newest NGXU, and most likely a lot of that time without even knowing that MSFS was on the horizon and now it's finally ready to sell (the NGXU), they're faced with the prospect of poor sales because of people waiting for their new sim, and even worse (assuming the SDK is OK and a developer can release a new product for MSFS in a timely manner), having to pay full price within a year or so for the same product in this new sim. Whether they can or will release the product for MSFS is irrelevant (they may well not), but the fact that we know that if they do, we don't have to pay full price again so quickly is the cherry that ensures current sales aren't affected. In the meantime, we get to spend money on a nice new add-on to use for as long as we want to use P3D for. And no, none of us are "investing" in our sim, we spend money on our hobby in the same way as a golfer doesn't invest in golf club fee's (yeah, golf clubs themselves may be an investment as they do have a realisable value...…..unlike our FS add-ons).
  7. https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/178753-orbx-central-v4010-released/ Mentioned here, but I'm sure I've read it more than once. "Global openLC fallback texture locationWe are still working with Lockheed Martin on this issue. In the meantime, if your copy of Orbx Global BASE is installed in the simulator (i.e., not in a "library"), then you will not experience this issue."
  8. As PC Specialist are supplying it overclocked already, I'd probably save a £100 on the motherboard (if you've no intention of overclocking yourself, what's wrong with say the Asus Prime Z390-P that their default selection uses?) and spend that saved £100 on increasing the memory to 32GB. As said above, you're only ever going to need more in the future. The only other thing I might do is drop the 2080ti for say a 2070 super. In my head, that saves me £500 to spend on whatever gpu will really be needed for MFS in a year or 2, but will work fine (I hope) at my resolution on a single screen of 2560x1440. These changes (but with a 500gb Samsung 970 M.2 as I can't see a 250 option), come out at £2,200 i.e. £500 saved toward the new GPU when needed. Yet I'm still sitting on the fence😂
  9. Watching with interest Dominikv95. I've been hovering over almost the same config as you for a while, and having bought the last 3 pc's from them, will be happily doing so again. That jump in cost from a 2060/70/80 to the 2080ti is what's probably stopping me buying, especially as I get the impression from a lot of people that say a 2070 would do really nice. On "their" website, the jump from a 2070 Super to a 2080ti is another £500+. So, I'm still twiddling my thumbs over it.😄 Looking at it again, I'm also still not that sure of the benefit of an overclocked 9900K over a similarly overclocked 9700K, although this thread does raise a few interesting points.
  10. Now to do some reading, after doing the obligatory ctrl+e circuit with no ND working, and no flaps either. Quite shocked that I managed to get on to a 5,000 runway like that! Thanks again. EDIT: I'd also like to point out that having checked the spam folder, Stefano had actually replied yesterday, also pointing to simconnect. So great service via their ticket system.
  11. Sh1t! Maybe "old" is the operative word🤣 Thanks for that👏
  12. Having finally gotten around to getting the above, I find myself stuck at the install stage! I've basically just installed and run P3D 4.5 as a full install onto a clean drive, rebooted and it all works fine. I've now tried to install the Maddog X 3 times, including turning off Defender and UAC and redownloading too. On every occasion, the installer appears to run OK and is followed by the install of TrueGlass and RealLight, but never by the next step, which is to point to the P3D.exe. As a result, the Loadmanager will not start and that means I can't register the product, nor gain access to the support forums. I've been around for quite a while now, but must say, this has me stumped. I submitted a support ticket concerning the lack of support forum access which Stefano replied to, and yesterday raised this query as well. But since I got the Maddog X 3 days ago, I thought it worth seeing if anyone here has any ideas (Dave? 🙂 ) The only other clue I can offer is the error message I got at the end of each install, that also appears if I try and run the Load Manager: maddog-lm.exe - Application Error, The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0150002) Suggestions?
  13. I'm sure you'll be around for years to come Jim, in the meantime, all the best wishes whilst you're being treated.
  14. Maybe it's just me, but I'm thinking default P3D + SF + EF = all I really need to cover real weather, nice clouds, sky/cloud textures, lighting/shaders. Do I need anything else that deals with these things? I'm guessing the confusion comes from REX describing how the product is still relevant to users who already have other products that fully, or in part, do some of the above, each in their own way. In short, is it time to drop some products in favour of SF/EF? As somebody else pointed out about the "Apple" way, maybe REX are not being that helpful in developing great products whilst at the same time trying to give everyone the option still use their current favourites, or at least part of them. I'm probably missing some everso important point though😂
  15. Very atmospheric! I had the Lancaster and Vulcan in my basket over the weekend and just realised I never actually completed the order......kicking myself now😢
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