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  1. Hopefully the model will get tidied up a bit, along with the website. Pretty sure it's not a Lockeed Martin L-1049, with LM having been founded in the 90's and when they change that page, they'll hopefully add the missing "h" to Lockeed.
  2. I read this part and thought I was in for a b*ll**king😂
  3. Looking at YouTube videos, it's obvious the approach is at the very best flat and in most cockpit videos (and not just for LCY) the ADI certainly shows a nose down attitude. As Christopher says, JF's thoughts about this apparent lack of a distinctive characteristic would be interesting, especially as it's easy to fix.
  4. I must say it probably bothers me even less. For my £120 odd, I've still never got the bloody thing to launch! Maybe when the UK update is out I'll find the enthusiasm to try yet again.
  5. between February 9th and February 11th seems to be about as clear as clear can be, and to be fair, that's not cast in stone given they're still working on it.
  6. You'll kick yourself Richard when you realise who started the thread you linked to 😉
  7. Thanks Jeff, nice to read. And Roger, you can always get a refund from Flight1 if it doesn't work, though as you've read, others have it working with Win10.
  8. We're in the same boat. I hovered over the 1080ti, then the 2080/2080ti and as you say, on this basis we'd wait forever! The final catalyst for me was upcycling my FS PC to replace a dead one at work leaving me convinced, like you, the 3000 series was all I need to get a new PC. After no FS of any kind for almost 3 months, I've got to face trying not to just rush in and install MSFS without thinking through what's going back on the new PC and where. I'll still probably rush in though
  9. I do you hope you've made some good choices because after messing about for months, it seems I've just ordered something similar. Aren't we going to have fun! Fractal Define 7 black quiet mid-tower case i9-10900k 10 core (3.7ghz overclocked up to 5.1ghz) Asus Rog Strix z490-f 32gb Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro ddr4 3200mhz (2 x 16gb) Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 2 x 2tb Samsung 870 QVO 1 x 500gb Samsung 970 Evo plus m.2 Corsair 750w RMX series modular 80 plus gold Corsair h80i v2 hydro cooler Ordered from PC Specialist in the UK who stated 8 to 10 working days........which I took with a pinch of salt 😂
  10. Because the new graphics in V5 use more VRAM than you have. You didn't reply to Ray's question about your graphic card.
  11. Thanks Ryan, imagine what I'll feel like finally getting rid of my i5-3570k and GTX660 😵 The really funny thing is that it will load P3d5 and is smooth with amazing frame rates...….but then everything is to the left, the very far left 🤣
  12. Thanks for the suggestions. Seems like my suspicions were right, but sadly, the 1080ti is no longer showing as available on anything built by PC Specialist. It was there yesterday 😞 If I want 11GB, it's a 2080ti for around £1,100, so I looked at PC Partpicker to see what a 1080ti would cost if I added it myself after getting the rest of the PC built and the only one that costs less than the 2080ti is Zotac Mini (whatever that is). So, do I settle for 8GB and save £400 by getting the 2080Super? If I do that, why not save more and go for the 2060 or 70 as their both 8GB too? Or maybe just wait some more!
  13. I'm looking at again replacing the PC, having been told by PC Specialist that what I currently have shouldn't have a GPU upgrade of more that a 1650 as the rest of the system will become the bottleneck 😞 The main use is going to be for P3D5, using a single screen at 2560x1440 (might replace later though), so it seems a GPU of no less than 8GB would be sensible and presumably more is better, hence the topic title. I'll probably get a 9900K and overclock myself (gulp). Am I right in thinking there are MOBO's that make this close to word not allowed proof? Like click here and it adjusts everything needed. If so, PC Specialist in the UK offer a choice and I'm wondering if the ASUS ROG Strix Z390F Gaming is the one to have? So, back the GPU. Given the 2080ti is going to cost extra, what am I missing out on by going for the 1080ti? Would a 2080 super be almost as good, and a lot cheaper? And yes, I know there's new hardware on the way over the next few months, but isn't there always? Will a 2080ti really be £500 cheaper when the 3080ti appears? It seems to me that if anything, prices will stay similar and the 3080 will be yet another £500 🙂 It's fair to say that I'm scratching my head and feeling somewhat indecisive 🙂
  14. I don't really know why, but I'm looking forward to getting home later and buying this. I've always thought the pretty Spitfire took an undue amount of limelight in both real life and FS, so this looks like a very welcome addition.
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