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  1. Looks like almost all vehicle traffic up close in the sim of late… maybe related to that?
  2. Is there any way to have the World Map filter options for: Airspaces, Navaids, Fixes be set to on by default instead of always having to set them to on?
  3. @ryanbatc a bit of an unrelated question Ryan, if I may. Do you have any repaints for the default 172 G1000 that work with the Bagolu improvement mod for it?
  4. Did a take off flew a bit, ended the flight, and deleted/uninstalled… Went back and flew the 182RG down to Punta Gorda from Tampa - much funner!
  5. I tried the parameters on the Bagolu Reims Rocket and it behaved just like the Asobo G1000 172 in: taxi, takeoff roll and landing roll. I also get consistently softer landings in the 104 fpm and as low as 24 fpm sometimes. All this with real weather with a 12 knot quartering headwind.
  6. The exterior shot and the cockpit shot are not the same landing. Notice the hangars are on the opposite sides. Maybe this explains the gear up landing in the Aerostar…😁
  7. In the exterior shot, not the in cockpit. Still not a good habit, especially in a retractable gear. Flaps should not be touched until clear of the runway.
  8. Looks like he’s still flying when he pulls them up in the video. Watched it three times. (In the in-cockpit video not the exterior shot before.)
  9. Imagine you end up moving the gear lever instead!!!
  10. I use both depending on how much time I have to sim. Or, if I am flying GA instead of an airliner. You can adjust the cruising altitude in the WM planner. Just click the box until the number is highlighted and type in what you desire and tab out of the box! You can also change waypoints on the WM planner and I do that if it’s a short route I fly often and know by heart (i.e. KFLL OCTAL JAYMC KTPA). So, both have their uses. It’s all about using the tools available, it need not be all or nothing.
  11. No thanks, sticking with FSFO a fraction of the cost, easier to use and very customizable.
  12. FSFO is the best kept secret program out there. I’ve used it since FSX and its a great addition, makes flying “tubeliners” easier and more realistic at the same time which is not always the case with other virtual first players officer programs. I’m surprised its not mentioned more in discussions.
  13. How about a proper Cirrus SR20/22, although an Cessna 206 would be great, or Cessna 421 Golden Eagle.
  14. All valid points! I was not advocating for any one stance. Just an observation and a topic of discussion. In my FS 5.1 through P3Dv4 days I had and enjoyed all kinds of liveries, only that has changed since MSFS. (But it was much easier, S key, to take a look outside) And I love plane spotting and do it regularly at: KTPA, KMCO (sometimes its not easy there) and KMIA. And I am not naive, it’s a thought experiment. I clearly acknowledged that there’s no going back - the genie is out of the bottle. Just wondered what others’ experience has been like.
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