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    Classical music (scoring and mixing), building scale models (primarily WWII airplanes and ships), PC games (like Oblivion and Skyrim), good food, and long naps.

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    Love an easy-going life. Got my private pilot license in 1992 but have not flown since December of that year (I got married in 1994 if that's a hint).
    I've been flying flight simulators since the early days on my Commodore 64, when I was excited to see detailed scenery such as a vague outline of mountains <g>

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  1. FSX .... End of an era

    You brought up some memories with this sentence. I had my first flight sim experience with my Commodore 64 - and I can still vividly remember, 30 years later, flying over Southern California and imagining the surrounding hills and mountains, all from simple wire-based outlines (not to mention the putt-putt sound of the engine). The same applies to the old text-based adventure games - my mind filled in all of the blanks. That is NOT to say that I'm complaining about where we've progressed to - I could not have imagined the immersion we have today. But there is a lot to say about "imagination" - you'd be surprised (maybe) how popular the old Amiga/Atari/Intellivision games are. A couple of years ago, I fired up my Amiga 500 after 20 years of being boxed up in the attic (where the temps are often > 120F.) without a hitch - that was a WONDERFUL system!