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  1. Hi Mark, Hope you're well. A ball-park price point was listed on the press release. We'd be planning for a 2018 release if we receive enough interest.
  2. Wonderful, thanks Nico!
  3. Hi Nico, Really nice utility you've designed - it adds a whole new dimension of realism to the sim. I wondered if you might consider adding a minimum altitude flag, where the user can define a minimum altitude and have aircraft displayed only above this altitude. It would be handy when using PSXseeconTraffic with VATSIM or IVAO. Essentially leaving the departure/arrival airfields clear and only injecting traffic above a defined altitude.
  4. No Simbol, I was referring to some of the material being redistributed in the BSS package. Sorry if that wasn't clear - I've since amended my post.
  5. We're getting several reports from their customers that a lot of the files BSS included are identical to Flight Sim Labs audio files and others that are "tweaked" sound files (from our original sources). Maybe that's why you like them so much We will communicate these findings to Blue Sky in an effort to see if it's a genuine mistake on their part...
  6. As stated on our forum, it's not crashing in our code - it's crashing in P3D code. We'll provide them with a crash dump in an effort to assist them. In the mean time, perhaps you'd like to bring this to their attention on their forum as well. The more people that raise this issue with them, the more chance there is of LM fixing this VR issue in 4.1.
  7. Morning Pete, The PA's should all reset on the ground automatically, providing you open any of the cabin doors and shut down the engines. You also need to have the FMGS in PRE-FLIGHT phase, which will be triggered as soon as you enter a new route on the INIT A page. For the warning text - yes, there's an issue there. I've fixed it for the next build we're working on. Thanks.
  8. No, it isn't a straight port. It's an accumulation of over five months work, and we're one of the first titles to market for V4 that take advantage of many of the new features that P3D V4 offer. It is also offered for free to our existing customers on P3D v3.
  9. Hi Robert - Could I ask you to open a support ticket with us, so that we can work with you to resolve the VR issue, and also look into why the Runways.bin generation isn't completing? Edit - I see you've posted on our forum. Thanks.
  10. As per the real aircraft, you can only hear them through the Audio Control Panel on the flight deck, either via the cockpit speakers or a headset. You have to setup the ACP correctly to do this. A few people have questioned why we've added a cabin environment: We wanted to add a new dimension to the simulation - because in the real world there is an interaction with the cabin that is generally missing in desktop flight simulation (difficult to do, of course - but there are certain aspects that can be simulated). Whilst these announcements are normally not heard on the flight deck - they are being simulated in the background and form part of our 'cabin ready' logic, which can trigger an memo on the flight deck and is checked as part of the departure checklist. I've heard a couple of pilots on VATSIM at London Gatwick, where the departure runway is very close to the South Terminal tell ATC that they need 'a couple of minutes for the cabin'. As I said, it adds a new dimension to the simulation - it's something different to think about, that real world crews give a lot of consideration to. All of this can be disabled, of course - but we find that most customers quite enjoy these features and the extra touch of realism they bring to their flights. Personally, seeing the 'Cabin Ready' memo flash on the EWD before departure, knowing that the cabin has been briefed, the safety demo has played, it's been secured (and the time taken to secure is proportional to the number of passengers loaded) - and lights have been dimmed for takeoff, is quite good fun!
  11. 1) The option to instantly set the aircraft to a specific state has been added and will be made available in the next update. 2) An SDK is being worked on. It's taking time, because a simulation of this magnitude and in depth has not been achieved before now for a desktop PC. 3) It's a very complex simulation and we exploit the platform more than anyone else does to achieve such high fidelity. Unfortunately, the platforms are very open to everyone and anyone adding/moving/deleting files. We can't be held accountable for the way other 3DP's install/manage their applications.
  12. Ah ok - I thought you were looking for LM to offer v4 for $20 upgrade
  13. I'm sorry to shatter your hopes, but this is not EA Games or Rockstar. No it won't.
  14. And yet, thousands of customers are flying it without OOM's and telling us how our simulation surpasses anything else they've tried. If you want to sort out your memory problems Peter, drop by on our forums and we can offer you further assistance.
  15. Pluto7777, We are not aware of any issues that are prohibiting customers from enjoying the product. Can you direct me to a post you've made on our support forum, so we can assist with any issues you're having?