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  1. Previously I have opted for Corsair cases but quite liked the layout of this one. All 10 cores are overclocked to 5.1 and Hyperthreading is on. Power ratings are like black arts to me but I have the computer and monitor connected to a 1000VA/600W Powercool Smart UPS. With MSFS running the UPSmart software shows 82-85% Load Level which I assume to be 510W? No problems at all that I have seen. Dave.
  2. Hi Pete, Mine was a tweaked 3XS system and I had them cable for extra drives from my previous machine too. Radiator is fitted at the top - I run MSFS with Ultra settings at 4k and temperatures are fine even with reasonable fan settings. Dave.
  3. Hi, I don't usually post this kind of thing, but I too have a new pc from Scan with the 3090, system is: NZXT H710 Black Case ASUS ROG STRIX Z490-F Motherboard Intel Core i9 10900K overclocked to 5.1 GHz Corsair iCUE H150i RGB Pro XT Cooler Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB 32GB (2x16) 3200Mhz DDR4 EVGA RTX3090 FTW3 Ultra Graphic card (black lips) Corsair RM850X Gold Power Supply 500GB Samsung 860 EVO SSD for Operating System 2TB M2 NVMe Samsung 970 EVO for Flight Sim I use an Iiyama PL4372UH 43 inch 4k Monitor and a Rift S. I am not a great fan of RGB either, but have everything set to a soothing blue. Very happy with the machine for MSFS and assorted games too. Dave. PS How do I prevent the line spacing when starting a new line?
  4. Personally, I would just like to have decent aircraft in the sky. If there are multiple offerings that is great - I will use whichever seems to be the best. With this much antagonism it may well be the case that a Payware version comes out first, so be it. Dave.
  5. No, there is a definitely a problem if you can hear the lightning. Dave.
  6. For all those who now get poor performance and stutters, which they didn't get in the Alpha/Beta testing ...... When I run littlenavmap on my second monitor, the framerate plummets and I get stutters which I have never had before. Close littlenavmap and all is well again. It may also happen with other applications running on the other monitor. Something has changed between the Beta and Release that causes this to happen - I would be very happy if somebody could find the solution. Dave.
  7. Ray, In theory maximum 120Mbps, just ran Speedtest and got 117.93 Dave.
  8. My thoughts on the new Microsoft Flight Simulator which may or may not assist anybody who is confused by the conflicting reports to be found on this and other sites. I was an Alpha/Beta tester and have bought the Premium Deluxe version of the software. My current pc specs include: i7 8700k @ 4.8 GTX 1080ti 32GB Corsair Vengeance @ 3000 Philips 43 inch monitor @ 3840x2160 I fully expected to buy a new computer after release of MSFS, in the belief that the processor and graphic card would be insufficient to run the sim to my satisfaction. The software installation recommended ULTRA settings with this hardware and I believe the only change I have made is to set Render Scaling at 100 - in Nvidia Control Panel I have set Image Sharpening at 0.7 and locked the frame rate at 30. I am astonished at how well the hardware displays the sim with these settings .... I have just taken these screenshots randomly at Nice to illustrate: Bear in mind that these were taken running the default simulator out of the box. Does the simulator need work - yes of course it does. Do the aircraft need work - certainly, but they are very flyable if you don't make too much reliance on the autopilot. Will it be fixed over time, and improved by 3rd party involvement - without a doubt. Will I be using this in preference to my other simulators - without a doubt, no contest. Dave.
  9. Ok, I'll start .... 1. There is an aeroplane in the top one 😇 Dave.
  10. Yep, that's what you need all right. Dave.
  11. Absolutely correct ........ it can only kill you once, what's all the fuss about? 100,000+ of your countrymen dead probably isn't too bad if you don't know/aren't related to any of them. Dave.
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