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  1. I sat on my hands until the -800 was released and got for free with $30 credit still available. Not sure to get -600 or wait to see what gets released… I’ll continue to play the long game!
  2. Oh, never mind, didn’t look that close… Carry on, carry on…
  3. Oh, never mind, didn’t look that close… Carry on, carry on…
  4. Has anyone tried it? $9.99 USD, so wouldn’t expect too much, but being a Cub it’s not like there are a lot of systems to recreate. I suppose if the model is good (which the photos appear it is) and it flies reasonably according to the numbers maybe a pretty good…
  5. Only the 737 and just to recoup my $100 investment in PMDG, and that will be it. This new sim has made me a GA guy - I await the A2A 182 with steam gauges or a 206 from A2A, or anyone that steps up with good one!
  6. My sentiments exactly! That’s why I’m not concerned with what happens with tubeliners and the like, low and slow is the way to go with this sim…
  7. At this point I’m over “tubeliners” altogether. I’m going to cash out my investment from the last PMDG purchase ($100) and no more. One variant will do and I’m in no rush, so I’ll wait until they’re all done releasing and bug fixing before choosing the one variant I decide on, or two depending on pricing, but I’m done with airliners. If the pricing model is such that it won’t allow me to this, well I guess then it’s a case of “fool me once” and I’ll be done with PMDG and let it reflect on PMDG as it will. I’m much more interested in “higher fidelity” GA aircraft, so looking forward to A2A releases and /or whichever developer steps up in this regard, rather than anything from PMDG. MSFS is too nice looking to be watching from 30,000 ft., plus in keeping with “As Real as It Gets” if it can’t piloted by a single pilot in the real world then I don’t care to fly it. Hence, no DC-6 for me at the moment.
  8. The developers actually suggest not overclocking either CPU or GPU for better performance… https://flightsimulator.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016142680-All-versions-How-to-improve-the-performance
  9. Actually, for the insect like appearance of the Porter makes it endearing! There is nothing wrong with the Kodiak’s stubby “Caravan” look - but it’s just to similar to other high wings Cessnas. The Porter has character - the squared/notched rudder, minivan cargo door, elongated cowling, braced gear and wing struts just scream distinction. Like, a locust hovering out over a field and landing and stopping in 4 body lengths…
  10. Come to think of it the Kodiak is a bit twitchy and is a bit odd in the flare, never thought of it as an algorithm, but that’s a perfect description. Maybe that’s why the Porter feels so crisp in flight?
  11. I own both and really like both, but I must say the Porter is the funner to fly of the two. I alternate fly “Grasshopper” bush flight on SkyPark so I fly similar flights, but they’re much funner in the Porter. Granted it’s much slower than the Kodiak, but it flies so crisp and the beta in flight makes for exhilarating approaches and landings. Again, if only the Porter were faster in real life, that’s all I’d fly… but for longer jaunts the Kodiak is handy, and a wonderful plane in its own right. Those that have either or both, any thoughts to share?
  12. When I got MSFS at launch I tried it on my gaming laptop, it ran poorly, and the laptop’s fans were at constant high RPM. Experimenting, I installed it today on that same laptop and it runs great. Not as well as on my desktop, but it’s playable in a portable package. So, for all the hand wringing on the state of the sim, this is clear evidence of how much it has improved - on the optimization side at least - and in all else I would say. laptop specs: i7 2.8 GHz, 8 GB RAM, Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
  13. There used to be visible damages in civil sims before 9/11… that was the beginning of the change in thinking.
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