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  1. “The only chance we have for a realistic camera system” This seems like a bit hyperbolic. I’m sure a camera will be implemented, only patience is required.
  2. Try X39 Tampa North... and actually the homes there are affordable so not too much of a stretch being able to purchase one... These are common in Florida, US. I’m only a few miles from X39, hence my suggestion but there are many others...
  3. It’s not the sim it’s the mods... Let’s see update rendered mod inop, partial fix is put out, it causes freezes, but it’s the sim that the op can’t put up with... Meanwhile, here: no mods, no overclocking, being patient with updates as they come and not a single CTD, stutter, etc. since launch... so?
  4. “Change is the only constant...” better get used to it...😁
  5. Where are you flying? I’ve noticed most U.S. airports have Marshallese even on tiny grass strips where they seem out of place, but on even in medium size airports in Mexico and the Caribbean they’re absent. Maybe it’s airport specific in the scenery somehow?
  6. Exactly, all it did was reverse the flap error and added back to photogrammetry for the two areas in the UK, so there’s no reason it would cause any new issues
  7. I really do think it’s an issue with your system on your end. You have so many posts regarding CTDs and I have yet to have a single one since release, so I don’t think it’s the sim...
  8. Yeah the 3PD aircraft aren’t affected. Probably because Asobo only updated default aircraft.
  9. I removed the mod... instead I manually edited the .cfg and still the odd behavior.
  10. Is it a DIY home built system or bought ready to use? Mine is a Dell / Alienware Aurora
  11. Yeah, I’m not having CTDs, actually have yet to have one — so they’re not related to the flap issue. (As an aside; I think the reason for not having any CTDs is that this system was specifically bought for MSFS 2020 is completely dedicated to that, not used for any other applications or reasons - never ran any other sim, etc. and I’m running MSFS stock no mods in the Community Folder, no airports, terrain fixes etc. Only add on is SkyPark which runs outside the sim and three Carenado aircraft I bought from the market place during the December sale).
  12. Not sure what happened. Yesterday, after modifying the .cfg the Caravan flew as before... But today, I took off in the Caravan and it lifted off at 70 Kts., so far so good, but then on landing again couldn’t touch down until 32 Kts! I wondered if the .cfg was rewritten, I checked, but I checked and the two parameters are still at 1/2 the value. So, I wonder if there’s something else that was changed in the model, maybe at the sim level that’s affecting flight dynamics? Anyone, who has made the changes to the .cfg experiencing this?
  13. Downloaded and installed v1.2 the Caravan, unfortunately still having too much lift. At first I thought it was fixed on takeoff, but coming in for landing couldn’t get to touchdown until 38 Kts. I guess I will have to edit the .cfg directly... Edited .cfg halfed BOTH lift coefficient and lift scalar and now the Caravan flew as before. I did not try only changing one of the two since I was already in there and didn’t want to go in again if required.
  14. I installed it, but I think I installed it wrong. I dropped the un-zipped mod folder into the Community folder and started a flight, but again I was already lifting off at 28 Kts with flaps 20 in the Caravan, when rotation speed should be in the 70 - 75 Kts range. I haven’t looked at installing correctly since I’m flying a contract for SkyPark and don’t want to not complete it. Will check again after I land.
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