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  1. Gason

    VERY Bad Reviews so far on Steam

    And the final product is not going to be cheap after reading this: “The Early Access version of Flight Sim World is priced lower than the full release. This reflects the amount of content that will be added over the coming months and also makes it a good time for you to get involved in the Early Access process. Price will change during the Early Access period, however this is largely subject to incoming features.” Goran
  2. Rich I have exactly the same problem as you. Regards Goran
  3. Hi Larry. That is the panel for weather radar. On the EFIS that is the left button (WXR) for activation. Works only with PMDG A/c and ASN (Active Sky Next) combined to get the weather radar to work.
  4. "Is EKCH usually very low visibility?" Hi Rob, at this time of the year, yes sometimes. High pressure, low temp and a warmer water. That is rather common for Scandinavian countries in the autumn. When I was still active as helicopter pilot (mainly powerline inspection) we did spend a lot of time waiting on the ground. Yesterday I did a flight from ESSA, nice weather, to EKCH and that was really close to go around. Had the field a few seconds before Minimums. Regards, Goran
  5. Gason

    My New Website

    Nice! I´m on.
  6. Sorry for my late reply, catonthemat. I am still waiting for a reply and action from Simtech Design as they gave me a great offer which was more than expected. No yoke yet, but promise that it will be shipped later and waiting for their action.
  7. I´m also waiting for my PFC Cirrus Saab yoke from Simtech Design............
  8. Gason

    Cat 1 landing ?

    O my..... ....did he miss the daily inspection befor flight? Thaks for sharing!
  9. Looks very nice. Well done. Like Your cockpit as well. I don´t have one yet but it´s time to get one. Btw, where did You place Your order if I may ask?
  10. Nice. Short and a nice lesson how it works from runway to runway. Thanks for sharing. Goran
  11. FSX runs ok on my rig with all ad ons, tuned and so on. But I had a problems, Nights: Stars Close to the horizon, not faded away closer to the horizon. Seen it? Moon. Okay moonshine. Yupp, not to consume but the effects in the cocpit. Bright as in daytime, You follow? Stripes at night in the sky. Well, hate to see the night sky striped. Horizon bright, next a new layer of more darkness and so on until darkness. What did I do to to fix this? Don´t know if it works for you if you hav the same problems, but this is what I did: Downloaded Autostar X (freeware) and installed it (some problems, but use Google and it´s solved). Downloaded HD Moon textures (also free) and got rid of the moonshine in the cocpit. Works for me so I am happy whith the result.